Charles Merzbacher

Thank you again for your spectacular show out on Cape Cod last night. It was an honor to get to stop by and say hello afterward. I am the knucklehead who suggested you take on "Look to the Rainbow." I know that Finian's Rainbow is a very weird musical, but you strike me as the rare artist who has the skill and heart to redeem this material. I'll try to include a link to Dinah Washington's version here:
Though my weird fixation on this number might not show it, I love how you are so dedicated to keeping the older jazz and blues songbook alive. Thank you!

Very Best-- Charles

Joanne Cole

Hi Ms Russell, we caught your show last nite in Denver. AMAZING!! I am a DJ at KGNU Community Radio and I play your music ALOT!! I really enjoy your song selection as I too seek out music not often heard. One of my favs is Spirit Blues Bessie Smith and then you should check out this version by Tuba Skinny, a wonderful "street band" from New Orleans that are making VERY good!! Vocalist is Erika Lewis .
THANK YOU again for the great music. Very best, Joanne Cole

Diane Jarrett


I feel in love with your voice this morning in my car. I live in Raleigh, North Carolina. I listen to WBGO. I can't get any jazz stations in Raleigh. You are amazing and I can't wait to buy your album. I look forward to hearing you over and over.

You made my morning.

Lydia Figueras

Listened to "Aged and Mellow" on Jazz Music Channel, and was intrigued. Wonderful, wonderful. Just purchase two albums, of course one with the song that caught my attention. Just beautiful talent. Plan to see Ms. Russel, live either at Dizzy's or in Princeton, have to convince a friend or two to join me. Best to Ms. Russell

William Ben Brooks

Hi Hon!

Kevin Bash

Just picked up "Alone Together" - fantastic album - I have them all. Cannot wait to see you live in concert one day.

Trina Arnett

Looking forward to seeing you at Dazzle in Denver!

Jim Otis

This is Jim from the ROCHESTER JAZZ FEST. Thank You for the HONOR of driving you to your radio interview this past week! Talking to you was the HIGHLIGHT of my Jazz Fest!! You are not only a National Treasure, you are a PLEASURE to be around!!
PLEASE come back for your 8th Time!!!!
Jim Otis

Ron Torres

Dear Catherine, or Cathy as I remember you. I don’t expect you to remember me Ronnie from across the street.
I remember you and your parents from 187th Street in Washington Heights. I have many fond memories about all of you. I remember the two grand pianos in your living room. Your mom was gracious always with a smile. I will never forget the day of your father’s funeral when Louie Armstrong pulled up in a black limousine. I was 10 years old at the time. You can understand why I never forget you and your parents. I don’t think anyone in our neighborhood realized your parents greatness. I'm so happy to see all your accomplishments.
All the best,
Ron Torres

Tom Keogh

Hello Catherine, you and I spoke after the Christmas show at The Barn this winter and I was so glad to hear you sing "No Room at the Inn." What a delightful surprise to see that you'll be in my neighborhood next month. I have tickets to your show in Old Lyme and can't wait for another wonderful evening. See you then! - Tom


Dear Ms Russell, I’m a huge fan and I can’t wait to see you perform in Los Angeles! 😀

Geoff Mitchell

Love your stuff. When are you coming downunder??


thanks from greece

Roman Kupchinsky

Two great sold out concerts in St.Petersburg, Russia were absolutely fantastic! Thank you, dear Catherine, for your finest art and for making people happy!

Yvette Grant

Can’t wait to see you again. You were absolutely wonderful at the
Segerstrom Center for the Arts in March.
B blessed...

Theresa Petner

please put me on your mailing list to let me know when Catherine Russell is in my area (NJ/NY/PA)

Roman Kupchinsky

The show in St.Petersburg Jazz Philarmonic in Russia is already sold out! Three weeks before the show! I love my city and its citizens, they know where the real music is! Waiting to see Ms Russell in Russia!

Scott Penn

I've recently discovered Ms. Russell's recordings and enjoy them very much!


Brilliant performance last night in Thomasville, GA. Loved every moment of it. Thanks for your talent and enthuiasum!

Christina Wilkinson

You have an amazing voice!

Dean Weiss

Catherine used to sit in with my friends' band Native in the early 90s. We knew then she was something special. Love the phrase "Cat has the critics purring."
Can't wait for a show in Los Angeles.

Carolyn Sloan

Hi Catherine,
I am a musician and writer and am finishing a book on jazz for kids. I\'d love to talk to you about it and see if you might have some interest in writing the foreword for the book. Please let me know if you might be interested. The book is due to be published in October 2019 by Workman Publishing. I already have a book out for Classical Music entitled Welcome to the Symphony. Please feel free to email me and/or call me.
Thank you so much.
Carolyn Sloan

Patricia Tamburello

I am a jazz guitarist and teacher in NJ. I just discovered Catherine’s album Alone Together. It has quickly entered my current music rotation. Lovely voice, lovely arrangements and a great band. Straight forward and swinging. Love it. Would love to see her in one of our NJ venues.

Ron Mento

Fantastic voice and backing bands. Best music in the world. Would love to see her at a jazz venue in Philadelphia, Pa.


love Ms. Russel's work. I saw her once at SF Jazz and really want to know when she is touring as I would see her over and over.


I'd really like to have your recent recordings on vinyl. I hope you'll release them sometimes.

James Doyle

I’d love to hear about any of Ms. Russell’s appearances I could get to. Or send a friend to.

Julie Hellman

What a treat to see you in San Jose last night! Thanks for coming so I could share this experience with Hannah.

Kimberly Zander

Hi Catherine
Can’t wait to see you when you come visit Santa Rosa!
Take Care,
Kimberly & Vern Zander

Ladie Whitaker

I’m looking forward to seeing you perform again!

Luis Armando Perez

Hope to see Catherine at the New Orleans Jazz Fest one day.

Roman Kupchinsky

Got my two tickets to the upcoming show in St. Petersburg Jazz Hall in Russia in April! Waited sooo long and so excited!

Christine Butler

Saw you for the first time last night at the late show at Birdland. WHOA!!! What an absolute treat. Everything about the performance was sublime. I'm hooked. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Amy Acers

I so wish your tour would come to Dallas!

Hunter Breshears

Bringing 19 of us to Birdland This Friday night to hear your incredible voice and awesome tunes! Cheers

Alison Gingerich

Love love love you Ms Russell. You make the world a better happier place ❤️


Please keep me informed of upcoming live appearances.

Caroline Thompson

Just wanted to let you know your performance tonight was tops. Thank you for the song of my heart, "My Heaven Divine". Love


You are a class act on and off the stage and you continue to tell the story of the greatest American music ever written.!!
Continued success Catherine. Ciao.

Dave O

Holy Moly!
Where has this voice been my entire life. What a velvety smooth delight to listen to! Catherine, Catherine, Catherine, I am floored by your voice and tone...Wowy!

All the Best, Big Dave!


Put me on your email list so I will know when you will in New England

patricia williams

Up date on next performance.

Ken Kwartler

I have long enjoyed Catherine's great vocal talent and work, especially her Sunny Side of the Street Lincoln Center performance and (of course) her performances with Steely Dan.

Isabelle Hérault

Dear Catherine,
I discovered your repertoire a few years ago and I love it. Such an intelligent melting of old fashion jazz and blues, makes me feel happy each time I listen to you. And I cannot think of you without thinking about another great musician and singer who loves old jazz and blues as much as you do : Duke Robillard! And I think to myself : what a dream to be able to listen to them on an album or even see them on a stage together! I am living in the area of Montreal and maybe, one day, my dream will come true.
Yours very sincerely,

Barry Troyan

Please come to Houston!

Don Mutterperl

Your music - a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season. You bring joy to a world that needs more of it.

Steve Dikovics

Fantastic job on Aged and Mellow! Esther is smiling.

steve lipson

When are you and John Pizzarelli bringing Billie and Blue Eyes to San Francisco?
Can't wait!

Latoya Harrison

Enjoy your music and remixes of Bessie Smith songs. Hope you come to Nashville, Chattanooga, or Atlanta soon.

michael boeving/margarita bossing

Both producer and planner for Radio Jazz, Copenhagen, will be in N.Y. from 23th of oct. to 1st of nov., can a program presenting C.R. for danish/swedish jazzlisterens be a reality. Which show will be best to record and will Miss Russell give a interview ?

Anneleah Jaxen

OMG! I just discovered you through the song "Talk to me...Talk to me" on spotify and then went in search of you on the internet...I just bought the album "Harlem on my mind" and I am so glad to have your music in my life. Incredible! Thank you so much!

Evelyn Woodward-Johnson

I am so glad that my daughter, TK!, will be performing with you tomorrow evening on drums in Boston. She is up and coming, and I appreciate whoever saw something in her worthy of playing with you. Thank you.

Charlie Farinella

I'm a fan, what can I say. :-)


Great Concert. Really loved your voice, and diction. It's great to hear new songs at a concert and understand all the words!

Joan Bristol


Brad Dexter


Please come to Chicago. I've been waiting so long.

Thank you for your wonderful songs and voice.

Brad Dexter

Maurice Gull

Catherine: listening to your albums BRING IT BACK & HARLEM ON MY MIND (purchased from iTunes): particularly love your vocals on HARLEM... & SWING, BROTHER SWING, which I think may be the best versions ever recorded!
I played a few of your traks on my old webcast CANUCKTEACH CROONERS on, before the big Labels shut us down. Thanks for your great work! Come up & do a club gig in Toronto, and I can bring my wife to hear some real music!

Verania Luken

Hi Dear Catherine! This is Verania (actress and singer from México City).
I need to send you something to your e mail but I don’t have it!
I hope you see it before you come on september 22!
Can’t wait ! My boyfriend And I are super fans!

dequi kioni-sadiki

please add me to the mailing list...I absolutely Love Ms. Russell's work...seen her once live...would love to catch her again...thank you...

catherine whitney

would like to know when/where Catherine is performing so I can go see her

José Silva

please come to Europe and make some concerts. you're unique


Just love her style. Like to see in person

Michael Piccinini


Heather Young

I'm a huge fan and hope Miss Russell will be here in Northern California someday soon. What a gorgeous and wonderful talent. Love her artistry and heart. Thank you!

Scott Baker

I heard Aged and Mellow (Bring it Back album) and was blown away, shared it with my wife of 41 years and we listen to it repeatedly. A couple of weeks ago, we go to Austin, Texas to see Donald Fagen / Steely Dan and guess who is singing with them? None other than Catherine Russell. What an absolute treat!!

Sarah Strom

I am absolutely in love with your version of Swing! Brother Swing! You are so incredibly talented. Is there anywhere I could purchase the sheet music to this piece?

Joseph Dumas

Keep singing. The universe is depending on you!

Clay Bearinger

Wow Thank You. Hope you come to Michigan. Midland center for the arts.

christina kirkland

you are in top form . wonderful show last week in Princeton . your past schoolmate at EBB.

Tim Elder

What Skip said. I have never heard anyone who can work an arrangement anywhere close to what you do.

Skip Nelson

I have been listening to Jazz my whole life. How the hell did I miss you? You are fabulous. A joy to listen to and watch. Unique Jazz Royalty.

Julie and Mark

Incredible show at Birdland - thank you!
We're huge fans and look forward to seeing you again.

Daniel Zeff

Does Catherine ever perform in the Los Angeles area?

Thank you

Bill & Cathy Olohan

Loved you at SOPAC - please add us to your mailing list . . . thanks!!!

Frank Cadden

First heard Catherine on Singers Unlimited, Michael Bourne's show on WBGO.
Fabulous! Where has she been?

Ron Carter

I'm not that one, I'm the lesser one who saw you in South Orange last night. Mighty! Your tone, diction, love of the old tunes all on magnificent display. Your Band! Thank You!

Ellen & Warren Moxley

We caught your show at SOPAC. Wow! Totally enjoyed the performance. Your vocals filled with warmth and subtle sassiness were just what the doctor ordered. The musicians were excellent and the interaction between you and the musicians is what a jazz fan wants to hear. We're following up with the purchase of some of your music and we will be at an upcoming show. Thanks again for a wonderful musical experience. We especially enjoyed "Aged and Mellow Blues" Beyond the obvious the song also celebrates the advantages of a long term relationship (I'll take grandpa cause he's had it longer) We have been together for 46 years and part of what keeps us going is sharing wonderful experiences like your show. Please keep it up.


You are the best!


Dear Catherine,
HOLY SMOKES! Where have you been? Just discovered you through Google Music. Love the jazz I've been listening to but feel like someone just snuck a dose of raw, organic, sweet, sweet honey into the plain water I've been drinking. Over at iTunes loading up. PLEASE keep doing what you do. Regards to you and your whole group...and...and...and... the recording engineers! WOW!



J Mark Davis

Madame Russell and Band, thanks for the delightful performance at South On Main in Little Rock on 2/1/18. I have been binging you on YouTube ever since. Highest regards, the loudmouth historian in the audience!

Lee T Spitznagel

I saw you with John Pizzarelli at NC State in Raleigh. You were stupendous! Went & bought Harlem on my Mind the next day.
Your family history is very interesting also. I was weaned on WNEW, Wm B and Klavan & Finch.
Thanks so much for helping to keep the American Songbook alive, Lee Spitznagel.


Hi !!
Just discovered your music - Awesome (of course).
Please add me to the mailing list.

We are a an Indie Label located in San Francisco Bay Area.
Currently completing a Billie Holiday inspired CD.

Perhaps there will be an opportunity for us to work together on something in the near future. If interested, I'll send you our promo early next month.

Globo Rojo Records
408 981 4973

Ellen Gold

Fantastic performance at Strathmore tonight. We look forward to next time...whenever that may be.


wanting to join mail list.

Ron Stainbrook

I have two of Catherine's CDs and I'll be seeing her in person in York, PA in March and Reading, PA in April. I can't wait!


Dear Ms.Russell,
I saw you in concert twice in Vienna and I just love how you sing with ease and at the same time so powerful and natural.I am an artist myself and I often paint listening to your music. It is very inspiring and full of positivity.See you next time in Vienna hopefully-:) Happy New Year!

Nina Hoffman

I love you ,Catherine Russell!

Craig Gammon

Catherine is an outstanding performer and interpreter. She gets my vote for superior performance. Go Girl!

Andrew Seplow

Catherine is GREAT!!
Hope she comes to Boston soon

Peter Toft Nielsen

Please add me to the mailing list.

Best regards,

Michael MacBlane

I've been a big fan of Catherine for sometime. I've had the privilege of seeing Miss Russel perform live 4 times. It would have been 5 times but going to the show on the day of my daughters wedding wouldn't have gone well.
We are planning on seeing her perform with The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra on December 16th 2017.

Peter Solomon

Hi Mrs. Russell, this is Peter Solomon. I did the question and answer panel before the JALC concert in Richmond Thursday night. Just wanted to say it was a pleasure to meet you and when your next album comes out I'd love to set up an interview with you broadcast on my program.

Hope you have a great tour and best wishes for a wonderful holiday.

Peter Solomon
88.9 WCVE Richmond VA
(804) 560-8171

Ro Baker

Love the new's classy and beautiful....just like you! ((Hugs))

Sharon Young

Please consider a visit to Montana next time you're touring west. Missoula has a Big Sky welcome waiting for you!

Mike Mizesko

Hi Cat. Saw you here at the Vail Series at Denison here in Ohio, a couple of weeks ago. Just remarkable. Wonderful music and stage presence. Stay in touch....

Ashley McDevitt

I cannot wait for you to come back to the West Coast. We missed you in October 2016 but will be sure we catch you the next time around.

Best wishes,
Ashley McDevitt

Fred Glueckstein

Please let me know when Ms. Russell appears in New York. Thank you.

John Cady

Caught your mind blowing 8:30 show at Birdland Friday evening. I was, I'm ashamed to admit, unaware of you prior to getting fed you by Spotify's "Discover Weekly". Sign me up!

Marianne Manocchio

I live in Stuttgart, Germany and went to a concert of Catherine´s some years ago. Since she will be on tour in Europe this upcoming spring, I am interested to learn whether she will be in Stuttgart again. The website only mentions Bern, Switzerland. As I read in her newsletter, there is supposed to take place also a concert in München(?) Are there any other gigs in Germany? Thank you for answering. Greetings from Stuttgart,
Marianne Manocchio

Matthew Witten

"Harlem On My Mind" is an album of amazing musicianship and artistry. Thank you for making it! I've followed your career for many years-- with Bowie and Cyndi Lauper, and am thrilled to see you step out and have a superlative solo career.

Loretta Kelly

Please let me know when she returns to the NYC area.

BERTRAND Jean-Pierre

The best version I ever heard "I haven't changed a thing" performed by you and band.
Absolutly amazing.
We met in a festival 2 years ago with my guitarist Nicolas and i wanted to congratulate you once more.
best regards.

John Gaitens

Love you! So happy I came upon you. When are you going to do Los Angeles?

Jim and Bea O'Rourke

92nd Streeet Y yesterday afternoon: my wife and I were enthralled (not an exaggeration) by your sensitive performance. The whole show was great, but your work stands out. I can't remeember when I last wrote a fan letter, but, wow! you are sensational. I'll try to get tickets to your show at William Paterson University - a terrific present to wife Bea for Valentine's Day. Thank you for sharing your talent.

Don Zachritz

Ms. Russell, we can't wait for you to return to St. Louis!

Janice Michaelson

I just saw you perform at the 92nd Street Y concert of Lyrics and Lyricists. You were captivating and wonderful. Specifically, you sang the forelorn love songs with such feeling as if it were happening to you. Your whole body commanded rapt attention to what you were communicating.
Did you record any albums or songs of a similar nature as opposed to more jazzy songs?
Thank you for giving me such a memorable evening of songs.

Michael MacBlane

I love your beautiful voice and the songs you choose to perform.

Richard Shane

Hi Catherine and Paul,

I am Mark\'s brother. Wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your new album. I play it lots and play it for anyone who comes to my house.

william thomas


Raymond Martherus

Updated on concerts in the Los Angeles Area.

Ann Marie Matheus

Please add me to mailing list. Interested in future tour dates. I'm in SF, CA

Gil Hubbard

Just saw Catherine Russell in concert with Wynton Marselis in Carmel, Indiana! Dec 5, 2016 :) It was wonderful!




You should come to Brazil,we love you vvery much here!!

Daniel Kassell

Go Cat Go!

Bryan Martin

I would like to know whenever and whereever Catherine is playing. Thanks!

Cynthia Price

Please put me on touring email list.

Lewis Fried

Dear Ms. Russell, I've been mesmerized by your performances on youtube, and so, wanted to send you this fan letter. I'm 73, a retired professor, and have heard (and seen) a number of jazz vocalists in my NYC youth and travels. But, you are certainly at the top. I marvel at your presentation of song--your voice, your phrasing, your expressions. I wish you a deeply productive life--if only because I want to hear more of your songs. All Best Wishes, Lew Fried

Peter Croncota

I saw Catherine at Dizzy's this past week - an amazing show. Please add me to your mailing list for any performances in the NYC area. Thank you.
Peter Croncota

John Sientz

I am such a fan of Catherine. I discovered her while listening to John Pizzarelli and Jessica Molaskey's Radio Deluxe, and I've been buying the CDs ever since. Thank you so much for keeping the great music of the 20th century alive and well in the 21st. Catherine, you are fantastic!

Pam Gowman

Went to the Bern jazz festival to see Catherine. Amazing. Hope we see her back in Europe soon. Italy would be good.

Sharon Jackson

I really enjoy your music .Is there any dates for you in Cleveland or at least in Ohio?

Leighton Roden

I play piano at Murry's here in Columbia, MO. I just loaded your new album onto my iPhone....every track is a gem! We are looking forward to your Boone County appearance in December with maestro Wynton Marsalis. Thanks for the wonderful music!

Marc Bailey

I'm happy to discover your music. It's rare to hear such heart and depth expressed with such unique voice.

austin starkey

PS look forward to seeing Cat at McCarter Theater in Princeton , NJ Oct 22 !! Probably no Under Pressure for that !!

austin starkey

What a tribute to David Bowie the other night at The Cutting Room, NYC ! Thank you cat and all the other musicians ! 6 Reality tour concerts for us, including the last US concert appearance at PNC in Holmdel, memories for a lifetime now....

John Smyth

I sing with Jim Cullum and met you at the Gershwin Prize ceremony for Carole King a few years back (I was a guest of Gregg Field's). Who wrote "There's So Little Time"? Thanks!

Joseph DeBortoli

PLEASE PLEASE come to Tampa Bay!!!


Simply magic at the Satchmo Summerfest in New Orleans today. Thank you!

Donna Glasgow

I'm delighted to be here, thank you!

Terry Baxter

Enjoyed your concert at OK Mozart, Bartlesville, OK. Looking forward to seeing you again!

Kathi Cherry

Just saw Catherine Russell in person @ OK Mozart last night, what an incredible talent!
My husband and I are huge blues and jazz fans, have a very special place in our hearts for Billy Holiday's work. Catherine enhances her performance with background on much of the music, which is great. Please come back to OK Mozart! Don't know if this is true for everyone, my Amazon Prime has both of Catherine's albums, Strictly Romancin' and Inside this Heart of Mine. Going to check out the Lady Sings the Blues concert she mentioned. Can't wait for the new album in September.

Daniel Dossey

Hello! I am a teenager and I love your music! Your voice is wonderful and I've gotten so many people from my high school to listen to you and everyone adores you! Keep up the good work and keep singing!

Nina Pace

It was great meeting you at Birdland. Awesome!

Janice Lee

Please, please put me on your notification list!!!


Big fan!

Brad Dexter


You give me so much joy listening to music. Thank you for lightening my heart.

Much love,

Brad Dexter
Santa Barbara

AT Green

Can\'t wait for you to visit Baltimore, Annapolis, or DC!!

Bob C

Please add me to your mailing list.

Susan Forman

Eager to know about upcoming appearances.

Wayne Chimento

Hi Catherine. I just saw you for the first time on a PBS broadcast called The American Songbook at NJPAC. Your performance was so fantastic and the band was terrific. What a wonderful voice you have. You've made a new fan. I bought the new album and can hardly wait to get it and listen. Hopefully, I'll have a chance to see you perform in person sometime soon. Thank you for sharing your incredible voice with us.

Kind Regards,

Wayne Chimento
Doylestown PA

Karen Barrett

Want to know when CR is playing in NYC

Lisa Fanuzzi

Hi Catherine,

I just heard you on Jazz Fm 91, the last Riverwalk episode they are able to air (Unfortunately).. But so very glad I caught this one.

