Raves for Inside This Heart of Mine - World Village WV - 468092

There are a zillion reasons to love Catherine Russell...She dwells mostly in the 1930s, doing justice to the legacies of such icons as Fats Waller and Ella Fitzgerald...her record sessions are populated with the best players of her time, and such ace accompanists as John Allred (trombone), Howard Johnson (tuba) and guitar virtuoso Matt Munisteri all pause for the cause on her outstanding 2010 "Inside This Heart of Mine".
— Will Friedwald, Wall Street Journal

Combine her joy de vive persona with an all star band that swings beyond the stars and you've got this top-shelf, first-class recording. Catherine reigns...destined not just for applause but awards.
— Bob Gish, Jazz Inside Magazine

Every track provides delight and surprise...steeped in the tradition of classic African-American music...It's an extraordinary recording, and highly recommended for a wide audience.
— ****Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide

Her vocals are a model that many singing jazz and blues would do well to listen to and learn from... "Inside This Heart of Mine" is a recording to treasure.
— Ron Weinstock, In A Blue Mood blog

Brilliantly updated classic jazz, swing and blues songs.
— Linda Yohn, Music Director WEMU

Russell consistently finds songs from the great artists of the past that particularly connect with present times, and manages to give them a modern spin
— Jonny Meister, WXPN, Blues and Beyond

...inhabiting each of these baker’s dozen songs as if she knows them inside and out, finding nuances that even the original artist may not have spotted. It’s refreshing to see such a solid pro at the top of her game, with a band to match.
— Jeff Johnson, Chicago Sun Times

A note perfect set from top to bottom, this is state of the art, high octane, fun adult listening. It might be powered by jazz and swing but it’s really for everyone. Check it out.
— Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Catherine Russell's bright, bluesy sound on Inside This Heart of Mine (World Village) will bring a smile to your ears.
— Suzanne Lorge, All About Jazz - New York

I want to shout out to the world about this fabulous recording...in Russell's hands the repetoire of songs composed by Willie Dixon, Duke Ellington, Fats Waller, and others, boil over with ingenuity.
— Patricia Herlevi, Whole Music Experience

simply stunning. Russell is a vocalist who absolutely nails just about anything she chooses to sing. If you do not respond positively to this album, I suggest that you get your hearing checked.
— Joe Lang, Jersey Jazz

Her heavenly voice is as smooth as velvet, warm and pleasing. From the opening bars of the title track it is evident that a very special treat is in store.
— Tom Carter, Suncoast Blues Society

“Joy" is the word that springs to mind while savoring this tastefully produced set. A keeper that should please fans of Dinah Washington and Peggy Lee.
— **** Pasadena Weekly

Every singer in town - not to mention fans of great singing - should check out Catherine Russell for her no-bullshit approach, her warm voice, and unerring phrasing that delivers music and words as a single piece.
— Boston Phoenix

passionate singing from a vocalist who knows her way around a lyric, and finely tempered music from backers who set the musical scene with grace and spirit.Pittsburgh — Post-Gazette

...a latter-day Billie Holiday. She is dedicated to this material and takes it (though not herself) seriously; and she’s sounding better than ever, more at ease, more confident...
— B+ Boston Herald

It has been a long time since Jazz has had a singer like Russell. She is like fine red wine which was allowed to age. She is vintage.
— FolkWax

Seasoned saloon singer Catherine Russell puts a nickel in the jukebox to take us "Inside This Heart of Mine", summoning a scrumptious set...
— A- Jonathan Takiff, Philadelphia Daily News

In addition to featuring her lush, sultry vocal style, Inside This Heart of Mine reveals Russell's great taste in choosing material...a fine CD that demands repeated listening.
— Scott Barretta, The Clarion-Ledger

She is the finest jazz singer I have ever heard.
— Jim Cullum, Jr., Riverwalk Jazz, Le Blog Hot

Russell's strutting-but-relaxed vocal create a sound that's perfect for the tune and also unlike 99 percent of contemporary jazz vocals.
— Geoffrey Himes, Washington Post