You are truly amazing! So glad you are not in the background any more, although I know you added texture and dimension to the songs you sang with other artists, and that is invaluable. But a voice like yours belongs on center stage! Your Mom sounds amazing too . And , of course, your Dad. You are truly blessed. And I am too, to have found your music tonight, my only regret is I didn\'t get exposed to it earlier.

Any way Happy New Year, hope you come to Toronto some time. There is a place called the Home Smith Bar which you would love, very ambient, only problem is that is a very, very intimate venue. . It would definitely not hold all your fans. Not even a fraction. of them. Still there is the Jazz Bistro and Nawlins (again an intimate venue) The new arts center is St. Catharines, Ontario has great acoustics too, Molly Johnson ( ) performed there recently and had only good things to say about it.

Grateful for your work!


I just hope you perform somewhere where I can come and see you.

Tim Parrish

I heard you on American Roots, or is American Routes? Whatever. Hey I am older than dirt but appreciate beautiful music and songs. I enjoyed your interview and learning about your dad and Louis Armstrong. I look forward to learning more about you and getting your CDs. Come to Nashville sometime and perform. Have a wonderful 2016.


Great, earthy and natural voice, great song selection, great backup. The talent is gushing out all over!
Happy new year and thanks!

Guenther N

Few time ago I heard your dreamful voice and unique kind to sing your songs. I hope I can hear your live in the south of Germany. Please, take me in your newsletter.

Best wishes, Merry Christmas and an Happy New Year


Today 13 December I have attended your concert in Milan. You were so wonderful. I am so happy that finally you came to Italy. I would like to see you again in Italy but in Rome, the city where I live. Please consider to come to Rome soon or later. I send you my best regards!

Kuaji Hill

What a breath of FRESH air Miss Catherine you are! I just found you, and can't wait to see you in concert.

Jeffrey Baker

Catherine is incomparable!

Jerry jemmott

Great to see you are keeping the flame. Congrats!

Jo Backster

I, too, just discovered you! Your voice is sublime and I especially like your trio/band. Please come back to the SF Bay Area soon!

Sharon Jackson

I just discover your music this year an now you,re in my book with the late great Queen of the Blues Dinah Washington. Please hurry to Cleveland I would love to see you perform.


The tickets for your concert in Milan were not available in Rome, where I live, until today. Today I finally managed to buy 2 tickets for me and my wife. It will be a great pleasure to come and listen you there. I love so much Jazz and I am a great fan of you. If you plan again another event in Italy please plan it in Rome. I will come and listen you again in any case, everywhere you will make it in Italy. My best regards!

catherine fox

Holy cow. How come I only just heard of you? Please add me to your list!

Brendan Moffatt

See you at Columbia Univ. 11/4.

Brendan Moffatt

Saw John Dokes last night at Mezzrow on 10th. Fine voice, sings Joe illiams, Johnny Hartman. Noting special but perhaps he could do a duet on your next CD.

Peggy Ratusz

Catherin Russell is superb.

Kathi Maio

Would love to see Cat in MA. Might not be able to get to Needham, though....

Alane Repa

I am so enjoying the Live broadcast from Lincoln Center tonight - Catherine is absolutley outstanding!!

Alane Repa

Elaine McKenna

Just saw your Louis Armstrong showcat SF Jazz. FABULOUS!

Ms .Carol

Reviewed your Tour Schedule, was disappointed not to see Chicago in the 2015 schedule, Pls advise when will a performance be held in Chicago in the near future, Thank you, Ms. Carol


Looking forward to seeing you in Roma

Jimmy Sullivan

Please subscribe me to the mailing list

LeRoy Word

Would like tour dates when Catherine will be on the west coast.

joan cooper

Dear Ms. Russell, Had the extreme pleasure of meeting you behind stage at Carnegie Hall in March, after being introduced to your incredible voice on stage with Michael Feinstein.
Since you had told me of your upcoming appearance at the Mary Lou Williams Jazz Festival at The Kennedy Center, we had the pleasure of such an incredible evening last night. Fantastic!
For the fun of it I was looking at your schedule and it happens that my sister and I will be at my college reunion in Boston the weekend you will be there at Scullers Jazz Club. I'd sure love to say hello but if not, please know that it is such a pleasure to be introduced to your gentre of music with such an incredibly rich history. See you then!

Marika abeln

Thank you So much for your music , energy and your performance .I hope you will return to Holland again someday . Would be So Nice to hear you life! I enjoy your music very much. It is inspiring and gives So much joy.

Jane McLaughlin

I watched and heard you with excitment and awe on Saturday, May 18 at the Fox theatre in Tucson, AZ. The three of you,"Ladies Sing the Blues" were wonderful, but you were over the top.
Watching you was like watching my twin, jet propelled with super energy. Your are funny, can lead an audience where you want them, and can blast a song out of the park. But my favortite is that you're scrappy and make me gigglle inside. Damn. I would love to meet you so that we can be scrappy together.

Thank you for your energy and soul.


David Reviere

Thanks for some great memories!

Michael Porter

We are just missing you in NYC next week. Maybe next year when we come back...your music is awesome.

Kirk Shorting

Heard you performing on Jazz FM 91.1 from Toronto. Sweet. Thank you.


Please come out West to San Francisco. We have a SFJAZZ Center which is only building build just for Jazz events. And bring Matt Munisteri along with you. Love your show!

peter van aken

I wasn't able to attend the show Saturday at the Falcon in Marlboro, NY (Hudson Valley). Hope to get to another gig in this area soon!

Peter Van Aken

Anna Lee Amsden

This is one powerful lady who I am proud to call my friend.

Elizabeth rusoff

Please put me on your email list. Great seeing you again at
The Duke Ellington Society. You look great as always!
Thank you.

Sandra Timms

I heard you sing on the WUCF radio station and man oh man....what a voice! Please send me any materials or notifications of your live performances and any CD's. Thank you

carolyn lombardo

You were terrific! at the city winery and with toshi. The metropolitan room in Chelsea would be a great vnue for you and convenient for me too.

Vincent Guillocher

Message to Catherine
Bonjour !
I hope you will come back to Paris one day.
The french public doesn't look exactly like the Sunside you've experienced last year.
I had the chance to be there that night, and you did so well.
I still remember it.
Thank's to sing your own way with this so strong and deep soul.
Keep it on !

John LoPresti

Love your singing, and your arranger is a god. Don't know how s/he manages to make your back up sound period and contemporary at the same time - just amazing.

Larry Greenfield

I enjoyed "We the People" so much I posted a link to it on the discussion forum for my Coursera course on the US Constitution (

When will you be in NYC?

Ann Bergquist

Please add me to your email list. I would like to know when you're going to be appearing in NJ.


when i heard After the Lights go Down Low I nearly cried with joy: music I grew up with listening to Hibbler. Your sound is fabulous.
My dad was a music plugger and maybe you even knew him;;Lee Magid
God bless you. You rock sister!

LeRoy Word

Would like information on any shows scheduled on the west coast 2015. Thank You

Trevor Gomm

I would like to agree with everything Peter Jones has submitted & would like to ask the same question, when are you coming to visit us in the UK??
A huge fan.

Richard Schiavi

I have enjoyed your music for some time, I hope to be able to hear and see you one day.

peter jones

A quick note to say how much I enjoy your music - and your recent albums have all been of the highest quality. And gloriously authentic.
Now, here's the question. London is a huge jazz city now, as I am sure you know. I see you are playing in Germany in the spring. Any plans to visit the UK too? We'd love to see you here.

June Foley and Bob Stark


It was such a pleasure to talk with you at Claire's party, and when Bob and I came to your website we were delighted to hear you sing- so brilliantly. We'd love to get on your mailing list and look forward to seeing and hearing you in person.

Warm wishes,

Joy Langenstein


RP Siegel

I love you Catherine, you can sing to me anytime.

Timothy O'Brien

How could I not have known? Thank goodness KPLU has brought Catherine's voice into my world!

I'm already spreading the word on this great talent.

Cheryl Landes

A friend in the Midwest recommended your music, and I love it. I'd like to receive your updates on the events where you'll be. Hopefully I can see you on the West Coast sometime. Thanks, and happy holidays!

Cherie Mueller

Would like to see Catherine Russell come to Seattle to Jaxx Alley in the next year

Antoinette Mulbach

My husband and I adore you and your music we have all of your cd,s God Bless and keep up the great work.Also remember what your mom told you there is only two types of music good and bad and you have proven that there is good music,and you will be a legend Love cliff and toni

JazManDan Kassell

Keep on Keepin' Swing-Jazz Alive!

Theris Coats

Do you work on West Coast? I love your music- maybe you can come West, let's see what shows we can put together.


Great show at Mtn Stage!

Jim gmuer

Love....... Her!

Carolyn Ross

Don't remember how I found you and your voice but am so very glad it happened!!! Loving everything I have heard, and much more to go. Wish you made it down south sometimes, would so love to hear you live! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Heather MacDonald

Sign me up! Thanks

iris bashi

I saw you last night at the JCC in summit.

Love your voice, love your rhythm , presentation, music and ... your sense of humor.

Mary Chris Kenney

Love at first sight/sound...been following your rising star ever just played in my hometown at our community theatre..what a show thanks again,Catherine(and Paul) for sharing your talent with us!Please come back again soon,we're spoiled now!

Kitty Sarfert

Love so many of your songs!

Doug Dick

Love your music and your great vocals

rene dussen

great initiative Paul! The lady deserves this ;-)


When are you coming to Vegas?

Andrea AuCoin

Catherine's singing makes my heart happy. I love her choice of songs, and her beautiful interpretation of those songs. A true artist. xoxo

Gian Paolo Zagarella

I am a great fan of Catherine Russell. I live in Rome, Italy and it would be an honour if she comes in Rome for an event. Will it be possible one day? If so, I would like to be informed. My best regards!


Hi Cat, love the new album, the first I've heard. You've now made it to the outback in western Australia's wheat farming territory! I normally collect female singers from the 50s from the songbook/jazz genres, but you are a great discovery for me, and I guess your back catalogue is now going to cost me a few bucks - but worth it. I'm well retired now but was brought up on your father's records with Satchmo. You do him proud.

Dave Magyar

Love your work. Saw you perform at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Allen Room in NYC. What a show, what a venue. Wish you would find the time to perform in either the Philadelphia or Annapolis areas. Looking forward to seeing you perform again.

Roy LeBlanc

I had the great pleasure of attending your recent concert at the Highfield Theatre in Falmouth, MA. on October 4th. What an outstanding performance you and the Band put on that night !!! I wish I could purchase a DVD to relive that wonderful evening.

Brian Madden

I trust this will be for Catherine to read, ergo, I shall assume same.
Ms. Russell: What a delight, pleasure, and thrill (yes, thrill) to have found you in the confines of Cazenovia, NY, where my ancestors used to farm hops for brewing. Growing up in that area, Syracuse and Utica, I was weaned on the likes of Roy Brown, Wynonie Harris, Red Prysock, Ruth Brown, Billie, Ella,Sarah, Peggy, et al., And...of course, Prez, Jug, Jaws, Newk, 'Trane, and all them guys. How you brought all of them into your repetoire and seasoned us with your performance was marvelous (and, that old standby, glamorous).
How delighted to hear you even mention Wynonie, my all-time R&B shouter (the real kind), was more than a treat. I wish I could have played my tenor with you at the jam session that Saturday night (not the loneliest night of the week, afterall), but I did play a couple of tunes and had to leave, for a 2-hour drive home.
Thank you, and those great gams on which you prance and dance, and your ultra-hip voice and vocalizing. Sing on Ms. Russell, and, as Macbeth proclaimed: "Damned be he who cries, Hold, enough!"


Dorothy Marie Dirden

I Have discovered the music of Catherine Russell on a cable music station.
I would like to purchase music on C D.

John Luzzi

I love your music and voice

Latoya Harrison

I happened upon this artist just doing a momentary search...I love the sound and the mix of flavorful genres. Hope you getto Nashville soon.


Heard "Aged and Mellow" on the local Jazz station & loved it! I'm buying this cd for sure now! Love your voice ~ can't wait to see you live!

Debbie Harris

You are touching hearts and inspiring listeners with your magnificent gifts as you have since we sang together with Phillip Brown, Sylvia Bullet, Dana Manno and others. I wish you continued blessings, you incredible woman.

Tim Barty

Catherine,,, bring it to Chicago!! We're waiting!!

Annet Wessels

Please, come to Holland or Belgium in 2015??


I love hearing you sing blues or jazz! Kitty

Thomas Lichtenberg

Dear Catherine, first of all many thanks for the fantastic concert that we have joined in Amsterdam in May. It was so exciting! After the concert we have had a small talk with you about tap dance, that we are practicing with our group and about our journey to New York from 01.09. until 07.09.2014. on facebook I have submitted a foto that we have taken with you. I hope you remember us. Is there any concert with you during that time, we could visit? Or is there another concert in that style, that you could recommend to us? We all like that swing music and the way you are performing it so much. By the way, you told us also that you started doing tap dance, as we do. Is there a studio you can advice to us just for having a lesson?
We like taking such swing music for tap dance. Some years ago we have taken your song “I’m Checkin’Out" for a small tap routine.
So, many thanks for your help. It should be great hearing from you. Best regards, Thomas Lichtenberg


Hey Catherine,
I send you this message from France. You are my favorite Jazz singer and I had the chance to see you last at the festival "Jazz en Tête". It was great !
I hope you come back soon on tour in France. If you go on my website, you can see pictures of the set :
I hope you enjoy and keep on swingin'.

Clarence J. Colwart,III

Compliment long time coming! I was exposed to your style of blues when I was 11 years old. Ray Charles< John Lee Hooker,Sonny boy Floyd, Robert Johnson, etc. Your sound is so sweet to my ears. You Make me feeel sooooo warm! THANKS !!!! By the by..... I'm a Nawlin's rat....

Laura Williams

Saw you at the San Jose Summerfest for the first time. I loved your song choice, vocal range, and obvious joy in singing. Your blues songs opened up new emotions in me. Thank you. Laura Williams


Dear Catherine,
You're so fantastic I can't stop listening to your music ! Please advise me when you come to FRANCE ! I will of course come and see you.
Thanks a lot !

Cheryl Stanley

I want to thank Catherine for the Sacramento performance at Harlow's. She is effervescent. I don't think we have ever met, I'll have to ask my mom, Elayne Jones. My children didn't come but two friends did and they loved the performance as well. Thank you so much! Cheryl Stanley

Patrick Hughey

Catherine is a national treasure! Love her music!! Patrick Hughey

Isobel Prideaux

I have seen and met cat in many occasions she is not only a great singer she is one of ihe nicest performers you will ever meet. Relates to her fans and brings you spirit and joy,when you hear her sing LOVE HER.. Isobel

Helena Alonso

Thank you to Louis Armstrong and Catherine Russell for helping me take care of my 86 year old mother in the hospital today. I put on The music and her mood completely changed. When the orthopedist came in her toes were tapping under the bed covers to "Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should." He looked down and said, "That's very good for her." I reminded her that you had signed the CD for her last year after a show in Coral Gables. You said to her "You're looking good, Dede." You made her smile then, and you made her smile today. I am so grateful.Helena Alonso

Girish Trivedi

Hi Catherine,

I heard on the net your Crazy Blues, I,am lazy, Kitchenman, Under the spell, public melody
and Everybody Loves My Baby.

I greatly like your voice, ability to place correct accents at the right time, down to
earth blues sand great range.

I am running 79 and some of my other favorit Divas are Lady Day, Ella, The Divine One, Carmen McRae, Mildred Bailey, Diane Reeves and others.

Would be nice to hear from you.


Girish Trivedi
5 Indrayani
61-D Warden Rd
Mumbai 400026, India

Jim "jimmy o" Otis

Catherine, just a Big THANK YOU for the cd and the GREAT conversation when I drove you to the radio interview at the Rochester JAZZ FEST> Your cd is freakin' GREAT!! You are one GREAT vocalist & a CLASS ACT!!
Would like to send you that Ruth Brown cd I told you about if you send me an address. PLEASE PLEASE come back To Rochester Jazz Fest!! Heck 6 is a nice round number. LOVE PEACE & MUSIC jim otis

Mark Morgan

I heard your gorgeous voice for the first time today on XM/Sirius radio. Your sound is so classical jazz: rich and resonant... Mmmm. What a find! Thanks. Mark Morgan


Just discover your music in the weirdest of ways and now I'm in love. What a wonderful talented woman. I am so excited. Raffael

Donna Nicosia

Hi Catherine,
Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your show last night in Woodbridge. Great songs. You sing with such passion and I love it. Cheers to your guitarist, pianist, and bassist.
Donna Nicosia


bonjour je suis pianiste et le voudrais jouer lucille ou puis je trouver la partition??
merci si possible de me répondre en francais

lucy nathanson

you are the B E S T.
thank you for making my days a little brighter.
a jazz lover,

Mike & Joyce Sweeney

We really admire your music & wonderful voice. Do you have any plans to tour in the Seattle area?

Theresa Wyatt

Looking forward to hearing Ms.Russell at the Rochester Jazz Festival! Also wondering if she ever makes it out to upstate NY venues close to Buffalo or Syracuse? Thank you. Theresa

Peter Richmond

Oh Catherine that's quite the voice you have there..Found you on the internet..I could listen to you all day..I just love your bluesy renditions....You have made my day..Keep up the good work..Your the best...Cheers...Peter Richmond..


I'm totally bewitched... never heard such a voice since Ella and Sarah..!!
Hope you will come soon in Vienne Jazz festival (France) to have the great pleasure of your performance in this beautiful location;

Florence, a french fan !


My favourite cd of 2014. How about a Canadian tour?! Kenny

jorge caetano

Very good! Jorge Caetano

Dan Murphy

Love to see Cat in L.A.! How about Catalina's?
Dan Murphy

Michael Lorimer

THANK YOU for your GREAT singing!
Michael Lorimer

Julie H

Love your style! Please visit Tampa, FL!!! :)
Julie H

Amy Tackitt

you have a NEW FAN!!! :) Looking forward to any concert near Indianapolis! Amy Tackitt

Betty Anderson

Thank you again, Catherine, for last night's incredible evening on the stage at Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Listening and enjoying your renditions is the most memorable of many jazz set experiences in my life. My "aged and mellow" man missed a great time. I am looking forward to seeing you again--with him. Until then, I speak continued blessings and favor as you share your glorious gifts with the world. Toujours. Betty Anderson

Tony Quintero

I loved the show at Knuckleheads last Wednesday. It was a pleasure to meet you afterwards. Btw, I posted several photos from that night on instagram use #catherinerussell & on facebook under Modern Primitive. ciao bella, Tony

Paul Sabelka


A wonderful experience with you at Pella, Iowa.
Love you madly, in truth, and as said by Duke.

Paul Sabelka, man in beret, front row.
Hope to see you again, somewhere.

Bob Schwartz

I just saw and heard Catherine Russelll and her incredible band perform at Murry's in Columbia, Missouri. I have wanted to see her live for some time now, and she was everything I could hope for and is one of the greatest singers I have had the pleasure and thrill of hearing live. This on top of her being one of the most beautiful women, physically and characterwise, ever. She was very kind and I may have talked her ear off about music as she signed all of my CDs and could not have been more gracious. I will see her tomorrow night at the documentary film she is hosting, and I cannot wait to hear her perform again. Until that wonderful day, I have her five albums and her Mom's album too. I cannot thank Ms. Russell enough for the wonderful day I have had. Bob Schwartz

Ulrike Moormann

Hey, i've listen to your new CD -especialliy to Aged and Mellow. That's a very great und thrilling song. I'm playing piano and want to play the song. Do you have a sheet for piano or the chords? That would be amazing. Thank you from Germany Ulrike


when in Chicago??? Luca

david greason

gary w. on wbgo intrduced me to you and your music.thanks so much for all you much happiness. love davy g

David Lee Aerni

I always knew that you would be successful while playing music with you at Sonoma State University. Continued success wonderful lady. David Lee Aerni

William Schneider

Love your cd's
William Schneider


I was listening to the radio last night (03/09/2014) just fliping through the stations feelimg a bit down and I turned on 99.50 and I herd the host talking to some one named Cathrine Russel and I could not believe my ears I herd your voice and I knew right away it was you; way to go you made it. I went on the computer and looked you up and I was right, it was Cathy. I listened to some of your tunes and I loved it and your voice sounds so soothing. Drop me a line to say hi.

Jean-Marc Rapp

What a pleasure to find your website! You are such a great singer, all of your records are incredible. Thank you! Jean-Marc Rapp

Christine Stella

Was at Dizzy's Club last Monday night for the release of your new CD, Bring it Back, and LOVED it. Purchased the CD on my way out the door and haven't stopped listening to it. Love your music and make it to Jazz at Lincoln Center every time you appear. C. Stella

Brendan Moffatt

Fabulous rendition of "After the Ligts Go Down Low". You knocked it out of the park. I'd love to hear you do Chaka Khan's "Love Ha Fallen on Me". NY's my home, so whenever you're around we wil catch your shows.
Brendan Moffatt

Lisa Baum

Please keep me in the loop on your life! LOVE your work! Also would love to get an interview for the Iowa Jazz Station KCCK regarding your wonderful new album and your Pella date. Planning to come to Pella. Lisa Baum

ron bilek

love your style
ron bilek

Pierre Paré

great music this is the kind of music I enjoy to listen
Pleaase let me know when you are be touring in Montreal, Canada
I would like to attend your show
Pierre Paré

Ruben Diaz

You are simply fabulous! Please add me to your email list.
Thank you
Ruben Diaz


SO great to see you last night at Scullers in Boston - GREAT show. And great to meet you too. Perhaps we can jam someday.. I promise you we'd have FUN. I hope to see you again out there somewhere sooner than later! Last night - WOW. The real deal.

Pamela Wolff

Heard you on Eric Jackson's show last night from Sculler's. Instant fan.
Pamela Wolff

laura mcdowell

LOVE your music!!!!! You are BRILLIANT!
laura mcdowell

Alan Goldsmith

Listening to the interview on The Loft. Great music! Alan Goldsmith

J Silton

Please add me to the email list. Look forward to seeing performances and being up to date for CD releases. Thank you.
J Silton

rene dussen

Hi Catharine, Leaving a note just to mention that we, since yesterday, are promoting your new cd worldwide on the internet for the next four coming weeks! Why? It's simply a great album. We added a lot of songs from the other four albums too. Your renditions are right into the great american songbook core :-) Regards René Dussen

Bernard Jouan

I'm the president of "JAZZ HOT CLUB du BASSIN d'ARCACHON" a non profit french association ( Arcachon is located in South Wesr in the Bordeaux area.
We just love Catherine's music and albums. We will present her among several great female singers during our next march conference. Bernard Jouan

Mary T Burke

I just got the Carline Ray cd, Vocal Sides. I've been playing Land Beyond the River non stop. So now I am eager to hear more Catherine. Beautiful voice. Mary T Burke

Gary Kopp

Heard Catherine Russell interviewed on the Tavis Smiley show, just delightful!

Naomi Lenny

I discovered Catherine Russell's music on WBGO and I've been a fan ever since!
Naomi Lenny

Dennis DeMeo

That's twice I got in the car and turned on the radio and heard the DJ say, "That's Catherine Russell." Missed it again! If you're not Catherine let her know Dennis is sending her good thoughts and to contact me if she goes to the West coast. We go back!

Bill Miller

I saw Catherine for the first time in Bethlehem, PA in September of 2012. I totally loved the performance. She was one of the best acts of The Blast Furnace Blues Festival and certainly "the pleasant surprise of the festival" for me. Being a big Willie Dixon fan, I really appreciated how she interpreted his material. I'm looking forward to seeing her again and bringing my wife.
Bill Miller

Thomas Marzahl

I really hope that Catherine makes it back to Germany so I can finally see her live... I can't imagine Berlin wouldn't welcome her in the future. Thomas Marzahi

Steve marshall

Los angeles tour on the near horizon? Please say yes! Steve Marshall


Dear Cathrine,
We desperately need you back in Amsterdam!!

Jim Brear

Love your work. Very special. Jim Brear


Please come and perform in Melbourne, Australia! Nancy

Julia Flanders

Just spent the weekend at our hide-away in Maine, listening to all your cd's. What heaven! Now I will be hearing you all week in my mind as I tackle the week's obligations. And there will be a smile on my face!
Looking forward to Valentine's at Sculler's in Cambridge, MA Julia Flanders

Anne Liljedahl

Thank you for all you give- you are stellar!!
Anne Liljedahl

Iris Halmos

Just had the pleasure of hearing you at Frostbrg University. Brilliant Thank you Iris Halmos

George Nahoom

Clay Watkins told me about you. Iistened in and was blown away. You have a fan for life.
Keep bringing it girl


Sonny Silva

Aloha Catherine..
Just got an email that you are coming to Honolulu. on December 3...!!
I just promoted John Pizzarelli for a concert here, And you were on the list for next year's festival...

I have been such a great fan of yours and am thrilled that you are coming.
I'm a guitarist and I actually perform some of your arrangements regularly..
I'm certainly going to see you at Iolani High School on the 3rd. Would love to have you sit in at my gig... If you are in town over the weekend. I won't even advertise it.. Just a chance to hear and or play with you will be such a treat!

Whether or not that happens is not so important.. Please have a great and safe trip.. If you or traveling partners are needing for anything in Honolulu - my cell is 808.393.6393

Sonny Silva.
Hot Club of Hulaville

Linda Presgrave

Hi Catherine! I did not get to speak with you at the memorial for your mother on Monday! My husband Stan was with me as he loved Carline as well! I hope you know how proud of you she was! She loved you on so many levels! It was a great tribute to her and I loved the cuts from the interview with her! She was definitely in the room! Enjoyed hearing you with your group. Please keep me on your email list! all the best, Linda Presgrave

Charles Klein

Hi Catherine, It was great to hear you and all the other artists last night. I'm the man who said hello at the end of the evening to tell you how much I love your music. Every note you sing sounds right. That can be said about few singers! I'd love to chat with you and your husband one day. And I'd love to attend one of your performances. I have been listening to and loving jazz (and a lot of othr music) for almost 50 years. I've not found a vehicle to share that love and listening knowledge with others. I'd love to chat with you about that.
Thanks again for your tribute to your mother. We all got to know her!
Best, Charles.


When are you coming to lonely Seattle? Need that silky voice out here! Discovered you this summer and have downloaded your songs from Itunes.
Very grateful for the beautiful jazz recordings. You are my new favorite. Sorry to hear about your mother.
Happy Holidays.


tim Gartland

Just listenig to you this AM. Inspiring....I met with you in Boston with Ron W.
Tim Gartland

neil giammatteo

I saw you in schenectady on nov. 1st ,wow what a wonderful performance. I cant express how much i enjoyed this concert. It brought back memories of jimmy ryans the metropole and eddie condons in ny in the 1950s.Thank you so much for making this old trumpet player happy. Neil Giammatteo

Jack McGirr

Heard you perform ( for the 1st time ) at Schenectady,NY Whisperdome - Fabulous concert, everyone of you, wonderful music. Love you all. Will be looking for your CD's and upcoming concerts. Wow, wow. You just killed me.
OK, I'll get up now !! ( I'm a trumpeter, and I hear Shachelmouth clearly). And yes, I'm aged and mello too. Jack McGirr

Kathleen Caputi

Love ya
Kathleen Caputi

Tom Finch

Love your music. Tom Finch



Mitch Schuman

Have enjoyed listening to you for many, many years.Mitch Schuman

Dan Menzel

Wow, you can really sing! I just found out about you (and your wonderful mother) on Kcsm Radio in California. I would love to hear you perform in person; I'll watch out for a concert in Northern California..............Dan

Bella Center

Love you!!!
Please come down to South Florida.
Bella Center

Michaela Hector

Hello Ms. Russell,
You have made so many people happy with your fabulous voice! I can hardly wait until Nov 9 when we will hear you in New York. I am briging a friend of mine who sang at the same time as your Mom. Helen Lee is 92 now but she remembers so many people frm your youth. She sang on the radio and with the Tommy Dorsey Band. She is making the trip to see you from Chicago and beleive me, she is VERYexcited! We will be in the second row! Godspeed.
Michaela Hector

Ginny Mentel

Would love to see you live some time while in California. Please let me know when Catherine will be playing nearby us again. Just saw her at the Pasadena Pops with Michael Feinstein and we loved her. Would love to see her again.
Ginny Mentel

John Barris

Discovering Catherine many years ago raised my music I.Q. by 50 points. My father, a professional musician would listen to her sing every chance he got. For me, she and her great rockin' group are always fresh. It doesn't matter how often I play her album she's always fresh. My toe taps to the music without any conscious thought. She's wonderful and I am glad I have been a long term serious fan.

Thanks for the Great Music
John Barris

Erica Wang

I admire Ms. Russell's artistry and would like to keep up on her work and new albumns. Please add me to the mailing list. Erica Wang


Hi Catherine
I have ceceived the sad news.
I knew little about your mother. I only knew "He's All I Need" from Strictly Romancin' , but it's enough to enjoy.

I should have written earlier after this beautiful 2012 concert in Paris. It inspired me an article for the Hot Club de France site ( - June 4, 2012)
This article has been partly quoted in the Hot Club de France Bulletin (Bulletin 612 Juin-Juillet 2012) by Dominique Brigaud the chief editor, a great jazz connaisseur and a great ear.
But I can sum up.
I have compared you with Ethel Waters and Ella Fitzgerald because of a double perfection they have and you have : perfect pitch and perfect timing. I have also compared you with Louis Armstrong for not using growl (you) and mute (him). You are both so good without those devices !
And Dominique Brigaud added : "Catherine Russell, has joined, with no doubt, the top few female jazz singers of all times". (In french : "Catherine Russell a rejoint sans nul doute le peloton des meilleures chanteuses de jazz, toutes époques confondues...")

We also both greatly appreciate the trio : Matt Munisteri, Mark Shane and Lee Hudson. Tell Them.

Eagerly waiting for your next concerts in France in October 2013.


Steve Puleo

Hi Catherine!
When we played together it was "Cookie." (sonoma state) So glad you're doing well, and that the music is flowing. Sounds terrific! Talking with Jeremy Cohen your name came up and he told me a bit about your success. What a blessing. I would like to send you my latest album. I'll pop it in the mail to the Somerville address, unless you have another that would be more convenient. Mine is a Sinatra/Bennett sound. I think you'll enjoy it.
Hope to connect with you again soon.
Steve Puleo

Linda Presgrave

Dear Catherine; I have been trying to figure out how toget in touch with you and finally made it here. I have been thinking lots of you. I am so depply saddened to hear about the passing of your mother. You know that I loved her dearly and she was such a special person to me! I will never forget my first CD that she pkayed bass on!! So much fun! Please make sure and let me know when her memorial is this fall! Wishing you all the best and know that my thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time! With love, Linda Presgrave

steve wallace

kplu in tacoma played your cover of 'new speedway boogie', well, i am your humble servent, thank you, your tortured & rendered heart has truly helped to heal mine. & yes 1 way or another-, I for one am through w/any and all intolerance. I can bear it no further. i am commiting all my time & loot to accomplish this-will start a non-profit. more to follow GOD BLESS Steve Wallace

Jim Culbertson

Are you coming to Boston any time soon. I'd love to see you perform Jim Culbertson


Hi Catherine -
We caught the SD show at the Edgefield last night. Not only was the best night of the entire summer but we all decided you are fucking coolest of everything in one amazing package. We just LOVE you girl! xoxo
Juliette, Kara & Anne Marie

Peter Poses

Mzz Russell: Howzzit ~~~~ I'd like to purchase yer Mom'zz last CD. ~~ I heard from Mzz Dotti Anita Taylor that U might B handlin' it. My local Indie Store (Twist b& Shout, Denver) had no bead on it. ~~ Please lemme kno. ~~ Thanx in advance, djSOS/Poses ~~~~

Sharon Miller

Great web site! I was thrilled to read about Ms Russell's extraordinary skills as a musician and her dedication to her craft in music. I was blown away! Will be purchasing myself CD's from this gifted and spirited artist, Ms Russell.
Sharon Miller

Rusty Rush

I host "Voices of Jazz" on KAMU-fm and just rec'd "Vocal Sides" and recorded cuts from it and also "Inside this Heart of Mine" this AM for Friday''s program. I was writing to tell you what a great voice from a pretty 88 year old, and was stunned to learn that Ms. Ray had just passed away. I am truly sorry to learn that. What a talent. She will not be forgotten. Rusty

Funk Queen

I absolutely love your voice and the music is fantastic! Will you be heading to Dallas, Texas soon?

Katie Sullivan

I'm new to your recordings and enjoy them immensely! Katie Sullivan

Brett Hampton

I love your music more than can be expressed in words. Brett Hampton

Kay Ray

I'm sorry to hear about the passing of your mother Carline Ray. I feel so privelidged to have met her, interviewed her for my Documentary film Lady Be Good; Instrumental Women in Jazz. I am completing a re edit of the film cutting it to 90 minutes and hope to have the music rights cleared by this year. . I have a beautiful interview with your mother and would like to offer a copy of it if you would like. Love to you. Kay

Rebecca Campbell

Hello Old Friend! Greetings and lots of love to you... I see that you're singing with Steely Dan these days. What a fantastic gig! You must be enjoying that! I'm thinking of coming to the Toronto show tonight. My partner, Robin, is a guitar tech, and was on the same stage as you at a couple of European Festivals. He raved about the band, and figures that it's a great setting for a background vocalist...! If I do manage to get there, and there's a way that's not too clumsy, I'll try to come backstage to say hi. If not, all my very best to you. Much resepct, Rebecca

Paul Mattingly

We met and I had the pleasure of doing a phone interview (WUEV 91.5 FM Evansville, Indiana) with you prior to your perfomance at the Under the Beams Concert Series in New Harmony, Indiana, in 2011. I saw that your mom passed away and I wanted to express my condolences to you and your family. She was a great lady who made the most of her life to the very end. Hers will be a ripple that will affect many generations to come.
Paul Mattingly


bonjour catherine
j'ai mon ticket pour ta venue a paris je t attend gros bisous

Kathy Solomon

We met you at the 2012 Garth Newell Blues/Jazz Festival at Warm Springs, Va. My husband, Dan, has a blues show on the local radio station, WVLS in Monterey, Virginia and he just played a tribute to you with hopes of seeing you at Carnegie Hall in Lewisburg, Wva. on Nov. 15, 2013. Kathy Solomon

Dennis Dowell

My wife and I had the pleasure of seeing / hearing you on Friday in Santa Cruz at the Kuumbwa (1st row stage right). Unfortunately we had to leave shortly after your set was finished and did not get a chance to meet you in person. I will be adding your albums soon to my collection. Any chance getting you on vinyl? I would put you sandwiched between my Dinah Washington and Ivie Anderson records!
Dennis Dowell

Earline Ahonima

Thank you, Catherine. What your spirit and your music have added to the world is immeasurable. Earline Ahonima

Nick Melliss

I just love her voice, and the power of her interpretations of the great blues.
Supreme clarity and intelligence, just wonderful. I could listen to her voice all day and all night. When is she coming to the UK, or have I missed her ? I'll be there. Nick Melliss

Matt Jenson

YES Catherine. I should have signed up on your list a long time ago! Matt Jenson

Victoria Jacobine

Catherin rifayca",
We caught you last night in Hartford sitting front and center at Table Two.
We love the CD's...all of them and you have a magnificent instrument, but the experience of "seeing you" as well as hearing you was beyond description.
Thank you for taking time from you busy schedule to bring some serious joy to all of us!
Victoria & Tony Jacobine

Rick Gee

I think you're simply out of sight. Will try to get you down to Sarasota, FL for our annual festival in March 2014.
Rick Gee


Miss Russell you're featured often here in Philly on WXPN. As the host of the show says "When Catherine Russell sings you stop in your shoes". Thank you so much for sharing your gift. Not only do I stop in my shoes, but I raise my hands, and listen to a true talent. All the very best for you. Much love from Philly~Dess

Cornelius O'Connor

You had me when you did 'Fools Gold' on the Vivino Bros. Chitlins Parmigiana CD. Please step into Whitney's shoes soon. We need someone who can bring it down to all of us, and that's you Catherine.
Cornelius O'Connor

Laura Hill

We love Catherine's music. No one swings better! Laura Hill

Steven Mazurek

I see you will be coming to Saint Louis soon. I am so excited that I am jumping up and down right now. I sooo enjoy your CD's and can't wait to see you in person. You will love the Sheldon, it is a very classy place. My wife and I used to bring a three year old daughter on Tuesday night to the notes from home program and it was only five dollors a person and they let Tara in free. She is now almost 21 and will be going off to college soon. I am soo happy to get to hear you in concert. Steven Mazurek

Polly Dines

Hear your fabulous voice on station KPLU in Seattle area. Please, please, please come to town!!! Would love to hear you in person!
Polly Dines

Bill Miller

I love what you do, especially when you sing from the Willie Dixon songbook. I saw and spoke with you in Bethlehem last September. I've been trying to get my wife out to see you. Hopefuly the next time that you play Shanghi Jazz in Madison, NJ. Best wishes! Blll Miller

Patricia Keenan

I was surprised to catch her performing with Boz Skaggs a few years back at Englewood, NJ Performing Arts Center. She stole the show. Keep up your great work. Truly....a wonderful and talented gal. Patricia Keenan

Radagast Williams

Just sensational. I have been listening to the player on your myspace page for almost an hour now. I am loving every minute of it. Love your voice and song selections. I look forward to communicating with you again. I have always liked you, your humor and intelligence. Radadast Williams

sarah olivia love

Absolutely love your music! Would love to see you in New York! Sarah Olivia Love

Lisa Dae

Wow. Addicted to you and your song choices. Refreshing!!! Less is more. Love it!
Lisa Dae

Tom Crandall

I have repaired Catherine's mandolin many times while at Matt Umanov guitars. I would like to get word to her that I now have my own store TR Crandall Guitars at 179 East 3rd. I would also like to invite her and Paul to our opening party on April 6th from 6:00 to 9:00
Tom Crandall

Phyllis and Bernie Katz

Phyllis and I were at the Bistro Awards last night and just loved your singing.
Phyilis and Bernie Katz

Shirl Carter

March 3rd at Saint Peter's Church, Prez Fest. We talked about your Mom, Cobi, Delilah and her daughter, Jill, before the concert. I told you that the major factor why I attended was that you were the emcee; besides, it's important for locals to support our own. I was so happy I went. It was a good time. The talent was superb! Enjoyed your rendiitions of the Cab But I tell you I was more happy with your emcee skills. Wonderful! Shirl Carter

Ken M.

Love you! Glad I got to say "Hello" between sets at Shanghai Jazz when I congratulated your belated but much deserved success (but asked that you not get too, too famous lest I no longer be able to afford admission to your shows!) Ken

Alan Day

I couldn't sit still in my seat at the 8:00 show at Scullers!! You were wonderful!! Thank you for such a geat experience. The best concert I've been to since I saw Ella Fitzgerald in Newport years ago. You are soooo full of LIFE!! Alan Day


info on future appearancs in Washington DC area appreciated

Carrell "CW" Abbott


I had the great pleasure of hearing you a few days ago in StThomas You sang a song about a bottle of whiskey that was "so quiet when it was on the shelf" Loved the song and your delivery, but i can't find music, words or a recording of the song. Can you point me in a direction?

By the way, I am a mandolin player, southern string band and memphis jug band styles, I lam enjoying the CD I purchased from you with the banjo-mandolin, and the pedal steel.

Thanks again for coming to our island, You have a lot of very enthusiastic supportters down here.



You are awesome, crazy good !!! "strictly romancin' " is by far the GREATEST cd of 2012 any/every genre. (The musical arrangements are the bomb, too.)
Keep on singing it like you singing it girl and please don't you ever stop, don't even think about stopping singing.

Lenore Rice

You are the Macchu Picchu of singers ... no matter how high the expections, you exceed them! Lenore Rice


Count me a fan,Catherine! Just discovered you on Spotify and Youtube and utterly knocked out!! Any chance of you coming to England?? Going to order a couple of your albums. Gordon.

Phil Daniels

I absolutely LOVE your music and was thrilled to hear your coming back to Atlanta soon!!! I was fortunate to have seen you when you were in town with Levon and fell in love with your voice and music and the next day went out and bought your cd's. By the way, I just noticed your with Paul Kahn/Concerted Efforts in Somerville, MA. I grew up about an hour south in Marion, MA, use to come up to the city for shows all the time when I was there.
Please keep me posted anywhere your going to perform in the Southeast and it will be a great roadtrip for me, thanks!
Kind Regards,
Phil Daniels

Marie D

Thoroughly enjoyed your performace for Artists Celebrate Dr. MLK, Jr. at Symphony Space. Thank you for sharing your talent. Marie D

Phil Moss

I first heard you on Eric in the evening and fell in love. Then I bought a couple of albums and saw you at Scullers. I am a great fan.
Phil Moss

Michael Gurwitz

Please let me know when you will be performing in the Washington, D.C. area.
Michael Gurwitz



Jason Gross

Please sign me up for your mailing list. Great show at LPR tonight! Jason Gross

Walter Mackins

Bravo, Ms. Russell! Been diggin' your fantastic voice since your days with Steely Dan. Heard you recently on NPR. New jazz center opening ihere in San Francisco this January. You will come and see us sometime won't you? Cheers!
Walter Mackins

Iris Eustace Halmos

Wonderful voice. First tme I have heard it, but it won't be the last.
Iris Eustace Halmos

colin ettinger

I am based in London and would love to see Catherine perform at Ronnie Scotts. Is there any chance of this happening?
Colin Ettinger

Audrey moore

Heard her on fresh air. 'in the dark" is the best thing I've heard since Nina Simone's 'wild is the wind'. Please come back to California soon. Let me know! Audrey Moore

Nathan Zimmerman

Saw Catherine with Steely Dan in the summer of 2011 and with the Dukes of September in the summer of 2012 and can't get enough of her great vocals!
Nathan Zimmerman


catherine, i could not forget to let you know what a great interview and voice on NPR. i, too, have a bit of familiarity with Louis Armstrong. When I was 5 years old i sat on his lap at the Moulin Rouge restaurant in Los Angeles. That was in 1956! he sang happy birthday to me! on stage. of course, i did not know him, but my parents (now both gone, and unfortunately, both deserted me for the most part most of my life), but i do have that true story about "Sachmo" to tell. guess that is why to this day i love the so-called "old" music, the type of music you do so well. of course, like you, i still love the old rock songs, too, of Led Zepplin, Stones, and so many more, the Who, on and on. Keep singing, Catherine. Your voice is so good. Kathryn

David Kerr

I heard an interview with you on NPR and listened to some of your songs. I can't believe I missed you all of these years. No problem now. Thanks! David Kerr

Dave Lenington

Spent Christmas yesterday listing to Jane Siberry's "Child" live Christmas album that I bought at the replicate Seattle show you all played at several years ago. Your performance of "What Child is This" is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. I posted it on a friend's Facebook page who is a midwife and delivered her daughter's daughter earlier yesterday morning. Simply amazing, apropos and beatiful.. Thanks so much, Catherine.
Dave Lenington

Christina Carter

Heard a repeat of your 2012 NPR interview today. I realize why Terri chose it as a favorite! Bought your CD. Thank you for such wonderful music. Hope you get to the L.A. Area in 2013.
Christina Carter


Heard you on NPR's "Fresh Air", great voice!!

al gray

Enjoyed your interview and your voice of course on NPR. Awsesome. I related to the part of haveing parents from the 30-40's in music. My dad was an arranger fro Artie Shaw and Glenn Miller. He was in Europe with Glenn Miller and took over the orchestra when Miller disapeared. My step mom was USO singer in the Pacific. Hope you come out west soon. Thanks for the great music.
Al Gray

Sam Swope

Love your voice, send word of your gigs in nyc!
Sam Swope

Sylvia Augustus

I can't wait to see you in person. Thanks to Terri Gross I have been introduced to your music. Happy New Year. Sylvia Augustus

Jeremy Cohen

Is this Cookie Russell? OMG, we played in numerous bands together along the Russian River in California back in the 1970s. David Songbird's Band Smokin as well as a few others. I lost touch with you years ago. Was listening to the Terry Gross interview and when I heard you talking about your mom, I started to suspect it WAS YOU! Please look me up at or Give my regards to Matt M (I played with him in NY a while back). Hoping to play again with you soon! Drop me a line if you can. Best, Jeremy

nancy luccio

Love catherine, saw her at the steel stacks blues show this summer can't wait to see her again. Nancy Luccio

Ruth Stevens

Loved your peromance at the Century Club tonight! What a voice! I can't wait to hear you again. Ruth Stevens

James Pogue

I have to thank the CBC for introducing me to Catherine Russell back in the summer. I have heard quite alot of her stuff now and it bears repeated listening. It is soulful and elegant and deliciously clear. She is glorious. I would love to see her live. I'd like to cook dinner for her. All the best to her. She has given us hers!
James Pogue

Chris Browne

I'm hearing Catherine tonight on Mountain Stage on WAMC New York/Albany. I have always appreciated Mountain Stage music, but never before have I been so excited by a vocalist. I appreciated the shout out to Alberta Hunter, and not to take anything away from Catherine's personal style...but I am reminded of one of my favorite vocalists, Abbey Lincoln. I hope Catherine returns to Saratoga, so I can see her live. I know what CD will be under my tree this Christmas! THANKS! Chris Browne

Cheryl Collins

Heard about you from my sister she saw you in Rockport MA! Looked up your website and love your music!! Please come to Austin TX would love to come see your show!! Cheryl Collins

Bb Spiotto

Soooo, when did you last perform on Long ISland
My dear NYC cabaret friend and colleague Lynn DiMenna suggested that I reach out so I look forward to hearing from you regarding a possibe booking at the soon to re-open historic Suffolk Theater (Main St, Riverhead - Long Island, NY)

Many musical thanks! Bob Spiotto

Patty Collyer

Hi, we've enjoyed your shows at Scullers Jazz Club in Boston each year - would love to know when to expect you back again.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Patty Collye

Daniel Moreno

Musician (trumpet). I was impressed your wonderful instrument (your voice). Had to find out more about you. Your pedigree explained it all! I noticed your great intonation and phrasing. No one sings like that anymore.
Daniel Moreno

gary muszynski

please let me know when she's in northern ca. would love to hear her live. gary

Gary Skeggs

Listening to a fantastic broadcast of your JALC concert on WBGO, and we love your latest CD. Please keep me posted on upcoming concert dates in the NYC metro area. Gary Skeggs


LOVE your stuff. Marc

marie-claire giraud

hi catherine,
i love your voice and style...i am a opera/jazz singer myself and have just finished performing with my quintet at the metropolitan room...i am performing next there on sunday november 25 at 4pm...
i am going to try and go to your performance with vince giordano.
you sound fantastic
have a lovely evening
marie-claire giraud

stéphane ducassé

Bonsoir Catherine,

Je souhaitais vous remercier pour ce disque sublime "stricty romancin' " que j'ai le bonheur d' écouter en ce moment. c'est un disque d'une vocaliste rare, habitée ce qui est également rare de nos jours. Musicien professionnel flûtiste, pianiste, je suis extremement sensible et ému par votre timbre de voix, la richesse des influences musicales, les harmonies, et aux émotions rares. J'écoute votre disque à un moment difficile de ma vie et cela est un cadeau de générosité;
émotionnelle. J'espère avoir la chance de venir vous écouter si vous faites une tournée en france. Merci infiniement...


Kathy Raymond

I saw Catherine at the Dukes of September show in Honolulu. She's a fantastic vocalist. Loved listening to her sing! Kathy Raymond

Dan Lederer

You're incredible! Love Strictly Romancin'.
Dan Lederer

Larry Zucker

It was great to see you. You could have stolen the show and I was thrilled to have had a song dedicated to me

I hope to be reaching out to Paul for some future dates. I'll keep you posted.
Larry Zucker

Charles Hadley Blanchard

Thank you so much for your wonderful performance in Narrowsburg,NY at the Tusten Theater. You and Mark were just wonderful...except I could not dance with my sweetheart!!! Charles Hadley Blanchard

Elizabeth Kelleher

Please add me to email list so that I can know about upcoming shows. Elizabeth Kelleher

ursula brown

Plan on seeing you in concert in Narrowsburg,NY on 6 Oct. Ursula Brown

Meg Doremus

Catherine! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your voice and your vitality! My kids are a little tired of me playing your CD's and siging along with you...BUT I DON'T CARE!

Can't wait til I can see you in person.

THANK YOU for your music. It makes my life SO much happier.


David Whettstone

Signing up is long overdue. You're absolutely terrific Ms. Russell.
David Whettstone


Let me know of any more concerts in Seattle! Aley

Nancy Sides

Love your voice and music! and loved hearing you in person at Jazz Alley last night! In person is always best. :)
Nancy Sides

Diane Tracy

Catherine Russell is a pure gem. I heard her on NPR and plan to go to one of her concerts.
Incidentally, could you be kind enough to tell me where I can get the sheet music for "Romance In the Dark"? Thanks!
Diane Tracey

MoeJae D

We just heard Catherine Russell at the Monterey Jazz Festival on Saturday- Wonderful range, wonderful entertainer and wonderful songbook! I liked "Kitchen Man" and "I Like My Man Like I Like My Whiskey... Aged & Mellow". Thank you Ms.Catherine & Welcome to Monterey! Please come back next year! MoeJae D

Reid Woolery

Beautiful voice! So smooth and clear and wonderful. Reid Woolery

William Good

I happened to catch Catherine's performance of "My Man's an Undertaker" on the radio this evening, and it was love at first listen! What an incredible voice and talent! Please perform in Philadelphia!

Best regards,
Bill Good


amazing, delightful and wanted to hear more of your beautiful voice :). you have the dream team with you. Gita

Stephanie Jacobs

We are looking forward to seeing you at Monterey! Stephanie Jacobs

elaine lawrence

please add my name to your mailing list for tour dates. Thank you. Elaine Lawrence

Thomas Dukich

Incredible Voice. I really enjoyed listening at the Princeton Jazz Festival Thomas Dukich

Knneth Rogers

Harlows--Sacramento--9/21/12 performance: If you have it in your book-"Here's to Life" written by Artie Butler. Sing it in the first set as I'm on call and may not be able to stay through the second set.


Ken Rogers

Greg Linn

I was driving to work last week and heard your : Under the spell of the blues recording. I was totally floored. What a fantastic talent you are. Best singer I have heard in a long time. I am so impressed. Cheers. GregL. Tacoma, Wa.

Christelle Zozor

I've been listening "Strictly Romancin'" for hours without being able to stop it... Thank you for bringing such Joy, Hapiness & Peace in our heart and soul !
:-)) Christelle Zozor

john forrett

was listening to KPLU when your ":spell of the blues" played. WOW, i am hooked, your's forever. see you at jazz alley, this sep 26, can't wait. going with my daughter whom I shall pass off as my trophey wife as i did with the oldest daughter, she loved it. . john (at 81 i just might be your oldest fan)

Dymitr Markiewicz

You'rea betiful singer. Your irst mlody I heard last week KITCHEN MAN. I'm gonna buty all Your records. Myelv I'm trobone player (snce 70 yar). I'm from Polan and Sweden. Maybe You can Join next Year one big festival In Poland(August about 10th( This Year I had a guest fom Oklahoma - Fatastic violin player Kyle Dillingham. You gonna be lved in Polad. Best agards Dymitr Markiewicz

Gail Dekreon

Fabulous! You are a great artist, I love your voice. Gail Dekreon

Maria Corstange

We saw and heard you for the very first time this weekend in Interlochen, MI. You have grace and charisma. Keep on!
Maria Corstagne

David Wenger

Hi Catherine,
I've seen you perform with Steely Dan and also with the Dukes Of September.
Your solo of Piece of my heart blew me away. Your vocals brought a tear to my eye.
You are amazing!
Best wishes
David Wenger

Stephanie Jacobs

We are so looking forward to seeing you at Monterey! My husband is a pianist from LA who now lives in Maryland. When I first found you on the net I was very impressed and made him listen. He agrees that you are a great vocalist and we are excited to see you at our first trip to the Monterey Jazz Festival.
Stephanie Jacobs

Lisa Harwell

Your vocal ability blew me away at the August 6 concert at Wolftrap with the Dukes of September. What an incredile evening!
Lisa Harwell

Gretchen Varnell

Heard your story on Fresh Air and it was extreemly moving and touching. Your music is wonderful too....;-)
Gretchen Varnell

Larry Garner

Catherine Russell's songs are so beautiful and filled with the joy of living (including those sad moments in life we all experience) that she makes my eyes misty even on the upbeat numbers. Just an unremitting joy to listen to her and the guys in the band.
Larry Garner

Nancy Pautsch

Just heard Catherine on NPR~ whow, she's fantastic! Any plans for her to tour in Portland, OR or San Francisco? Nancy Pautsch

george bona

thanks for the great last album and magic show in los angeles with dukes of september
tahiti george


Saw the Dukes of September in Denver tonight best show ever. Catherine you were awesome tonight. Saw you with the Dukes last at Red Rocks ,have been a fan since. Anne

jean jaures ngapout

Hi !
I've waited a long time to find a new jazz singer idole...Thanks to be not only constant, but for always performing and expressing better
BON VENT ! Jean Jaures Ngapout

Mary Kate Price

Love your music!! Heard your interview on "Fresh Air" - so glad you decided to make that first album - we are all better off for it! Mary Kate Price

Brian Hoffer

Great music!! Brian Hoffer

Bill Herbert

I first heard Cat when she stole the show in Golden Gate Park while performing with the Dukes of September. a few years ago. This past weekend, I heard her perform in Saratoga with her great band, confirming my reaction of her extraordinary talents. Time for her dad's song Lucille to get major play!
Bill Herbert

Marie Peppas

Strickly Romancin' is a masterpiece! I can't get enough!
Hoping to come to Princeton with my husband, brother and sister-in-law. Trying to find out more information about the concert...
Marie Peppas
Long Valley, NJ

caryn husowech

Oh Catherine, just recently heard several of your songs listening to WXPN out of Philadelphia, the blues show on Saturday evenings and on sirrius radio, B.B. Kings Bluesville. You are something!!! Hats off to your fabulous band as well! I am going to try and see you at Princeton NJ Jazzfeast, or at Blast Furnace Blues Festival Bethlehem PA. You are soooo good, how come I haven't heard of you sooner? Will be buying your CDs as well. Best of everything to you! Caryn Husowech

Clare Johnson

Just stopping by to say I really enjoy Catherine Russell's musical style of jazz! I'm so sorry that I missed her performance while she was at the Xerox International Jazz Festival in Rochester, N.Y. Well, at least I'll be able to buy some of her great music!
Warm Regards...
A New Fan of Catherine Russell,
Clare Johnson

Emily Magnuson

Dear Catherine,
I just recently found out about your music from when you did an interview with NPR. I live in Iowa and I hope you come here soon. I love your music!!

Judith A Cartisano

Thank you for the wonderful concert tonight (6/24) in Rochester tonight! I enjoyed it immensely and hope you'll be back again next year. Judith

Peter & Sandy Koeller

Please, please schedule a tour visit to WISCONSIN !!!! We are enchanted by your sound, your history, your arrangement of music and would love to have you come to Milwaukee. You are a special person with a delightful voice and we cannot get enough of your unique blend of this music.

Thanks for all that you bring.

Michael Fruehstorfer

Hello! A friend of mine from San Francisco was playing you when I last visited, and thank God for SoundHound...I logged your fantastic voice and am awaiting shipment of all 4 of your CDs. (HOW HAVE I NOT HEARD OF YOU UNTIL NOW??) And I just saw you'll be in the neighborhood come September 19th at Catalina Jazz Club! I plan on being there & hope to say hello in person. All the best, Michael

Dan Solomon

I saw Catherine at the Garth Newell Music Center in Hot Springs, Virginia. We loved your music and bought your CD's, also great. Your voice is wonderful, it is like smooth flowing melted chocolate, continuous, connected, flowing and wonderful. Your choice of material is great too! I think I love you. I danced a little Salsa with you when Grupo Fantasma was playing. What a great time. I will take it with me. Dan Solomon

Christine Cody

Via the Jazz station on my cable TV, I have just "discovered" your amazing talent: I love your voice, your style, your depth, your delivery -- everything! Now that I've found your website, I hope to hear you in more places than on my television! Your music shows the lineage of the swing era brought into the 21st century. I love that. Always felt as if I had been born too late, but listening to you makes me feel that I'm living at exactly the right time. Thank you!
Christine Cody

Joe Fleischman

Very fine website. Visit Dakota Jazz Club in Mpls. Joe

Tanya Robinson

Just missed the Harlem performance. Waiting til October, I guess. Fabulous voice! Tanya

Gil Hubbard

Heard your interview on NPR, Got the "Strictly Romancin'" CD. It is wonderflul.
Any chance I could purchase sheet music for "He's All I Need"? I think it'd make a good solo for church this summer.
Gil Hubbard

Jeff Hamilton

Hi Catherine,
What a pleasure working with you in Germany and Switzerland!
I hope we get to do more together somewhere, somehow.....
You are fabulous to be on the stand with. And what a voice!!!
Cheers. Hi to Matt, Mark and Lee, and Kellso too, if and when you see him!!
Thanks again. All the best!!! Jeff

Laurie Mead

heard you on VPR in my car and loved it!!! Your relationship with Louis Armstrong, too!! He recorded one of my father's songs--"Zat' You Santa Claus?"
I've been in touch with Feinstein initiative because I have many of my dad's manuscripts.
Laurie Mead

Cheryl Pierce

Please come to Chicago!! Cheryl Pierce

Arthur Charles Ford,Sr.,poet/editor

heard your interview on 90.5 FM the other day.
i was impressed. you are very talented. i love your rendition of that fats waller song.
i'm a poet and publish a small poetry newsletter.
i'm originally from new orleans,la.
here's my info. Arthur Charles Ford, Sr. poet/editor
drop me a line.


Donald Nathan

outta sight - thrilled you got some air time where you'd be widely heard by a national ccrowd that would really respond.
Donald Nathan


Heard you this morning on "Fesh Air" and really enjoyed your offerings. Scott

michael rose

Keeping the Best Alive ; Heard on Fresh Air!!!!
THANK YOU!!!! michael rose

Wayne and Renee

Wow!!! You've garnered 2 new fans with me and my wife. What a mature, seasoned, soulful, warm and personal sound. You sound like you're in our living room!
Thank you Terry Gross for introducing you to us. Wayne and Renee

Jo Beth

I heard you on Fresh Air today and was swept away by your voice . I look forward to hearing much more from you. Bought your latest CD and can't wait to share it with my husband.
All the best. Jo Beth


Guess you heard that you were on Fresh Air today? LOL! I got one word for you: MAGNIFICENT! You have a new fan in So.Florida! Your voice is like hot buttered butter. Sweet,smooth with just the right amount of sass!

David Ross

when will you come to Dallas TX? Heard you on Fresh Aire today. Come on down. David Ross

Rayne Sene

I'm listening to your interview on the Radio at this moment. You're 'Exceptional'!
Your tone is fascinating. Your diction is outstanding. Your 'attitude' is entertaining. Your 'superb'! All those voices in that wonderful person of 'you'!
'Hope to see you if you venture to the Bay Area' our Yoshis'.

Rita Warford

I am a new fan for life. I sing too. You are my source of great inspiration at this time.
Rita Warford

Dr. Gale LeVon

LOVE your sound and add me to your mailing list. SO UNIQUE and unique.
Abundance to you....
Dr.Gale LeVon

Bob Gardner

Just heard you singing as I turned on Fresh Air ( Terry Gross ) Wow !! you are wonderfull as a singer, performer with a very lovely family background. Also loved seeing and hearing that Louie Armstrong was a big part of your family.
Loue Armstrong is the first person that I fail in love with when i was five years old.
Love & best wishes, Bob Gardner

Kelly Allen

I'm blessed to have found you and your talent. Keep makin' the world feel good! Thank you and God bless! ~ Kelly


I heard your interview and music with Terry Gross.
and was floored. Incredible voice.
I searched to see if there was anywhere close by that stocked the CD which I still prefer, but instead had to d'load the least I can listen to it quicker! Manny

Margaret Herrington Lyman

The penny finally dropped the second time I heard the Fresh Air interview -- I went to AADA with Catherine and once ran into her after graduation, playing mandolin on the street with a group -- probably Celtic music? I have a photo of that time, but my life took another turn soon after and I couldn't quite recall her name in recent years. So glad she's having such success with her music -- I absolutely love her voice. Margaret Herrington Lyman

Ryan Michael Galloway

If you have a mailing list, I'd love to be on it. Hoping you come to North Texas (Dallas) one of these years. Just heard you on Fresh Air and I'm hooked. Ryan Michael Galloway

Ann Nahom

You're Ella! Ann Nahom

Lucile Wernert

Hey Catherine !
Just got back from your show in Luxembourg which I found amazing !
Tried to find your father's song "Lucille", but couldn't :-(
Did you record it, can I buy it anywhere ?
Thanks a lot for the wonderfull evening, hope to see you soon in Europe...

Reggie and Hedy

Dear Catherine, THANK YOU so much for being in Holland, in Heerlen yesterday! It was a JOY seeing you again and listening to your wonderful songs, aaccompanied by great musicians Matt, Mark and Lee! My husband and I will always visit when you are in Holland. We are looking forward for your next album! We LOVE you! Reggie and Hedy


Hi Catherine,
What a great show you and the guys put together last night in Breda! Thanks for a great evening and for signing your latest album.
Jolanda and Maurice.


Dear Cathy and friends,
We enjoyed your wonderfull concert this evening in Breda in the romantic Spiegeltent at our Jazz festival and look forward to listening to you tomorrow in the Notre Dame church. "Put me down easy " -you owe me one!
Keep up the good work . Wake up and live!!!
Love Marijke

Kevin Bash

Fantastic singer - hope you will make it to Cal and perform! Kevin Bash

laurie orfe

Cat and I were close friends in junior high school and I have tried to contact her through the years and have managed to follow her career. She has always been a talented performer, musician and singer, a real treasure! I knew her when she was a rock and roller and given her family legacy she has come full circle! Laurie Orfe


Dear Catherine,
...looking forward to hear and see you in Stuttgart...
Best Wishes

Chris Krenger, Switzerland

Dear Mrs. Catherine
So sorry to miss you this time, when you perform in Switzerland (Bülach, Lucerne, Ascona) I will stay all May in Great Britain. We met in Ascona two years ago and last year in Stuttgart, where I gave you the photographe of
your mother in the name of Theo Zwicky from Zurich and my pictures from JazzASscona 2010 including the article in JUST JAZZ Magazine.. I am a good friend of Mark Shane (he came to my caravan, when I was still working for the Swiss National Circus Knie and visit the show with the Bob Wilber Band in Lausanne in the 90s. Hope to hear and meet you again in the next future and wish you and the band a succesful tour in Europe.
Swingin' regards
Chris Krenger
CH-8640 Jona

Sage Melcher

Looking forward to meeting you at the Feinstein thing next weekend! Love your 'Inside This Heart of Mine'! Sage Melcher

Jannette La Sota

I saw you yesterday at the WBGO brunch at NJPAC for the first time and you have an amazing voice. Thank you for a wonderful performance.
Regards, Jannette

John LiMarzi

Love the sound and the connection. See you in Saratoga! John LiMarzi


You made my day today! So glad I found you on WBGO this Sunday aftenoon - over here in County Kerry. Please visit Ireland on your next tour.
- a new fan. Kiernan

Jamie Prince

such a classic! we want to see her in concert in NYC!! Jamie Prince


Would like to be kept informed of nearby appearances -- I live outside NYC in Northern Jersey (zip 07666). I just heard a cut from Strictly Romancin' on WBGO's Singer's Unlimited with Michael Bourne & bought the MP3 album on Amazon. Can't wait to see her live. David


I'd love to hear you sing the Sammy Cahn/Jule Styne song "What Am I Going To Do About You" which is on the Complete Les Paul Decca Trios collection -- sung by Bing Crosby in 1947.

lawrence moehrke

Heard you recently on Riverwalk Jazz on KCSM-FM. I had seen your CDs before but didn't know what you sounded like. After the one hearing I went out and bought all four CDs and just LOVE them! Couldn't pick just one song or CD as a favorite, but you are my new NUMBER ONE FAVORITE VOCALIST! Thanks so much for the pleasure of your songs. lawrence moehrke

Adar Yarum

Great show, great singer and great preformer,
will be back...

Jack Stahl

Please Please come to south Florida!!!! You are amazing!!! Jack Stahl

Lauren Ford

I'd love to know whenever Ms. Russell is back in NYC. Amazing stuff...

David Roe

Saw her at the Allen Room -- Jazz at Lincoln Center -- and we can't wait to see her again!
David Roe

Henry Lemij

What a blessing that there is still Catherine amongst all the modern noise which is called music nowadays. Thank you Catherine !

Matthew Iadaola

love your voice and style
Thank you,

cossid micheline

thanks a lot "Madame" for your music and voice..i sell records in a well-known shop in France and i've just heard about you..we love you already.;please keep on the same memory of Ella and Louis, my "idols"
cossid micheline

Liz Jasicki

changing my email so unsubscribing th old one and joinging with my new! Plan to catch you at Lincoln Center.
I met you at the Ear a long time ago!

Kathy Bee

I am a fellow entertainer. I live in California. I love your style and feel! What a real treat! You make music fun, enjoyable and real! Kathy Bee

Mike Mallick

To the Hardest working alto in jazz!
I am lobbying Seattle's Jazz Alley to present your show! Please come back to Seattle!
Mike Mallick

Carroll Coates

Just "discovered" you tonight while web-browsing - what a find! As a ol' standard writer ("London by Night". "No One Ever Tells you" - both Mr. Sinatra, etc.) still moderately active at 82, it warms my heart to hear your "real" unaffected and unadorned singing, along with such superbly appropriate arrangements!
Quite a few of the songs are new to me - are some of them your own work, or just gems from the lesser-known Great American Songbook? Have the super year you so richly deserve.... C.C. (PS. I have a song for you!!)

Carmen James

Dear Catherine,
I just discovered you, searching around on itunes and oh my what a find!! Beautiful does not begin to describe your gift. Please put me on your mailing list. Can't wait to see you perform! I wish you the very best!
Carmen James

Jerry Edwards

Attended American Beauty Project performance at Yoshi's Oakland...outstanding. Jerry Edwards

Mark Smith

Heard you for 2nd time on Fresh Air - great show! Mark Smith

Mary Zeppa

Please put me on your mailing list. We love your voice and are eager for a live performance. We live in Sacramento, CA but sometimes visit NYC.
In the meanwhile: tell 'em, Catherine!
Mary Zeppa

Bob Culp

Absolutely love your music. My only question is...where have you been the last 30 years?
Bob Culp

Dennis Crose

Love it!!! Dennis Crose

Robin Garces

Outstanding! Your father would be extremly proud. I have not heard anyone that brings the classic Jazz Swing and R&B back to life even better than the original artists. Your rendition of Duke Ellingtons " I'm checkin out, Goombye" was Fantastic and I listened to the ladies who made it famous first. Your version is tops. I think Duke Ellington would agree. You are Fantastic!
Rob Garces
Newberg, OR.

David Shelhorn

We heard you sing with Ollabelle / Jim Lauderdale in Seattle and thought you were the best! Thanks, David Shelhorn

Doug O

Catherine, I really enjoyed your story and your songs on KPFA 3/7/12 and about a week a go on NPR. You are quite accomplished! Doug

Joel Walcott

Will you come to Chicago (summer) or Phoenix (winter)?? I have seen you with Steely Dan and heard you on the Dish network jazz station. Wonderful!! Joel Walcott

george montgomery

I've been love'n all your cd music and I just saw you tonight at Scullers Jazz Club in Boston (march 1, 2012) and now I am an even bigger fan. You knocked me, my wife, and my 15 year old daughter out at your concert tonight! Thank you so much! I'm spreading the word to every one and we can't wait for your return to Boston
George Montgomery

Dr. Terry Shirvani

Hi Catherine, Heard you on NPR recently. I enjoyed the interview and hearing your story. Your voice is so very clear and distinctive. I appreciate your attention to detail. You're a pleasure to listen to! Blessed and beautiful! All the best -- Dr. Shirvani

Janet Young

Please come to Nashville Tennessee!!!!!!!

Marieann Meringolo

Hi Catherine,
I'm so glad we got seated next to each other at Feinstein's for La Tanya's show last night. I've been listening to you on your website and I love your voice and have a new fan! I hope to catch you at The Allen Room on March 31.
All the best,

scott olschansky

Wow, you are as good as it gets! Scott

Christian Dines

Hello Enchantress,

You're fantastic. I, like everyone else, owe thanks to the good PR on NPR! I *needed* this music this week. You have made the world a better place. Thank you.



WOW!!!!!!!!!! All I could say was WOW!!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! after hearing you sing on WHYY Radio show "Fresh Air." Be blessed my sista, be blessed. Lansana

Doug Fankhauser

Just discovered you on XM Blues radio. Great to hear good music! You're the best. Doug


Amazing! Thank you, Terry Gross, for introducing us to a fascinating person and incredible talent. I grew up listening to the music of the 30s and 40s and never thought I'd hear a contemporary vocalist whose phrasing would do justice to the original recordings of the era. Catherine, you exceed all hopes! Your life story and experiences are reflected in your inspirational singing. The duet with your mother brought tears - how blessed you both are. Great website. Would love to hear you at Red Rocks, Denver. Bonnie

Demetri Mouratis

NPR show was a huge success.
Nowhere to Run was phenomenal. Haunting!
You are truly a beautiful person.
Thank you so much. Demetri


Another instant fan after hearing you on Fresh Air this week. Your voice is amazing. I have to increase my entertainment budget so I can buy all of your cd's! Donna


I heard you on Fresh Air the other day for the first time and bought your album immediately after getting out of the car. I love it and play it in my office. Wonderful. Thank you! Beth

Brian Bialik

Listened to you on NPR this week and instantly fell in love. Wow! Beautiful voice! Brian


Catherine, Wow! I heard you for the very first time on NPR's Terri Gross/Fresh Air. So happy to have been introduced to your exceptional talent. Your voice is intoxicting and your choice of vintage songs are just what my heart is yearning for. Girl, you are a treasure and I am an instant fan. Della

Deborah Masters

I love your music!

kelley todd

Just learned about you from the "fresh-air" interview....
Great sound and style, very exciting music!
Kelley Todd

Carol Calamoneri

Heard you on NPR and love you! Bought cd for myself and another for a friend. You are remnicient of Billie Holiday, a heroine.
You need to add a "share" button on this site so people can link this to Facebook. Carol

Diane A.

Like everyone else I heard you on public radio last night and had no know more! Hope to see you on your next appearance in So. Cal.

Mary Pena

Heard you on Fresh Air and it piqued my interest--and here I am!
Love your voice! Smooth as a great glass of wine at the end of the day. Mary Pena

Nadia Berri

Heard her interview on NPR , her voice got the deepest part of my heart. I'll be listenning more and more. Thank you Catherine.
Nadia Berri

Louis Arnold

Heard you at Mass Moca this past weekend and we loved every second. And then, last night driving home from teaching, I heard you and Matt on Fresh Air. What a treat! I look forward to hearing you live again soon. Thanks for the great music! Louis Arnold

David Kasunic

Driving back from grocery shopping, I caught only the tail end of your Fresh Air interview, but it was enough to make me put off putting away the groceries and order your most recent CD online first. What a wonderful talent--thank you! David Kasunic

jacqueline o'harkin

public radio on feb 21st brought me to you. it's always a great feeling when you discover things that are soul satisfying. so thanks for the gift..finally, a captivating, creative voice with songs that are solid and timeless !
enjoyed your acoustic guitar accompaniment..good luck with the new recording. multitude of blessings...
jacquelin o'harkin


Heard her interview on NPR and loved her voice will be purchasing all her cds. Stephanie

Kay Merkel Boruff


I heard you today on NPR w/ Terry Gross. The interview was so interesting, and your singing was wonderful. I especially loved the duet with your mother. What a blessing to have a mom you could sing with. I retired from a private girls' school after 38 years teaching Middle School English. I was surrounded like talented young women like you, a gift to the people. You and other young women in the US will help solve our problems through creativity and inspiration. Enjoy the journey. You're on the "write" track. Kay Merkel Boruff

Brian Marquis

Catherine!!! I was driving home from work in LA and I flipped from my usual radio station and heard an interview with a woman and for some reason i didn't change the station, i wanted to hear who it was, something felt familiar about this person's talking voice and it was you! You were my vocal coach at Berklee 1999-2001, not sure if you remember but i have to say you were the best part of my Berklee experience and what you taught me and instilled in me i carry to this day and i thank you. So great to hear you finally went and did your own solo stuff! it sounded great and it felt like hearing an old friend on the radio today. Hope you are well and hope even more to run into you at some point. Much love, Brian Marquis

Jan Doub Morgan

Catherine - I was delighted to tune into your interview on Fresh Air, to get acquainted with some of the selections on your new CD and to hear the beautiful duet with your mother. I first discovered your recorded work in a local independent book/music store last year, but feel like I have bragging rights, having known you since acting classes at the American Academy. Please come back to NC - preferably Raleigh or Winston-Salem, or any point in between! I'm proud of you - and derive great pleasure from your music and in reading the enthusiastic endorsements of your many fans. Jan Doub Morgan, AADA 1979

Jim Solomon

Love your music. I was listening to NPR on the way home from school today and was deeply moved. I will be purchasing a copy of your music very soon. Jim Solomon

Steve James

I just heard your interview on "Fresh Air" and FRESH AIR is what your singing was like to me. I'm a rock/jazz/blues aficianado but your singing certainly has a place in my musical library. I haven't heard a voice like yours in years! I'm certainly purchasing your CD and I wish you great success. Steve James

Heather Holden

Seriously?!?! Seriously! Oh, my goodness. You are so fabulous. And, not to toot our horns, but we know the difference ;-) Thank you for answering the call and delivering the standards in a way that everyone can appreciate. You are unbelieveable! Heather Holden


wow, what a voice, listened for the first time to you, and couldn't wait to get home and get on you web site. love your voice
Jean Bennett

Layne Barrack

Great show on Fresh Air today!!! I'm now a big fan:) Can't wait to see you next time you get to the Houston/Galveston area!!
Layne Barrack

Zak Topor

Just finished listening to you on Fresh Air. You are amazing! Zak

chris hill

What fun it is listening you!! Hearing Terry Gross so happy to have you on Fresh Air is so cute that it put a smile on my face. I can't wait to go out and get your album! Thanks for sharing your gift. Chris Hill


Your music is a delightful discovery for me! What a wonderful talent you posess, and I love how you infuse these songs, both the old and new. with fresh insight and joy. They sound fresh again. I can't wait to share your CD's with family and friends. Catherine

Kelly Lynn

Fantastic, joyful, moving, and playful ways of entertaining me today on the radio. I had to go home at lunch and tell my husband about what I'd heard and now, unlike me, I'm moved to find more info about you. So.....can you come to Texas? Please? We appreciate the finer things in life too. Loop a little further south and I'll come hear you. Might have to check on you being Yoshi's next time I go to SF. Thanks, Kelly

Robert Stock

Heard you on NPR today and I am pleased to say I've heard a great talent that until today was not known. You are super and with such a rich history. The song with your mother and the Supremes song made me hungry for more so here I am. I will be acquiring your CD's and will hope that someday you will be near Chicago so I may avail myself of seeing you in person. Robert

Robert Noecker

I loved your interview and music with Terry.
Matt is one amazing guitarist as well. Did you ever work with the Wrecking Crew in LA? I remember you from the Village and Letterman. Thanks for the wonderful stories!
Robert Noecker


hello ms. russell,

wow! what a discovery! i heard a fresh voice today, whereelse but on npr's freshair with ms. terry gross. i customarilly listen to instrumental music, but your voice and songs turned my head. i gotta get with it and listen to yor work.
ms. russell, thank you,...ricardo

Joanna Gilbert

I really enjoyed hearing you talk about your experiences on the NPR interview. You sound like you must be a fun person to know . Your voice is rich and lyrical and so good with the guitar. Thanks! Will get your CD! Joanna

Bárbara Herrnsdorf


I, too, heard you on Fresh Air today with Terry Gross and couldn't agree more with the man who also commented about your performance and Ms. Gross' reactions! Your voice, your singing, your personality is over the top beautiful and stunning in every way! I am enamoured! In this world where so many people have gotten fame and notoriety for everything except what is the important part...the actual singing or playing of an instrument, you are so, so clearly the exact an utter opposite. You are the person other singers should be emulating and trying to learn from! You are a true gift to us all! I am so glad you were able to own your own gift and realize that it is a gift God bestowed upon you, too! Thanks for sharing your beautiful self, and your beautiful gift with the rest of us!

Bárbara Herrnsdorf,
another native New Yorker

Dale Marie Hunter

I heard you on Fresh Air and loved your voice. The duet with your mother was really lovely.

Ron J Miller

You are awesome. I too grew up listening to the "Make Believe Ballroom" on WNEW-AM in the 60's. Graduated from Forest Hills HS & went to Queens College. Now live in Asheville NC and would love to see you live. We do have a very vibrant music scene here. Just saw the John Pizzarelli Quartet at the Grove Park Inn a few weeks ago. They have a jazz week-end every year and maybe you could be a featured performer. We also have the Diana Wortham Theartre where the WNC Jazz Society holds a jazz series of concerts. Saw Freddy cole there last Spring. So come on down and sing for us. I am sure you would be a sell out! Ron J Miller

danny donnelly

Listening now to you and matt live on terry grosse, you... my god YOUR EVERTHING !!! l.m inspired be ton's believe l.ll be getting your cd. Please do a bluegrass cd, would love to here your the pines baby. Keep up your great work, looking to see you live. Thx. God bless Danny Donnelly

Trevor Lindsey

Thrilled to hear you in NPR today. It has been a long time since we have worked together. The new music is a breath of fresh air, and beautifully performed. I would love to offer my services on the bass should you ever need backup.
Wonderful work my dear,
Trevor Lindsey

John Glose

I just listened to your interview with Terry Gross, and I can't tell you if I've ever heard Terry so unabashedly thrilled and excited to be talking and listening to one of her guests. She is always delightful, but today she was uncontained in her joy. And I could see, or rather, hear why. I didn't catch the entire interview, and so now I want to hear more. I just loved your music, your voice and listening to you speak as well. I wish you all success in your solo career. John Glose

Carole Taylor

Listening now, to your live interview on NPR. Love your sound!!! Carol Taylor

Lauri Gandy

Heard you on NPR and your music instantly brought a smile to my face. I love your "aged" but timeless style, it is truely beautiful. So wonderful to hear the classic Blues and Jazz. Songs reborn thru your wonderful voice.
Lauri Gandy

steffi malaspina

Started hearing your gorgeous voice on Riverwalk Jazz. Now I am hearing you on Fresh Air.
Your voice is so rich and golden. My white mom used to love to sing like Ethel Waters and Billie. Hearing you brings back memories.
I am going to get your new CD.
thanks so much Steffi

Max Abrams

Heard you on Fresh Air here in Nashville Tn. Amazing! Searching you on spotify now...

carl torian

Just learned about you today on NPR, great interview with Fresh Air.


Listening to your interview on Fresh Air. You sound fantastic. As a person and a singer. Thanks!

harriet jerusha korim

Wow. What a treat to see and hear you tonight in Wellfleet.
Loved every tune and rap and tho I'm cel-phone free and leary of facebook, I did just share your video there, along with a well-deserved rave for your talent, chops and charm-- and for your loving, sensitive tribute to your jazz muses.. Bravissima. the footage of you, your Mom and Dad ...and Louis Armstrong.
(pss my darling loves you too-- and he says you're the best jackie wilson since jackie wilson.) Harriet Jerusha Korim

Dar setters

My husband and i love your new cd and have downloaded the whole album and thats not normal for me! We are looking for the sheet music to under the spell of the blues and we simply cant find it anywhere. Any ideas from anyboy out there would be appreciated.
I hope you will come back to indianapolis soon.

Philip May

Good day Catherine. Front row seats at Mass Moca last night. (Saturday 18th feb) You on stage. Love your voice and presence and lovely evening.

Thank you for being such a wonderful performer.





Shirl Alston

Hi. We were at local 802 this past Monday night. I was the one congratulating you when you walked in. I try to see you live when I have the funds available. If I can get a ticket for your upcoming venture at the Allen room, I'll see you there. You might remember me at other times because I'm just thrilled iwth your trio: Shane, Lee and Matt. So when I buy something from you they are in my decision. I did not get a hearing from WBGO on your latest venture. I just ran out and bought it... Yesterday I stopped by J&R music and bought your new cd. I have all four. Well done. Mom is just great, love hearing your duet on He's All I Need! P.S. I also bought your pops cd too! Hearing you, now I know why it is important for vocalists to be trained musicians too! Again, it is a wonderful, wonderul easy listening cd. Shirl Alston

michele de milly

Love this new album! Michele De Milly

John Dooley

I just heard some of the songs from your new album on WBGO and all I can say is that your interpretive skills get better and better. You are also a completely unselfish performer the way you let your musicians shine when doing their solos. It makes the whole album shine. I have just preordered it on Amazon. John Dooley

adrrian fidalgo

Heard your new music on WBGO and i've fallen in love with your voice!
Adrrian Fidalgo

Don Rhodes

Date nite , About to see you in a hour. Can't wait!!! Peace, Don


hey there!
first heard you last night and was blown away! you were singing a song about a man and his jellyroll.............! can you tell me what song that is and which album it's on?
thanks! - any chance of a concert in toronto?

Latricia Battles

Come to Houston, TX please Latricia Battles

Reed Mackenzie

Heard Catherine on Riverwalk today. Enjoyed her very much. Reed Mackenzie

Graham Haynes

Cathrine it is a wonderful pleasure to find out about you and your artistry. Your father gave my father (Roy Haynes) his start in music in 1945 ! By the way Roy would love to attend your upcoming concert in Brooklyn.
Hope to see you,
Graham Haynes

Evelyn Brinkley

would like to suscribe to you, awesome talent.
Evelyn Brinkley

Bob Neilan

Love the music...I play these cds constantly
Bob Neilan

Mary Lee

Listening to 'Kitchen Man' on public radio (in Atlanta) on a late Saturday evening. Great and risque!! Mary Lee

Askhat Myrzakasym

Hello Catherine Russell! My name is Askhat. I live in Kazakhstan. I apologize for my English. I'm your big fan. You are very talented people. When I listen to your songs, I understand that you are the best singer on the planet earth. In my city, I created a Fan Club "Fan Club Catherine Russell" I am its leader. At the moment I'm a music department, at the end I want to become just a great singer like you. You are very talented. As your true fans want to have your autograph, Please send me your autograph with the inscription "to Askhat". Many thanks in advance. YOU ARE THE BEST!

My Adress:
City: Zharkent
ZIP: 041300
Name: Askhat Myrzakasym
Street: Abdulina 33/5

Nancy McAfee

Am a DJ in Houston @ 90.1 KPFT......look forward to hearing new CD. Incidentally, I gave a copy of one of your CDs to Jewel Brown who lives in Houston and sang with Louis Armstrong from 1961-69. She joined his troup after Velma Middleton died. Jewel is recording a CD in the very near future. Nancy McAfee

Christine Funt

I hope you'll come back soon to the Rochester Jazz Festival! Christine Funt

Caren Brodsky and Chris Jones

Hi Catherine,
Hope to hear you in person soon. Caren & Chris (aka the chocolate and Zayda's hot pickles couple).

Roslyn F. Williams

Hi, I was just on Vimeo "Just Because You Can", Neal Miner – acoustic bass, Matt Munisteri - guitar, banjo, Sara Caswell – violin; great song and pictures. And today "Song of the Day" on NPR I'm from Brooklyn. Hope to see you perform this year here.soon. Roslyn


WOW! just heard a track on NPR Song of the Day. Come to Asheville, there is quite a Jazz community here. Shiner

Kim Barbrie

When are you coming to South Florida?! The Bamboo Room in Lake Worth, Florida is a venue with your name on it. Kim Barbrie

Michael "woody" Woodward

I just love Catherine Russell's work and can't wait for the new release in February. A wonderfully charming lady with the voice to match. Bravo Catherine!
Michael "woody" Woodward

Jay Donovan

I was reliving Steely Dan and saw a song called "Dirty Work" in which you did an extremely short solo but I saw you and heard that voice and I had took you up--I am totally hooked on your vocals--I can't believe I missed you. Now I have to start collecting. Thank you so much for making my day.

By the way, I used to live in Somerville, Mass across from Foss Park down from Sullivan. I used to hit the jazz clubs out that way. I do miss those days.
Jay Donovan

Darcel Hunter

Love your voice and would love to see you come to the Sacramento area. Darcel Hunter

Christopher Haase


I first saw you with Cyndi back in the 90s and you left a great impression on this "Bopper". I love your work and you should make your way to the great NW. They need your wamth up here! It's my great ambition to perform Kitchen Man one day in my life. I'm almost 40 and it's high time I've stepped on stage.


Don Duggan

Hi Catherine,
Looking forward to your performance on Feb 3!

Cherilyn Stewart

Love it if you came to Chicago
Cherilyn Stewart

chiara petrassi

Hello Catherine! My name is Chiara form Italy.
You're very good. I like very much your music.
I study jazz in Italy, I like jazz and soul music. I try to study the music of hot five of Louis Armstrong. I heard your song struttin with some barbecue. It's been very important for me, because about hot five I found only 3 pieces with lyrics. Have you sang another piece of them? Do you know where could I find the lyrics of other pieces of them??
Thank you very much.

Rick Berman

Catherine, I miss your voice! Old time Native fan here. Saw you first time 18 years ago at the Wetlands at a Native gig (with the Grasshoppers warming up...) and been loving those velvet stylings (as Matt Hutt once put it) ever since.

How come you're not recording your Nawlins sound tunes? The Coco number, or "A-C-T-I-O-N" and "Let's Have Some Fun?" Either of those, or "I Don't Care No More" could be huge hits. America needs to sit up and notice the reigning Queen of Vocalists. :-) Keep on rockin'. You rule. Rick Berman

John Walker

Wow! What a wonderful sound! John Walker

Sue Real

You are an inspiration, Keep it going!
Where do you live, I will move near there so
I can hear you as often as possible.
Bless you and the joy you bring! Sue Real

Fradley Garner - International Editor, Jersey Jazz

Dear Catherine Russell,

I’m an American freelance writer based in Denmark. My editor at Jersey Jazz, Tony Mottola, suggested contacting you.

I’d like to invite you to write a blurb for the jacket of a book I have coming out in the U.S. late this year. Memoir of the late Baron Timme Rosenkrantz, first European journalist to cover the Harlem scene in 1934-1969. Timme’s life companion was the black singer-writer Inez Cavanaugh. He was a good friend of Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday, among many others. There are chapters on both.

You can read about the book, and see a digest of every chapter (CONTENTS), at About 100 words or less from you would do it.

Can email you the page proofs. You don’t have to read the whole book – just some sample chapters. But I'd need your comment before the month is out. Please let me know if you’re interested.

Best wishes,

Fradley Garner




bonnie scott

Catherine, I went to 2 of the 3 Steely Dan Boston shows and just loved you in both concerts. So glad I have discovered you and your website. Thanks for the wonderful music on this site. I am going to listen to your music all day!

xoxo Bonnie from Boston

Jim Stettler

Dear Catherine Russell,

I discovered you on Boardwalk Empire doing your fabulous version of Mamie Smith's Crazy Blues. I did some research and found you have your own CDs.
I bought the most recent one yesterday and have not stopped playing it. I thought that only Mae West and Ivie Anderson knew Troubled Waters.

I read your liner notes and discovered that your father is the great Luis Russell.
I then figured that your mother had to be Carlene Ray. I met Carlene Ray when she was working with Ruth Brown. One of my good friends is Roz Cron (Sweethearts of Rhythm) and Roz and Carlene knew about each other but had never met. They were Sweethearts at different times.

I will close in saying that you are a great great singer and I am now a fan and supporter. I have to get the other two Cds and the new one when it is released.
Good luck to you AND the great Carlene Ray!


Jim Stettler

Larz Dameron

Beautiful voice. When are you touring in the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area (Yoshi's)? Look forward to seeing you sing live. Thanks Larz


Hi Ms Russel, I just need to know were you the voice behind Leonore O'Malley's song First Be A Woman?

Steven Kopstein

Saw you tonight at Symphony Space. You put the muse in music! Thanks. Steven Kopstein


great; like to be in an old and confortable musical breathing.
Really bittersweet female voice.

Helen Brainerd

Catherine is my favorite vocalist! Saw her in NYC last summer and even took her CDs to friends in France and Morocco. When is she coming to the SF Bay Area??
Helen Brainerd

Dan Alexandru

Thanks for all your music, great! God bless u! :) Dan Alexandru

jean & frank mendello

Hi Catherine,
Caaught you on PBS last night @ the Rochester Jazz Show.My husband is the nephew of the great Jazz trumpet player , GiGi Mendello. He had his own jazz group in the 20's. GiGi mendello past away during his first gig at Atlantic City Steel Pier in the early 30's.

You blew us away and couldn't wait til morning to check you out on the computer.
We were dancing at 8am to your music

Will certainly be a forever fan. Have already passed your website to all my jazz loving friends.

Jean & Frank Mendello.


Please come to Minneapolis, MN!!!!
Karen Malm

Gloria and George Northcroft

Sorry we missed the Seattle gig!
Gloria and George

Rose Glenn

Rose Glenn

Langston Hough

I just heard Ms. Russell for the first time and I was blown away! Her voice is the real thing. Most singers today try to sound like Stevie and out-do Aretha. You are original and down to earth and your music has a great traditional sound. I'm now a fan. I hope you come perform in San Diego. Thanks for the music!
Langston Hough

Anthony Ramos-Motta

Love you and your style. Your music is great! I first saw and heard you down here in Puerto Rico on the local PBS station airing the Rochester International Jazz Festival. Since then, I got hooked! Keep on keeping on, my sistah.
God bless you and your family.

Amanda castro

I love your music and all the old New Orleans tunes you do. You are such an inspiration! Your voice and stage presence inspires me to work just that much harder with my own music. If you come down to Los Angeles I will certainly be there! :0)


sheila hartsel

just happened to find you on youtube. I especailly enjoy all that "gin joint blues." If you every come to the Cleveland Ohio area my husband and I will be in your audience.
Sheila Hartsel

Michael Canonico JR

Awesome Voice!!
Michael Canonico JR

Marvin Koenigsberg

My favorite tune is DARN THAT DREAM. Which CD is it on?
Ever come to New York?
( CD with Evan Christopher would also gladden this old man's heart)
Marvin Koenigsberg

brent carter flanary, irish pirate enterpriZes

just met catherine @ the steely dan show, 08/04/11 in durham nc- first class lady and great performer. i was fortunate enough to get walter becker's set list. we met catherine and 'the embassy brats' after the show and she was very gracious. she autographed the set list and spent about ten minutes with us before the tour bus rolled down i-85 to chastain park in hotlanta. im getting this framed and also gonna purchase some of her cd's. phenominal voice that keeps it rockin' & keeps it real. thanks catherine!!!

brent carter flanary
irish pirate enterpriZes

Gary Loomas

Please advise when you are performing on the West Coast. I recently listened to you on PBS
Gary Loomas

Mashariki Ramey

Wow! Incredible singer! Very happy to get an email from a friend that included an attachment of one of Catherine's recordings. I love her voice & singing style. Until now, had never heard of Catherine Russell. Now I can't wait to see her live. I don't see any future visits to Southern California as a soloist. I will be on the look out for her future performances in my area & any previous recordings from her. Thanks so much for sharing! Mashariki Ramey

Mike Dornberger

Hi Catherine!! this is Mike from the Rochester Jazz Fest! you may not remember me but I was your stage manager at the harro ballroom 2010 .
I'm going to the Steely Dan show this Saturday the 23rd here in Canandaigua and I was thrilled to see that you would be theere with the band!
I hope I can grab you for a quick hello!! ( and impress my friends :))

Rebecca Robbins Bushway

Catherine, I love the music! It was so great meeting and talking with you. You're a very cool lady. I hope our paths cross again soon. Try and get another massage or two before then though K? ;-)

Tom Canning

Hi Catherine:
It was really great meeting/talking with you at the Potato last night. Sorry I had to leave while you were doing a couple of songs--you're a fantastic singer!
Hope to see you again sometime.

Richard Cervone

Please add me to the mailing list. "Hollywood"

Bill Lynch

Hi there. This is Bill Lynch with The Charleston Gazette. Catherine and I spoke a while back. She played a Bob Thompson Christmas special here in Charleston. I noticed she was on tour with Steely Dan, who is not doing any press, but I thought maybe Catherine might be interested in talking about her part in the show, the tour, her involvement with the band and whatever else she might be working on with her own music.

Lisa Zimmerman

Catherine, it was so great reconnecting with you after so long - love your new music and can't wait to see you perform live again! Sending you many blessings and lots of love. xx Lisa Z

Rick Streicker


I've been meaning to say how lovely it was to run into you in the subway after those tremendous solo turns at the Freedom Riders' show. I wasn't kidding when I said that you were the unanimous favorite among Hal's cynical sidemen in the VIP tent. I'd hoped to see tonight's Bottom Line show but the thunderstorms were too scary for the average cyclist.

Seeing you was a good excuse to check out your website,. I had no idea that your dad worked with Louis Armstrong! Could you possibly be old enough to have memories of the great man? When I was in journalism school--yeah, I went back to grad school after the record business imploded--I covered the opening of his old Corona house as a museum, and badgered everyone in the neighborhood until they agreed to reminisce. My grandfather was a bookie in Chicago during the '20s and I have a dim recollection of him saying that he met Louis Armstrong, presumably during the Hot Fives & Sevens period--or perhaps I made that up!

Anyway, I've followed you from afar ever since I first heard you sing with Steely Dan, and I'm pleased to see from your connection with Hal that our circles have at least a small area of overlap.


Ladie Whitaker

Hi Catherine! I enjoyed you yesterday at the TMSC annual concert! Please add me to your mailing list, I definitely want hear more!

Best and blessings,

Geneva Vivino

Please add me to your email list,

Thank you,


Ellie Morency

My husband and I and friends had the great pleasure of seeing and hearing you at the Burlington Vermont Jazz Festival last night.What a show! We all bought albums and are reliving your great concert today. We hope you come back! Ellie Morency

Kathy Hertz

Hi Catherine, I don\'t know if you remember me but we had spent some time in the late 80\'s talking about me and my friend Jennifer Light managing you.

Well, I just had the weirdest experience....I was watching a video on you tube and the next one that automatically popped up was you! I was so happy to see you and hear your beautiful voice continuing to do what you are meant to do. I hope you are well and send you all the best!

Kathy Hertz


I'm looking forward to seeing you at Orchestra Hall next week! Please take a little time to walk over to the Dakota Jazz Club on Nicolette Mall, just a block away from Orchestra Hall. This is the place you need to do your solo show at!

Jo-Lyn Steele aka Erika Monterroso

I got a chance to listen to Catherine sing one of my Dad's songs Walkin that he co-wrote with Mary-Lou Williams for the first time. My Dad is Lindsay Steele and had a relationship with Ms. Williams many years ago. Ms. Williams refers to my father quite extensively in her Autobiography "Morning Glory" written by Linda Dahl. Please let Catherine know that it was an honor for me to hear it.

Thank you
Ms. Steele

BOB McHale


tam newall

hi just wondering if catherine wil be touring in the uk anytime soon.

Susan Hambleton

I was there just two days ago, sitting with Diane Coffey at Dizzy's and just blown away by you. Absolutely a gift to the head and heart!
all my best
Susan (Hambleton)

Sheila Bowles

Love your latest CD, a pleasure to listen to
Sheila Bowles

Catherine Schmetter

Hi Catherine,

Hope you remember me.........I'm the fashion designing Catherine. We met at A Midsummer Nights Swing last July...........and we've played phone tag a few times........Would still love to collaborate on some clothing for you -- I noticed you are in NY for a rare appearance and am dropping a note to say that I will be there tonight at the 9:30 set. (Friends in tow!) - I hope all is well with you!

Peter & Lucy Frankel

Saw you at Ascoa Jazz festival and love your music and talent. Would love to see you in Australia. Warmest Wishes Peter & Lucy

Dave Raube

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know what my daughter, Madeline Raube, has been up to. You might remember her from last year's Feinstein competition. She still speaks of that experience and what a tremendous impact you had on her. She has continued to sing, compete, and amaze us all with her passion. After receiving offers from Eastman, Jacobs, Oklahoma City and DePaul, she has decided to attend Oberlin in the Fall. Please excuse the boasting of a proud Papa, but I wanted you to know how much your direction and comments have influenced her young life. You were such a positive force and have truly given her the inspiration to carry herself forward with a positive "What would Cat Do?" attitude. Thanks again!

Dave Raube

carol gates

great pedigree
great chops
great web site - thanks for the tunes, couldn't turn it off till I heard 'em all twice
glad you came back to these songs, funny how it works ... all those jazz 78's of my Dad's ... such a deep influence
hoping my daughter catches some ...
so sorry to have missed you in Boston
keep it up
Carol Gates

Larry Blisard

Can't wait to see you at the Media, PA Blues Stroll. Larry Blisard

Kevin Hardy

My name is Kevin Hardy, I'm the music director for KCOR Kansas City Online Radio. I was wondering if it would be possible to acquire some of your music for airplay.
You can find the station at
Thanks for your time & consideration
Kevin Hardy
KCOR Music Director
320 N. Byrkit Ave.
Mishawaka, IN 46544

Chris Zuurbier

Dear Catherine Russell,

I was with my wife at your concert of april the 1th in Enschede. A great evening. Only one thing, we could have had more of the naughty songs.

One of your inspirations and one of my favorites is Dinah Washington. There is a great performance on youtube, a tv performance of Dinah singing Bessie Smith songs. The song you will find under < Dinah Washington - Send Me to the 'Lectric Chair - > . In my opinion that song and your voice wouild make a great match, that is why I suggest it to you.

I wish you the best,

Chris Zuurbier
Oldemeulehoek 84
7546 EW Enschede

Aad Kamer

Dear Catherine,

just to thank you for the beautiful evening yesterday in Gouda. I have been enjoying your performance from the very first minute till the end. What a pleasant voice, what a superb interpretation of the songs and how wonderful the match with the pianist. I lost his name. Can you please let me known, so that I an try to find more music from him. In you guest book I read somebody saying: do not forget to put the Kay Star song on your CD. I fully agree.
Hopefully you will return to Holland very soon. I certainly will come back to hear you again.
With kind regards,
Aad Kamer

Dick Flach

Wow! What a performance, what a voice and what a pianist ! Came to see and hear you in Rotterdam on 25/3/2011. Enjoyed the show very much. I hope that the Kay Starr number you sang will be on your next album as well as In the dark ! Thank you very much for a very enjoyable evening ! Would love to hear you singing with a big band some time in the future, but for now the small combo or even only Mark on the piano is also a real treat. Dick Flach

Amy Hundert

been a fan for years! Amy Hundert


Hello Cat,
It was a pleasure to meet you after the December 6th Dukes of September show at the Beacon.
I'm loving the music on your site; and I am still in awe of your great, beautiful voice.
Thank you for sharing your talent.

Samuel A. Abady

Just delightful; wonderful. "Kitchen Man" reminded me of Alberta Hunter's "My Handyman." Samuel A. Abady

Alix Cohen

Dear Catherine, I was a guest of KT Sullivan at The Dutch Treat luncheon this week and heard you sing. I'm a journalist interested in reviewing and possibly profiling you.
Would you kindly get in touch or put me in touch with your manager or PR person vis a vis yoir next appearance in the city?
Thanks, Alix Cohen

Annie Tjebbes-Hamilton

Is there any chance that I can meet Cat when she is at the Goois Jazz Festival in Bussum, Holland on March 26th?
I may be her biggest fan in Holland, and am thrilled that I will get to hear her sing in person!!!!
Best, Annie

cary cheifetz

Saw you last night at Carnegie Hall. You were amazing. Could you put me on your mail list so i can make sure to see you in concert the next time you are in New York area. Thanks.
Cary Cheifetz

Allan Vache

Dear Cat:
I'd love to work with you sometime. We had a great ime in Brazil and Mark and I worl togther all the time. Glad to hear you were on Riverwalk. I told Jim about you.
I was on that show for 5 years and with the band for 17 years. I hope we can do something together. It would be great!
All the best,
Allan Vache'

Gina McMather

Catherine! I came awake to NPR one morning thinking, golly, that voice reminds me of. . .and then I heard your father's name and knew I wasn't dreaming. Your CD's blow me away. Can this message get to you somehow? I live and teach school here in Port Townsend, Washington State in this my most recent and long-lived reinvention of myself. I haven't played much music since Matthew died--did you know?-- back in '87. It's all been an interesting adventure. I'm just so thrilled with your music and your success. Somehow I have to see you perform. Do you ever get out to the Northwest? I see you do a lot of European gigs, and I've been managing to travel some each year. In any case, I hope this message catches up with you. All my best, always . . Gina

Jim Radix

I am listening and watching David Bowie's Reality Tour DVD and you are, of course, on there.
It is cool and so are you.
Thanks so much for that.

Tom Edwards

Wonderful singer, beautiful soul! When are you coming to Miami? Tom Edwards

Deborah L. Branch, pianist/vocalist

Ms. Russell is a terrific singer! I first heard her on radio station 105.9 in Rochester, New York. Her voice is definitely on e of the best in jazz and blues today. Having done my graduate work at The New England Conservatory of Music and The Eastman School of Music, I understand and appreciate the importance of technique, interpretation and overall musicianship. I am also continuing the legacy of my father who was a tenor sax player. I am so thankful for Ms. Russell because she , like myself, is continuing to keep these American genres alive with her beautiful voice. I would be honored to someday have the opportunity to thank her for her wonderful contribution to jazz and blues!
Deborah L. Branch, pianist/vocalist

Howard Peirce

Where have I been all your life? I was just digging hard on one of your dad's tunes last night ("Call of the Freak"). Found your website through your dad's Wikipedia page. I'll try to make one of your Indiana gigs this spring (I'm in Ohio.) We gotta get you to Cincinnati -- I know some cats, As long as I get to sit in.
Howard Peirce


Bonjour Catherine, bonjour Paul,
Happy new year 2011 !
You remember me ? I was in Ascona and then in Paris. What a thrill ! Even though you deserve a larger Paris jazz club ! For example the Lionel Hampton Jazz Club at the Méridien Hôtel (Le Méridien Etoile, Paris 17 district).
Let’s come back to that magic summer. I have filmed three concerts : Ascona at Torre, Ascona at Chiesa and Paris at the Sunside. I have transferred all that on 7 DVDs.
Give me an address, an I’ll send them to you.
You will see, I have a good eye…my ear is not bad either, but not good enough to be on stage.
Good enough to enjoy…enjoy blues, gospel & jazz, my favourite musics…but also all kind of music, for example : “The Poker" or “November".
Lazily yours,

Orléans France


Hello, I'm a french guy and I just want to say that for me Catherine RUSSELL is a great singer and musician.
Really !!!
Didier Nordio

Matthew Anderson

Wonderful stuff - when is Catherine coming to England or anywhere I can get to please?

Matthew Anderson

Gerbex Claude

Dear Catherine Russell
My wife Sibel and me had a great pleasure to meet you and to listen to your fantastic concert at the Marians Jazzroom in Bern! We hope that your plane could take off without any problem (it snowed again since you left!) and that you arrived on time to New York for your next concert!!! With all our best wishes to you... and a happy new year! Claude Gerbex, Bern, Switzerland

Ida Melrose Shoufler

I can\\\'t begin to tell you how much I enjoy listening to the great Catherine sing! The first time I heard her was on \\\"kitchen Man\\\" with Mark Shane, whom I am a huge fan of also. Fantastic with the Jim Cullum Jazz Band,,I have a dear friend that started with the band in July, Hal Smith drummer,,,I am sure his praises are as right up there at the top. I grew up with this music, and it is my joy to listen to it..I\\\'m 71 years old, don\\\'t go much, so please keep posting and appease this old gal,,,You are definitely a 5 star performer Catherine! Wwith much admiration, Ida

Peter Stauffer

Dear Catherine
Your stay in Bern at Marians Jazzroom is a trip to wonderland for us here in the city. Your incredible musicianship is overwhelming. Your voice is a jewel blinking and glowing and making us silent. Please forgive us for being so silent. But we love to listen and adore. And that makes us silent and happy.Mark Shane, Matt Munisteri and Lee Hudson...what a trio. You are the talk of the town.

Nicolas from Ascona says hello to all of you. I sent him the picture of you in the
lobby at Marians.
Much love ,
Hope you enjoyed the snow.

Isabelle Hérault

Does Catherine plan to visit Montreal someday?
We have a great Jazz Festival there and she is such a great old-style singer, with such a good sound.
We love her !

Curt Ramm

Hey Catherine,

You sounded amazing last night at Levon's. Have a great gig in Bern. Hope to see (and hear) you sometime soon.


Curt Ramm

Jean- Louis GALOPIN

Dear Catherine ,

I downloaded your last album on i-tunes .(inside this heart of mine )
I love it . I would like to know the names of the musicians playing . Not only the one s of the combo players but also the ones of horn players .

Thanks a lot ( a french listener)

Heidi Ziman

Hello Catherine, my cousin sent me your CD Inside This Heart of Mine and I was thrilled with it, what a voice, interpretation and choice of material. I don't know if you've ever played at the Dakota in Minneapolis but I know everyone here in town would flip over you. Do you have sheet music out? I'd love to buy a songbook, you're amazing.
Best wishes,
Heidi Ziman

Kristen Burkholder

Cat I heard you on NPR's "Piano Jazz" this past Friday night and -- wow. You're just fantastic. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your style: your selections: I loved hearing you talk about how you choose your music. You have a -- dare I say it -- old-fashioned quality to your voice that I find so refreshing and engaging. So often, it seems, ladies want to sing all kinds of stuff *but* the actual song they're put yourself into the song, and you just...well, you just sing it, with class and sass and fun and feeling, and that's a rare thing to hear. Also I loved your material: the way you uncover old songs that deserve to be heard. Couldn't agree with you more. I love the great American songbook and sing it, myself, and I know how important it is to find and re-interpret this music for a contemporary audience. Anyway, thanks so much for doing what you do! You're an inspiration, a consolation, a reinvigoration. Looking forward to following your career. Sincerely, and all the best, Kristen Burkholder

Manderley Swain

just listened to you on Piano Jazz on npr. I loved every minute of it!
Manderley Swain

Thom Vleeskruyer

Dear Catherine, we greatly enjoyed your show in Alkmaar, whenever you plan to come back to foggy Holland, may I sugget two things, first: plan a performance in Bussum. The public loves your kind of music!! second: consider a gig in Bauforthuis in Austerlitz. (Near Utecnt/Amersfoort) This is a very special place, a former brick church in the middle of the woods, very interactive, not a concerthall Most musicians love the place and often have a drink at the bar afterwards, together with the public. Very informal, very friendly and pleasant. The public is very much jazz minded. i'll send you more info if you're interested.
regards from a wet Holland (November is playing.......)

Reto Bühlmann

hello Cathy

very looooong time no see
i was just watching some old Count Basic pictures and felt to contact you, we still have to meet somewhere
please write me back my girl
hope to make to see you again

Nathaniel Papahawk Goldberg

You do indeed have the voice of a Godess.
Nathaniel Papahawk Goldberg


I have been to your show in Zwolle (The Netherlands) on Oct. 27th. It was a great performance. Thank you (and the pianoman) for that. Just one question: please make a record with gospel songs?
Wish you all the best.

Jaqueline en Reinoud

Thank you for the wonderful performance from you and the piano man in Zwolle.
You have a great voice en you are funny also. We are now listening to your CD, thank you for the great evening, Reinoud and Jacqueline

rion brady

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the performance of the American Beauty Project last Friday. Loved your singing, and your father was completely cool, although you already know that. Best wishes.

Rion Brady

JB Moore

We met at Candy's birthday party at Rodeo bar. Tried to send you a friend request on facebook. It was such a pleasure to talk about you Mom, George Duvier, Sy and Liilian, and such. Look forward to seeing you at a gig of your own.


Chris Littmoden

When are you coming to London?

606 Club would be a great venue.

Chris Littmoden

Peter Diamond Ilacqua

Wow SURE are my kind of "This Heart of mine"....I'm a singer here in Key West...proud to say ...The great Johnny O'Neal played piano for me on my first'd love may know him.....anyhoo....I' love to purchace all your cds....and do some of your with my cats...and let me know where I can send my have produced four Jazz shows to chat with you...will let you go....stay well
your new big fan...Peter Diamond


Hi, I like to listen to your songs, even in Germany.
Could you help me to find the lyrics of NOVEMBER?
Thanks an best wishes. Renate


Erich Rodriguez

Hi!, love your music, looking for the Panama song of louis, found out that Luis is PanamaniaN and eventually on the web stated he has a daugher, so i got to Catherine's music, i gotta confess it is incredible, are you planning any trip down here, considering your background , you should!

Saludos desde Panama,
Erich Rodriquez


Roland Barber

Hi, Catherine - I'm a jazz trombonist who lived in NYC for 5 years, and has since relocated to Nashville, TN. I grew up on jazz singers, and love to enjoy hearing and working with great vocalists! AND YOU CERTAINLY ARE ONE! I just discovered your music on a search for projects that Katherine Miller mixed/engineered, and I found Inside this Heart of Mine. What a great project, and what nice singing. It's a rarity these days, I look forward to enjoying more from you in the future! And if you ever need a trombonist for a tour, record, or date, let me know. I can send you some tracks if you'd like to hear what I do, which I think would be a great fit with you. All the best to you, and I wish you great success to reward your hard work. - Roland Barber

john dooley

I first heard you on WBGO last spring. I immediately bought your most recent album and upon hearing it bought your two previous albums. I was lucky enough to see you live at the Charlie Parker festival. I love your choice of material and your delivery. It is in the tradition of Louis Armstrong who could take any material and turn it into gold. Although you have your many influences you are truly unique which is what jazz is about.
John Dooley

Gary Bowden

Found you on Myspace and listened to just one song and I was hooked right then and there..Hope to see you on tour one of these days.Until then,much success to you!! All the best,Gary

Lenora Zenzalai Helm

Hey Catherine! Love your work that I'm hearing all over the radio here in Durham!! You go gal!!! Shared your video Kitchen Man with Branford Marsalis - he loved it! I teach as the jazz vocal professor at North Carolina Central University in Durham (Branford is an artist-in-residence at NCCU), and I'm try to bring my vocal students to your October 15th concert at Page Auditorium. Please tell your mom hello. Peace, Love and Light!! Lenora Zenzalai Helm


Have just discoverd you on YouTube. Brilliant !!
When are you coming to England ?! If you're in Belgium in Oct it's only a short hop !

Best. x Jeff

Jan Ligon

I was at the Dukes of Septmber show 8/26 in Atlanta and your friend from her NYC days (and our very good MSW student) Erin Walls saw me there. I enjoyed the show, and I'm glad that both of you wonderful back-up vovalists were also able to front songs as well! Enjoyed the show and hope the tour goes well for you. Jan Ligon, Georgia State University


tompkins square made me a fan!!

Sam Turvey

Great show, so proud of you...We loved the set and the Mary Lou Williams number was precious.....See ya soon....Best to Paul.
Sam Turvey


While at work I listen to Top Jazz on AOL. I don't know much about jazz, but every time a Catherine Russell song comes on I turn it up. It brightens my day. I just love your music. Do you ever come to Michigan?


Please, if you would be so kind, inform me of any future gigs in southern California. And if you DO a gig in southern CA, ya gotta sing "spoonful"!



jonnie O'Hare


My girlfriend heard your CD in the streets of Istanbul and bought me 'Inside This Heart Of Mine' I just listened to it today and have been blown away, When you coming over to UK as I really want to see you live!!



Toni Denise

Just discovered your sound!
Toni Denise

Johnnie Pegues

I have just discovered you, and, wow, I can't stop listening to "Inside This Heart of Mine". I heard 'Spoonful' on Bluesville Satellite Radio, and it is just awesome.
Thank you so much for making music for us to enjoy. Johnnie Pegues

rocky bryant

great to see and hear u! i'm glad i happened to be home. yours was only the second concert i've attended in all the years i've lived in south orange. that made me want to run home and grab a snare drum and some brushes....
robyn enjoyed you all as well. amazing group by the way. unbelievable unity and musicianship all around!!!
hope we get to play again sometime after all these years. continued success.


jan brouwer

hi Cathrine,

i heard my mate George Washingmachine gave you a copy of the cd Drema Dancing, my band recorded with him in amsterdam.
Great! that's a good feeling. I hope you enjoy listening to it.
I bought Sentimental Streak months ago. South To a Warmer Place is still a favourite! thanks for recording that

cheers from amsterdam,

jan brouwer

Mary Mack

Thank you ! for your beautiful spirit and singing voice. Mary Mack

Mark Weingartner

Delighted to have found your website and glad you are recording. I moved out here to Lost Angeles sixteen years ago but I still miss the Little Big Band and your great work fronting it... I might be able to come up with some pics from Delta 88 from when I was shooting music...
If you are working out west, I hope I can catch a show!

Thanks for making great music!
Mark Weingartner

Theo Veenker

Me and my friends really enjoyed your concert at North Sea Jazz. You have a beautiful singing voice. "Inside this heart of mine" is truly excellent. Can't wait for more Fats Waller (and contemporaries) songs performed by you.
Theo Veenker

Jerry Feldman

awesome dance and concert at MSNS. We bought your newest CD. We are very picky about our swing and blues singers. We pick you. :-)
Jerry Feldman

Arturo Perez Saad

Hi Catherine,

You rocked tonight at MNS @ LC. Where can I purchase your CD with the songs from tonight?

Please let me know.

Your fellow dancer,

Daniel Gugolz

Hi Catherine,
you and your SUNNY SOUL SINGIN' (as I call it) really made my day at the Ascona Jazz Festival this year - I'm so glad that bands like yours are performing today - that's what the world needs! It is just the right combination of your fine voice and great combo sound of the band - and you are choosing great song material for that. You have great joyful stage presence and, as a rare exception of the many bands I know, you really let your excellent fellow musicians play as well (and like it, as you say on stage) - that makes you and the whole thing even sound better.... IT ALL SWINGS SO FINE - keep up your fine work - hope to see and hear you soon again!!
Best regards from Daniel Gugolz


loved your performance
I'm so glad i was being a part of it....
may you give this feeling to so many other people in the future.
rotterdam, 8 th of july. from dutch girl.

I van Straaten

please come back to the North Sea Jazz festival in Rotterdam!!
Ivan Straaten


Love your music Ms. Russell !
Preston H. Glenn


Thank You Catherine for your fantastic performance at the JazzAscona Festival in Switzerland and all the best.

Branford Marsalis

Great voice! Thank You.
Branford Marsalis

Rob Harris

Please keep me informed of upcoming performances - would love to see Catherine live. Rob ....from near Toronto, Canada

Michael Usyk

Dear Catherine,

Hi, I'm Michael Usyk from Cresston Avenue. Bonnie Abrams told me you'd become a singer--but she didn't tell me you'd become a fantastic one!! You sound amazing!
I live in NYC in the Village. I'm an artist. I'm hoping to come and see you on July 14th at Lincoln Center -- maybe we can chat a bit then.
Hope you remember me. All the best, Michael

Faye Hatlelid

Greetings from the prairie of Montana. I just heard you on River Walk with the Jim Cullum Band. He introduced you as having a "magnificent" voice, and WOW was he ever right. It was fun to hear the program and learn a bit about you and hear your superb jazz/blues voice and songs. Thanks for the fun! Faye

Luca Civelli - Musica Jazz


My name is Luca Civelli and I am a jazz journalist. I currently work for "Musica Jazz" the most important Italian magazine. I will be attending the Ascona Jazz Festival (from June, 27th to 29th) and I would like to know if you are available to do an interview (it will concern the new record, career, music, 'life' etc.). Personally, I think it can be a good opprtunity for introducing you to Italian readers.

I do hope you accept... Kind Regard,

Luca Civelli

Darrin Scott

I host a weekly Jazz program here in the Northeast on a 35,000 watt College Station. \\\\\\\"The Crossroads of Jazz\\\\\\\" airs weekly on WVCR 88.3fm @ Siena College - Albany, NY
Darrin Scott - MORE AT

Patricia Schneider

A friend and I caught your 8 p.m. show at Yoshi's last night. & what a fine evening you gave us! A great set - wonderful tunes, arrangements - and your vocal stylings, fabulous...hope you will be back to the Bay Area soon.

By the way, I happened to hear your interview on "Fresh Air" on KALW not long ago and went looking for your website afterwward. That's how/why we came to be at Yoshi's last night.

Patricia Schneider

jennifer rosvally

YOu are amazing. I am also a singer, love jazz and have discovered my voice fits with jazz well. I am a big fan . Will be a follower for a long time. Jennifer

Joyce Campana

Love your voice! Love your music! Can\'t stop listening to your albums! I first heard you in a Starbucks and wrote down your name! Since then I\'ve bought your albums and am a HUGE fan!!!

Thank you for keeping this kind of music alive and contemporary!!!
Joyce Campana


I love your music.
When you are going to offer a concert in Spain?
I want to listen to you live.Kisses

judith joiner

hi catherine
we met at apap (thru lisa gutkin). i liked your spirit but hadn't heard your music -- & now you're everywhere! congratulations on the new album, i keep hearing it on a number of stations.
i work with a tiny jazz place near danbury, ct, pizzeria lauretano, great sunday evening series, if you're ever passing by or want a 'small' local show, let me know!
hope to run into you again sometime soon -

Randall Elliott

Hot and smooth


I like. My mom says you remind her of Billy Holiday. Look forward to seeing you at Wiggins Park in New Jersey. Patricia

Erica Whitehead

I think your music is just wonderful. Look forward to seeing you next time you come to DC! Erica

Chris from UK

What a marvellous cd Catherine Inside this heart of mine. Brilliant.
Thank you for that great voice and music. The best.
Chris from UK

Gregory Galland

You make beautiful music! We are fans, My son is a jazz trombone player and is a relative of Frank D'Annolfo, who played with Glenn Miller. We love your music! If you ever need a trombone player give us a call. Music Love, The Galland's

Ruth Panella

From Arden I bow NAMASTE, Ms.Catherine Russell. What a perfect evening you gave to us--and now, morning too in recalling. ~Ruth Panella

Dan Danbom

Please, please come to Colorado so we can see one of your performances. Dan

Karen Greene

Saw you last night at the kennedy Center. you were fabulous. the highlight of the night was "morning glory"with Tanya Darby and the DIVA women. You should record that with them! I hope that you consider it.

Pete Fallico

Hello Catherine -
I was hoping to meet you last Friday - thought maybe you'd might accompany your mother to the recording session. She was fantastic! I have some pics to send if you like. Anyhow, Sarah McLawler, your mom, Bernice Brooks, Annette Aguilar, Jean Davis, Carol Sudhalter and violinist Sonya Robinson made some historic music! I should have the CD ready by the end of July... Mean while I play 'Inside This Heart of Mine' every week on my shift at KCSM (San Francisco). Congratulations to YOU! If you ever do phone interviews, please let me know... I'd love to record a chat with you about your music; your mother's career and your father's big band. All the best, Pete Fallico

Lee Fellows

Hello Catherine,
I was online searching for some sights that might direct me how to submit material for some Backup Singing gigs. I came across your Website;, Wow, I started listening to you and you are wonderful. Your voice is beautiful. I listened to all of the selections listed and enjoyed everyone. Do you ever come to Cleveland, Ohio or anywhere near there. Please email me back and let me know when you're in this area or even in NYC. Would like to come and hear you and meet you. You are a GREAT TALENT!!!!

Lee Fellows
Cleveland, Ohio

Rose Marie Brana Haslinger

Please add us to your mailing list. We would like to see Catherine in person. We were not able to attend her performance at Shanhai Jazz last night - but really like her new album.

We are moving to the Atlanta, GA area next week and are hoping that her tour dates will take her to that area.
Rose Marie Brana Haslinger


New album sounds great come down to New Zealand and tour


Just heard your amazing voice and telling everyone about your album. When will you come to IRELAND???

sheila doyle

Cat dear, I am hoping to make it to Oakland to see you at Yoshi's if I can get out of rehearsal.......get in touch girl!


Eric Gruner

I am digging all the tunes on the new CD! Can't wait to hear you live at the Rochester Jazz Fest!!

Eric Gruner


HI Catherine, from your M+A friend..
Great to hear you on NPR and really enjoying the album..
Great work!
Joel Sokolov


Fabulous new album - your work just keeps getting better! Inside This Heart of Mine, Spoonful, Troubled Waters, Long, Strong and Consecutive - wow. sexy, soulful, rich sound; Great pacing of each tune.
Love it! Jennifer

Hazel Burks

Hazel Burks

marcia golden

you're so fine - a mellow, winderful voice. I enjoyed you on channel 20 chicago for a delightful hour recorded at the Rochester Jazz festival. I am a senior citizen who loves music - especially Jazz - as you know Chicago is one of the homes of Jazz - the DuSable Museum has all the greats represented there. Again, it was a joy listening to you and seeing you. You made my evening wonderful. Marcia Golden


are you doing any concerts in the Detroit, MI or Ann Arbor, MI area soon???

J. R. Horne

Gosh I love you. Just got the new CD.
J.R. Horne

Eddy Determeyer

Hi Cat, would there be a possibility for a phoner one of these days? I'm supposed to do an article on you for the leading jazz magazine in Holland, in connection with your appearance in Rotterdam. Another thing: are there any gaps in your collection of your dad's and mom's recordings? I've got just about everything, including the airshots of your dad's band at the Savoy. Love, Eddy


I heard snippets of your new CD on NPR and knew instantly that you were my new favorite singer! My instant purchase of your CD confirmed this, and then I found that you are performing here in Oakland, CA on my brithday. Can't wait to see you in person. Your voice is amazing, and I LOVE your selection of songs. Brava! Natasha

Neal Miner

Dear Catherine,

Your new CD sounds sound great! Thanks for having me aboard. It was a pleasure getting to work with you on this project. I hope we get the chance to do it again sometime.

Good luck with your new CD and its promotion.

All the best,
Neal Miner

Don Ingalls

Catherine, Heard your interview on NPR yesterday (Sat) morning, and got the CD today. THANK YOU. It's really cool. We were playing tonite -- as we had pulled pork for dindin!
Very best,
Don Ingalls
Buffalo, NY
Chair, WBFO Advisory Committee (NPR affiliate)
PS, How do we get you to appear in Buffalo?!

Audrey Allen

You Go Girl. Ever since your visit with Tavis, if not slighty before, I began to really pay attention to you. I also smile broadly when your mom shares your latest success. I always wondered when you'd get in touch with your musical roots. Finally the long wait has come to fruition. I always thought of you as a little sister. What a blessing and gift that your mom is here to see it. Peace and continued blessing.
Audrey Allen

Bonnie McGrath

Was introduced to you through the NPR interview on May 1. Would love to see you perform at Anthology in San Diego! Fabulous voice! Bonnie McGrath

Eric Whitmore

Ms. Russell:
This morning I listened to your interview on NPR/ KCRW los angeles. You have a wonderful voice and your artistry is such a great tribute to a wonderful and important genre.
Best of luck to you.
Eric Whitmore
A new fan

John Dawson

Heard your interview with Terry Gross. Fantastic. Truly enjoyed the joyful feeling and musicianship in your singing. Will be getting at least your latest cd. Have to say I'm a huge Steely Dan fan from way back. I assume your experiences with them were great. (Enjoyed your stories about David Bowie on the radio show, too). Will look forward to hearing you live. Best wishes,
John Dawson

Lorraine Feather

Dear Catherine,
I just became aware of your music. Love it!!!
All best wishes,
Lorraine Feather

Rolf Sturm

Hey Catherine!
Greetings. We played together in Joe Gallants Illuminati a couple of lifetimes ago. I heard your interview on “Fresh Air". Fantastic! I’ve been playing a lot of solo acoustic jazz guitar. Congratulations on finally getting some of the recognition that you deserve!!
I’d love to do an Ella/Joe Pass-type duet with you some time.
Rolf Sturm

Henri Blais

Just bought last CD Inside this Heart of Mine. Wonderful. Had good time during the week-end listening to it. Will recommend to my friends. The best for you Catherine.
Henri Blais

Barb Firger

WOW! I love your voice! Heard about you on NPR - just went to 3 stores to find your latest to send my brother and sister in law for their anniversary. Then I'll save up and get one for myself. You have that old-timey voice like another jazz instrument! Thanks again. Barb Firger, Oakland CA (Your booker is in Somerville? I'm from Boston!)

RL Maci

Heard you on NPR & love your voice, Cat & that style too. So YouTube got my scan & I see the you were involved in the American Beauty Project. NSB, I listened 2 & I swear that tune you made your own. I would give anything to hear you sing High Time.


Tyler and Michelle

Heard you on NPR and you instantly touched a deep souled chord within us. My Wife and I are literally dancing to your incredible music in our living room- a fantastic album! The mix of soulful/blues riffs really get the feet dancing. Truly romantic. Gotta go- another of one of our favorite songs (of yours) is on. Let us know when you are in the San Diego area!
Tyler and Michelle (Mission Beach, SD, CA.)

Rosemary Kruse

Thank you for your contact regarding purchasing the new CD. I will follow up.

Bill Pletsch

Dear Catherine, Heard you on NPR, I have five 78 recordings on the Apollo label of your father's Orchestra, they are yours if you want them. Sincerely Bill

Mike Barnes

I heard your interview on NPR and loved your music. Please let me know when you are going to perform in the Los Angeles area. Mike Barnes

Byron Jones

I'm recommending our swing band listen to all your stuff! We play jump swing in Kansas City...when are coming here? Love your vocals, and your whole image! Great interview on NPR....I listened to it twice. Byron Jones

Mary Coy

Hi Catherine- I listened to NPR and heard this voice and then name which reminded me of the Catherine I know a LONG time ago in Gloria's improv class. Was that you?
If not, great to hear you and find a new voice to listen to. I look forward to listening to all your music in the days to come. Mary Coy

dick flach

Just love your music and your voice. Have got the first two albums and look forward to the third one (Inside this heart of mine) to be released in the Netherlands. I got hooked to your music when i was on holiday in the States and keep playing Cat and Sentimental streak ever since.Understand you will be performing live in Rotterdam sometime in 2011 and would very much appreciate to hear where and when. Greetings from your biggest fan Dick.

Val Stewart

Heard you on NPR. Loved your speaking voice and when you sang, I was hooked! You have a new fan. Love that American Songbook and those more obscure songs are fun too! Thanks for helping to keep the great music and great songs alive and out there! Please come to Chicago! I'm spreading the word here.
P.S. Your website is great too. Love the family video. Val Stewart

beth healy

just bought your cd on amazon and heard you on NPR...
sorry missed your show in boston.....will keep an eye out
for next time ! beth healy

K. Mensah Wali

Greetings and thank you Cat for your gift. I was introduced to your music through WDUQ in Pittsburgh. I love whatI I heard and felt from your music.
Keep it coming. K. Mensah Wali

don schapero

surprise, surprise, i'm in love with music again. THANK YOU don schapero

Patricia Schneider

Will Catherine be performing in the San Francisco Bay Area any time soon?
Patricia Schneider

Cat Team

Nate H

I just heard your interview on NPR today on my home from work. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed it very much. I really like your music, especially the old school jazz feel of it... Your music is certainly accessible, yet still maintaines its complexity. Those are hard qualities to find these days in music...
Thank you :D

Cristhian Magalhães

Hi Catherine. How are you? I'm a Brazilian musician. I live in a city called Belo Horizonte, in Minas Gerais state (Have you ever heard about Milton Nascimento? He lives in this city too...) I've heard you on the radio today (on the Internet NPR). Your voice is amazing! I hope to discover more about you and your music. That's why I love the Internet, to discover artists like you.
Abraços do Brasil
Cristhian Magalhães

Jayme Harpring

Hi Catherine! Just heard you on NPR and I loved hearing you sing! I'm looking forward to hearing more when I head over to Borders. My ears really perked up when I heard you mention that your mom was in the International Sweethearts of Jazz. My mom was a singer who was on the same USO ship that carried them to Europe after WWII. I've long wanted to talk with one of the Sweethearts who was on that voyage, as I've been told again and again by my mom about how much they helped her make it through - as she was very young and very, very sick. Her name at the time was Eleanor Russell. I guess I wanted to ask if your mom might consider chatting with me if she was on that trip and she had any recollection of a tiny young woman who the Sweethearts took under their wing...

Thanks. And thanks for your wonderful, rich, swinging sound!
Jayme Harpring
Tallahassee, FL

Richard Osborne

Hi, Catherine -

It was nice to meet you at Scullers last night after the Holmes Brothers set. I've enjoyed your music since you began recording - we caught your show at Scullers two years ago. I found out about tonight's Scullers show too late - it's sold out! But I'm glad I got to hear you sing last night.

Be well, and keep singing those Rachelle Garniez songs!


Richard Osborne
Dyno Records
1 Middle Street
Newburyport, MA 01950


Congratulations on a stunning performance last night. You looked and sounded great. The musicians were with you 100%
Blessings and joy.
Antoinette Montague

Shirl Alston

Wow! to your performance... I was at Dizzy's April 12, 7:30 show. The one that had a lot of black people in the audience. You might not find this funny, but I do. You can tell when a performer is on the way to stardom. Your second show had mostly young, professional white people there and God bless them. I know what it is like being the only black person in an audience and the star is black and everybody else is white. It's crazy and amazing at the same time. On the other hand, blacks showed up for you and that's amazing too expecially in the recession we are having. Blacks do not support their performers as they should. My coming to your show was a belated birthday present from my parents. Your show was wonderful. I have seen you many times before, but last night was different. It is a pleasure to see you mature in your new role. I simply love your musicians. Not everyone can play old time music. I especially want to shout out to your trio. I'm envious! I also want to say, it was simply a treat to hear music that is often talked about but not heard, i.e., educators talk about the tuba way back when functioning as the bass. It's hard to listen to those old time recordings off of cylinders. Last night I got to heard it live for myself, the groove was current yet the music was from the past. I was grooving to music from the period of Minstrelsy, Noble and Eubie's black revues, tent and medicine shows. Leaving the racial stuff buried... listening to the music. I commend and recommend you highly to my family and friends.
Shirl Alston

Julie Bordwin

I just heard you at Mohonk Mtn House when I was with friends and loved your performance. I would like to bring my husband to hear you tomorrow night in NYC; are there any tickets available? thanks!!!

Sincerely, Julie

Nina Wegener

I just heard you on Pete Fornatale's show this morning on WFUV. What a wonderful interview! I was listenilng to the song, "I'm Lazy", and loved it! I wrote down the name of the song, the album, but missed your last name. Then just a s Pete was saying your name, my husband (Stephen Burrow) walked in the kitchen and said, "Catherine Russell! She's on the Local Board!" Small world! Anyway, once again, I loved the interview, and am so grateful to Pete for once again introducig me to your wonderful singing. All the best, Nina

rob culbertson

I heard Cat for the first time this morning on Pete Fornatelle's Mixed Bag Show. Wow! What a voice. I love the way she sings and I love the way she speaks. Very pleasant, interesting and stylish.

A great voice on various styles....I particularly liked the blues songs, but her voice is terrific on all the songs I heard.


i ve just discovered your music and your voice on the radio (France musique) and it's so beautiful. i thank people like you to put sun on our heart, light in our darkness night, warmth in our cold life.
Thank you !


Hello Catherine. My wife and I are big fans and often see you at Shanghai Jazz sitting at the front table. Big guy dressed in black. Anyway my wife, Xwife and her boyfriend are dragging ourselves into NYC for you CD release party at Dizzy's Club and I was wondering if you will have CDs there to sell? I love music and I'm an Audiophile with an $80,000 music system in my condo and would like to own your newest release. Rick & Ronnie

Rob Barraco

Can't wait to get this album! I love your voice and am forever grateful that you sang on my album. All the best!!!! Rob Barraco

james r. fox

Hi Catherine, I just caught your concert in Rochester, N.Y. on the tube this evening. I passed along your web site to a bunch of cats that dig jazz. May I say you have it all down pat, you go girl! May you have a long & illustrious career, you are a breath of fresh air in a world filled with dime store divas. Bessie, Ella, Billie, are beaming down at you from that heavenly choir loft in the sky. Take a bow, bask in the glow,of the limelights upon every stage that you may grace. Truly one of a kind Catherine, Amen. Jim.

James R. Fox
The Map of the Carpenter
Christmas Eve
Wisdom of Wishes

Liz Minei

I just wanted to say that I am SUCH a fan. I love your music and listen to it every day....Beautiful!! Liz Minel

Peter Winberg

I would like to buy 4 copies of this CD. Please let me know how I can order it.
I´m a member of the inner circle of The Ambassador Louis Armstrong Society TALAS in Sweden.
Thanks in advance
Peter Winberg

Rob Garcia

Hi Catherine,

I've been getting google alerts about your new CD. When will it be released? I look forward to hearing it. Thanks again for having me be a part of it.

My best, Rob


Hello Catherine,
Saw you in Rotterdam last october. Truly wonderfull performance.
Just discovered "Remember when", which is really impressive. A very beautiful and touching song.
Will you continue to collaborate with James Day in future? Please?!

Debbie Robinson

Hello Cat, Browsing on line, came across your website. Listened to your music. You still sound wonderful. Just wanted to say hello. Hope all is well. Debbie Robinson

Laurel Redington

Hi There Catherine and Paul!!
It was such a pleasure to be able to speak with you so much at the Friends of mvyradio Valentine party! I have been such a fan and hope I didn't make too much of a fool of myself ! (still can't believe I called your mandolin a ukelele... ESPECIALLY since I just finished a conversation with Barbara about your mandolin and CALLED it a mandolin! hee hee! what an idiot!)
You project such an amazing energy ..BOTH of you... such comfortable, gracious energy! LOVE the vibe you set. You are such a cool CAT! ;)
I hope we are able to cross paths again soon! REALLY would love to introduce you to Jim Thomas and have you sing with our choir. It makes so much sense that you and Kate Taylor would have hit it off so perfectly and completely! You are both such soul-FULL individuals!

FULL-joy your weekend!

Many Warm Wishes,
Laurel :)

Billy Collins

Hey Catherine, I was down at Sofias the other night with Don Dworkin and have a couple of shots of you. I absolutely dig your music. Wow. Let me know when youll come to Paris . Sit in an sang some. All the best, Billy Collins

Ada Barrow

Thanks for giving my husband & I a wonder evening. Cat have a BLESS 2010!

zabrina anthony


you are the meow that keeps us listening for hours on many a moonlit trail. enjoy frank sinatra myself as well. you are a voice that all the people should hear. when people say, " i've never heard of you before." just tell them to listen, they'll hear you. vocal on miss cat!
zabrina anthony

Willa Crowell

I have Sentimental Streak, and am looking forward to Inside This Heart of Mine.
Is there another CD available, since the new one will be her third? Where could I buy it? Thank you.


Just caught the PBS special, Rochester Intl. Jazz Festival, on TV, and had never heard of you before (sorry!). I love your voice, and your choice of songs is great... really hit a chord with me! Hoping to find your CD in local stores very soon. A new fan in Michigan, Libby


Please notify me of upcoming CD releases and performances.


Just found this great site. I saw you with Steely Dan on 7 Nov at the Star Plaza Theatre in Merriville, In. You were wonderful . What a GREAT voice! And easy to look at too. Have a Happy and Healthy 2010 and I hope to see you in concert somewhere again.

butch & barrie dener

Hey Baby-grl
We miss yer mug & yer amazing voice,,,, MUCH LOVE !!!
Where ya been ??? Come back to us in New Paltz/Woodstock, puhlease,,,
Life is so much better when we can see & hear ya'll,
Happy Thanksgiving, to you & yours,

butchie & Barrie

Emile van Pelt

Dear Catherine,
I saw you last month in the BIMhuis in Amsterdam and we had a little talk after the concert.
I liked the concert very much; I hope to see you in Ascona in June next year.


Wim de Waal

Dear Mrs Russell,

I saw you performing with Mark Shane on Dutch television in \\\"Vrije geluiden\\\".

Are there any recordings of you with just Mark Shane, not a whole combo, since I loved the combination of your singing and his style of piano playing.

Lots of success on your concert tour with Mark.


Hi Catherine,

I have been a fan for years. Thank you for touring with Steely Dan saw you in Detroit and tonight in Akron you were terrific!
Peace and Love,


Ben Kragting (editor Doctor Jazz Magazine)

Hello Catherine,
Could you please send a cd for review for the dutch Doctor Jazz Magazine (the jazz magazine for classic jazz) check us at
My address:
Ben Kragting
Ophoven 43
6133 XP Sittard
The Netherlands


Dear Catherine,
WAUW!!! You sound absolutely fabulous! I saw you on tv this week, live from the Bimhuis in 'Vrije Geluiden' and I was in awe, still am. How wonderful to hear you sing, especially songs from the 20's and 30's, it suits you perfectly. Ever considered recording with Joe Sample? He is a living legend in that genre and you would make an awesome combination.........Thanks for your beautiful sound and hope to see you live one day. Warmest regards from Holland! Noelle

Paul Teule

Dear Catherine Russell,

I had a question. What was the first song called at the Bimhuis performance? I enjoyed it very much by the way, and my friends too!!!



Leo Kraus

Thanks for your performance in the Bimhuis
Driving back home your cd in the car have brought back the memories of the old jazz from New Orleans with al the fun and happynes.
Go on this way your so good in it.


charlene bell

Hi Ms. Russell,
I was wondering if you are the lead vocal on Jay Denes' (Blue Six) song "Music and Wine."
Thanks for the reply!
Kind regards,

susan eiffert

Oh my goodness! i just heard your performance from the 3/08 gig at the 'Linda' in Albany. You are the greatest thing since Bessie Smith!

As a long-time blues and vintage jazz afficianado, i am so seldom satisfied with modern performances, but you have the whole, full, deep, musical chops to handle this genre! (and frankly, every other i've heard you do!)
Susan Eiffert

Rinus Woelms

Hello Catherine,
Your great, what a wonderfull voice and perfect timbre.
This is the first time that i heard of you on our local radiostation Radio Rijnmond in Rotterdam. I hope your cd's are available in Rotterdam and will certainly buy them.
Pardon me for my unperfect English.

With kindly regards,
Your Dutch fan Riinus

george Matysiak

Usually I prefer instrumental free jazz, but I just heard your SS CD---wow-wow-wow. I live in Baltimore and hope to hear you live ASAP in BAl., Wash, Phila, etc. If you have a mailing list, i hope you will add me. I am calling local DJ's to play you.
George Matysiak

Luiz Carlos de Lira

Save!Save Catherine,all right?We met in the restaurant here in St. Kitts São Paulo in Brasil. 'M your fan, a I come across that congratulate you.You are very peaceful note 10 and we are together much peace and health.


Dear Cat,
Belo Horizonte isn't the same without your beautiful voice and soul.
Miss you.
your Brazilian sister,

Daniel Cotrim

Hi Catherine,
I'm amazed by your talent :) Thank's GOD you are comming to Brazil. We are anxious to whatch your performance.

Thank you!!!

Daniel Cotrim - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Barbara Baugh

Wow! I saw you on PBS this evening...I\\\\\\\'m heading out first thing tomorrow to buy your CD\\\\\\\'s !
Any plans on singing in Phoenix Arizona anytime soon?
Barbara Baugh



Ed Pawley

I just happened to catch you on PBS last evening.
I had it on in the background while writing on the computer, and wound up listening to the whole program.
I did move to the tele for the last several songs because it sounded so good. I had to get up and go watch.
Especially like the song that ended with, "I'm a sucker for a broken nose." A cover, you said.
I enjoyed it greatly and now have something new to listen to. As a saxophonist, I imagined myself playing along to that song. Sounded nice in my mind.
Thanks! All the best to you, Ma'am.
Ed Pawley

Andy Zeldin

Hi Catherine.....

I am a fill-in announcer at WWUH, a rather righteous college radio station in West Hartford, CT. I stumbled upon your CD's a few months ago, and have been playing them extensively, and, LOVING them!!

So, I'm at the Steely Dan concert Friday night, and they introduce the band and get to the singers, and I hear your name, and think; wow, I know Catherine, and have played her music!

It was great to see and hear you with one of the tightest bands imaginable.

I also love your music so much, I have played it both on jazz and blues shows I have filled in for.

Looking forward to your next release.

Best Regards,


Susan Edrington

We look forward to hearing you peform with Steely Dan in Memphis. I'm a Katrina evacuee, so it holds a special meaning, plus, I think it would be incredible to perform with Steely Dan!

Take care,


Stephanie Jacobs

WOW! You are a treat to hear! I love your song choice too. Who doesn't love a song with a story? My husband is a blues pianist from San Fran/ LA and turned me on to blues and Jazz. I hope you come out to the Annapolis, Maryland area. We will be there to see you!
Steph Jacobs

Donna Parker-Perez


Dominique Riviere

Hello Catherine (please excuse my english)
We (my girlfriend and I) saw you yesterday night with the Steely Dan show in Paris at the Olympia, and this was a wonderful concert, really magical. I'm a professional player (guitar), I bought my first Steely Dan record about ... 35 years ago!! (yes, i'm 51).
Of course, all the musician of the band are incredibly wonderful talentuous players, but from the first tune ("reelin in the years" in a somptuous version, if I'mnot wrong) I've been touched with the beauty of your voice (and also Janice and Tawatha), and the great vocal work that brings grace, sweetness, swing, and richness (? right word?...) to this beautyful music (sorry my vocabulary is way too poor to express what I've felt).
I can imagine how wonderful it is to be on stage and make music with you!!
I hope you've been welcomed in France, I can assure you we love you here!
Many thanks for your great musicality, for traveling from the US and bringing us you voice !

Have a nice day, a nice tour, keep on singing so nicely :when you sing, happyness comes out of your mouth!!


Reese Thompson

I hope I can make it to your show in roanoke,va on 6-27. I love your old-school style of jazz/blues singer.
Reese Thompson

Lauren Langsner

We always try to see you when you are at Shanghai Jazz. You were great this past Friday. Can you please add me to your mailing list.


Joanna Palladino

Cat, I saw you at Cafe Lena and thought you were incredible. Have been listening to you weekly ever since. Sitting in a Starbucks on Montague Street in Brooklyn and just heard them play you singing the Willie Dixon song you do! Joanna Palladino

Bill Morabito

WXXI TV here in Rochester, ran your set on public TV station . It was while you were here during the Jazz Festival. I've got to say I loved it. Great job done !!
Great vocals!!

Thanks, Bill Morabito


I'm new to your music and already loving your awesome strong voice. I'm looking forward to seeing you at the Jazz fest in Boston/DoubleTree hotel this month/May, 2009.

Cheers and continue success to you.


Russ Button

Heard you first on Fresh Air and immediately bought a couple of CDs. Please put me on your mailing list so that I can come out and catch your show the next time you're playing in the San Francisco area.

Russ Button


Cat's show at The Palace in East Syracuse NY was sensational. I enjoyed every minute and can't believe how fast the time flew by. Thanks so much for coming to Syracuse!

We just lost somone special in the blues arena named Roosevelt Dean here in Syracuse. Having known him for 30 years its created a real void here and Cat's presence couldn't have been more timely in helping to deal with that.

Cat sang an especially poignant rendition I'd love to hear again but I didn't catch the name of it. It was riveting. Something about a lover in her dreams that disappears as she wakes. She said is was originally done by a saxiphonist who is now joining "The Tonight Show" band and that Cat would be re-recording it herself (I can't wait!). What was the name of that song?

Thanks again. You really are a special treasure.


Fran Parthemore

Cat-- I just saw you at the Palace in Syracuse(really it's in Eastwood).Thanks for a walk down memory lane.I'm about to be 66 and loved your selection of songs.It was truely a wonderous evening. Come back anytime!!! Fran

Ronnie Breitstein

LOVE YA LOVE YA LOVE YA! Will be there at Shanghai Jazz 3 days before my birthday! Cannot wait as always!!!!

Ronnie & Rick from Montclair, NJ

Fred Crider

I really enjoy your music, and am wondering if there is a television appearance in the near future. I accidentally discovered Catherine while searching for Diana Krall music on I-Tunes. Thanks for allowing your music to be sold. I now have a whole lot of your music that I otherwsise would not have purchased. Keep singing! What talent! Fred

Debbie Brinkley

I saw you last night for the 2nd time at the Suffolk Center for the Cultural Arts. Was happy to be in the front row and was again struck by your passion and power. Enjoyed your talented band as well. You seem to very much enjoy what you do and I think that makes your audience feel good as well. I smiled and hollered all the way through your performance. Thank you for returning to Suffolk - would love for it to be an annual event.
Debbie Brinkley

Niel De Marino

love your voice and your energy........discovered you while browsing You Tube for Bessie Smith...and found your version of Kitchen of my favorite songs.....look forward to seeing and hearing you in person....

Amélia Bromley

Hey, i Love your work and am performing a cover of I don't care who knows at a concert. Could you please send me a copy of the lyrics because i am unsure of some of them?

Janet Bassano

Just saw Catherine Russell at the Philadelphia art museum and she was superb! Does she ever do private events? I live in an active adult community and we're planning a jazz under the stars cocktail party by our pool area in July and I'd love to know if she'd consider singing for it. We'd want minimal extra musicians, since we don't have an extremely large budget. Maybe a trio?

Please let me know if she'd even consider this and if so, what ideas does she have about musicians, length of gig and cost.

Thank you so much!

butch dener & Barrie

We LOVED you @ The Beacon, as always,,,
soooo cool seeing ya @ the Beacon,,,
didnt get to tell you how killah you were on All La GLory, too,

you rocked NYC, grl,,, cant get nuff of ya'll,,,,


butchie & barrie

Denise Weeks

Saw you on one of the late night shows. I am glad that you are coming here to Syracuse. I sing with a group and we are doing a cover of I Don't Care Who Knows. Fun song. Can't wait to see you do it live! Was very impressed with the version on late night.
See you in Syracuse.

Michael Alpern

Saw you last night with Buckwheat Zydeco. Really enjoyed the Sam Cooke number and the duets with Buck.

Bob Duncan

Saw you in Morristown, great show!
Bob Duncan

Katie Scheidt

Thanks for the great show in Morristown!
Katie Scheidt

Bill Lescohiker

Hi Cat,

My wife and I first heard you at the Newark (NJ) summer concert series last summer and were just blown away. We just heard you again last night during your concert with Buckwheat Zydeco at the Mayo Performing Arts Center in Morristown and it was just great all over again! We are already looking forward to the next time! Thanks! Regards, Bill and Ro.

John Mays

Catherine - I really enjoyed your performances with The Holmes Brothers during the January blues cruise. And now, I find out that you are coming to my town (Syracuse, NY) in April. I'm excited at the opportunity to see you perform again. I got my tickets already! Best regards, John

Howard Meyer

I love your rendition of Kitchen Man!

Diana Gisler


I'm writing to you from Radio Fréquence Banane in Lausanne, to say that your music is very appreciated by our team!

Thank you,

Diana Gisler
Fréquence Banane

Dave Kearns

Saw Ms. Russell on the Blues Cruise - and I was knocked out! Her "Wang Dang Doodle" was one of the best ever!!!
Dave Kearns

Teresa Kay Williams

I just love your music! I just found your site online...and now I'm hooked! I'm a vocalist here in Atlanta looking to start my own "country jazz" project. You are a great, great inspiration to me! I will be following your music from here on out!!!


Hillevi Colliander

i really love your Kitchen Man. Thanks a lot.
Hillevi Colliander in Sweden

Javier Segovia

I heard your performance on "Joy to the World" and have been looking for some recording of it for sale since. Is one going to be made available? In addition to everything else, I absolutely must have a copy of your performance of "I've Got Your Love To Keep Me Warm." It is the best rendition of it I've ever heard.

hal ehrentreu

i just heard you on the pete fornatele show. i'm a long time fan. its a shame that we don't emulate the japanese and declare some artists as "national treasures"- you would be near the top of my list. hje.

john herzhaft

wow heard you on bluesville...great!!! love your voice ...great sound it!! !john


I saw you and your mom put on one of the most beautiful Christmas concerts I'd ever experienced at the Winter Garden this past Monday. Thanks!

Steve Knight

Hello Catherine,

We met at the Carmel Arts Council Gala in November. My wife and I sat next to you at the Mayor's table. We really enjoyed your company and your singing!
Thank you so much for putting me on your mail list. Was wondering if you could tell me how to go about getting some of your CD's. Looking forward to staying in touch with you. Take care and all the best to you this holiday season.

Peter Pagano

What a great weekend for music....first the show at the 92Y (so OK I didn't realize it was a kids show....but you were great even had me singing "The Wheels On The Bus"). ...and yesterday at the Winter Garden...just great.

I had never seen your mom before and was delighted to see her up there with you. She was 83...very spry and very interesting to listen to as she talked about the music shop up on 125th st.

Sorry I had to leave for the last number but I took an extended luch and had to get back.

Happy holiday to you and your mom...i can't wait for her CD release.

Steve Wells, Blues, Jazz & Folk Music Society, Marietta, Ohio

Cat...we met at the WV Music Hall od Fame gig...just got my first newsletter...THANKS for adding me to the list. Looking forward to those CD's you promised to send...we'll try to get you down to our little town for a festival or jazz show when we can. Let me know if you're going to be anywhere close for a gig...Columbus, Cleveland or Pittsburgh....I'll try to get there. LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!
Steve Wells
VP/The Blues, Jazz & Folk Music Society, Inc.
Marietta, Ohio


Great PErformance at BB kings for Hubert!
peace and love


Dear Catherine, i am a french woman who sings jazz just for my pleasure and for some friends of mine. I really would like to sing your songs, specially \"thrill me\", \"so little time\", .. (in fact I like all of them). Is it possible to find in France (Paris) your partition (piano + vocal). thanks a lot for your reply. And when do you come in France ? Very soon I hope.
musicalement vôtre,
Arnelle Alberti

Joe Rodio


Fantastic web site! Really first class. It was my pleasure to meet you in West By God Virginia. Your talent is only matched only by your graciousness. The fact that you sang with a banjo player puts you in the realm of musician and singer that is sooo talented, even I couldn't screw it up.

I hope to see you again in our travels. I wish you all the success you can tolerate. Only good things will come your way.


Joe Rodio

Lisa Burklund

You Rock, Girl!

Love, Lisa (Erik Lawrence's friend)

Tom Passamonte

Saw Catherine for the first time last night on a TV show here in Rochester .
I'm a believer!
She is so talented,and very comfortable with any style--I hear the Sinatra influence as well as the Blues,and Jazz.
Just lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I loved the band !

Tom P
Rochester New York

Mary Certain


What a treat it will be to see you on the LRB, Ive sent your link to my freinds who are not going this year. You have a delightful talent! Mary Certain

Lynn Huggins

My hubbie and I saw you perform this summer in Mt. Shasta!!! You are terrific! I have a question: what is the lyric in the second line of your song "I Don't Care Who Knows" (after "Like a catfish loves the water".) I have listened and listened and can't get it. Thank you beautiful, talented Catherine. Will you be returning to Mt. Shasta next summer? Lynn Huggins

Jonathan Mayer

Hi Catherine,
your new album... no words to describe it except for (excuse the french) f***ing brilliant.
your voice and style, in my opinion there is no one better in your genres out today.
It's nice to know that in this modern world of fake,plastic, sales driven music that there is someone who embodies what it is to be an artist. I put you up there with the great jazz vocalists like Billie, Ella and Sarah oh and don't forget Bessie Smith, your cover of kitchen man would make her proud.
Any plans on heading South to a warmer place; AKA Australia, would love to see you live,but I guess until then youtube will have to do.
Mad love,
Jonathan Mayer

Michael Walters

Sentimental Streak is awsome....WOW! I am looking forward to seeing you on the cruise. Best of luck in everyything that you do.

Michael Walters

Rolf Opitz, Munich/Germany

Dear Catherine Russell,

Now I'm listening to "Sentimental Streak" And there is only one word:
Thank You for that.

Best Regards
Rolf Opitz, Munich/Germany

jan brouwer


just bought your Sentimental Streak from Itunes. I heard South to warmer place in the John Pizzarelli show and have been enjoying it since.

Beautiful singing and great band. As a guitarist, the guitarplaying inspires me! (compliments to the chef) And the sound as well. quite dry, but still very natural.

Okay, that's it, gotta stop raving. Take care, keep s(w)inging!

Jan Brouwer
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dick Bowers

Awesome work! Keep it up and best of luck! Dick Bowers

Cynde Alexander

Wow, what a marvelous voice and its a joy to listen to your music. I just love this style of Jazz! I'm so sorry I didn't know of you when you played here in Portland. I'll definately be watching for you to come back. In the meantime, I will be picking up your CD's
Wonderful!!! Cynde

Dr. Hollis M. Pierce

Ms. Catherine,
It is that southern flair with the east coast attitude that makes you the extraordinary vocalist that you are. Dara introduced us at Yoshi's in San Francisco during your SOLD OUT performance. I had not heard of you before that event, but you are certainly now in my 'music library'.

Your music transcends time and I hope that every young person gets the opportunity to be exposed to your music for it tells a part of our history that is important and takes us to a time when music actually had a message. I am certain that the DIVAs that came before you are smiling down on you because it comes out in yous music.

peace and blessings my sister,

alan travis

So, where can we step up and purchase these CDs? :) Alan

Amanda Balltrip

Just heard you on NPR, I enjoyed you so much! I look forward to hearing more from you! Amanda

Bob DeVos and Carol Selman

HI Catherine,
Bob and I just wanted to drop a line to tell you how much we enjoyed hearing you and seeing/meeting you at the Newark Museum last week. You have great spirit and a great voice and you know who you are and what you want to say--rare gifts. We hope our paths cross again soon, With warmest wishs from Bob's wife Carol and from Bob

Bill Lescohier

Hi Cat,
saw you perform at the Newark Musesum today (7/3//08). Before you took the stage we didn't know what to expect but I have to tell you we were ABSOLUTELY KNOCKED OUT!!! YOU ARE SO GOOD!!!!!!! We hope to see you again on 2/21/09 at the Community Theater in Morristown, NJ. Thanks!!! Bill

Dan Griffin

Hi Catherine,

Thanks for keeping me on your mailing list! I met you at the Mindy Jostyn tribute at the Bitter End. I am the friend of her's and Michael Visceglia's that filmed and recorded the show. I still play that when I need some soul lifting, your songs and comments are the best.


Dan Griffin

Jose Roberto Veliz

Hi Catherine I just watch you the other day at Mac Arthur Park and I thought you were great!! Thanks for coming to our neighborhood and for celebrating your spirit of free concerts.
I was looking around for that whiskey song you sang. I was wondering if you had it in an album or do you know of an artist I could find that song. I just have it in my head and it would be great if I could find it. Thanks again and keep up the great music.
Jose Roberto Veliz

Harvey Fazio

I saw you at McArthur Park's Concert. I wanted to personally thank you for
your humanitarian performance and for your show of humblenes the key to fame.

You "honor the past, celebrate the present and enrich the future" like noone
else in today's music. I loved the outdoor live show, thank you, thank you.
One thing American Idol is missing is JAZZ, THE KIDS NEED TO LEARN
the History of Jazz and some of the songs. Again, thanks. H Abdul

Emanuele Vernillo - Italy

I just discovered your voice. Incredible. It reminds me to other decades. How can we survive without listening to your music? Thanks for the wonderful discovery. Hope to listen to see you soon in Europe.
Emanuele Vernillo - Italy

Amanda Novak

Hi Catherine! Not sure if you remember me or not -- I was a student of yours at Berklee '99-'03 -- I was Amanda Munger back then. I just stumbled on your site today and was blown away! I hope you are doing well and I can't wait to go buy your CDs tomorrow!

Matt Poteat

Madam Russell,
I would so like to be on a mailing list regarding your upcoming tour dates. I just discovered your wonderful voice and am sorry to see your Atlanta date has already past. Love your music!!

Your newest fan,


Read a review of last night\'s stellar performance by

Catherine Russell at the Stage Door in Mt. Shasta:
The Jefferson Agrarian

Todd Webster

Saw you w/ Levon at the Wanee Fest last April and you killed me so dead I'm just now able to wrte this to you.Thank you for being on the planet. Todd

Diane Paling

Hey Catherine, and welcome to Portland!
I met you in little bitty Oriental NC where you knocked our socks off! We have been big fans and have played your CD's for our friends here. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at the zoo. How do you like the weather here? You'll love the zoo- friendly crowd and a resident peacock who nests in a tree next to the stage. Look for a tall blonde up front- you might remember me. We chatted before you went in at Oriental. Loved your friendly and easy style and smile.
Enjoy the west coast!
Diane Paling


Why not put the performance listings in chronological order? I'm looking forward to finding a live appearance!

Steven Petersen

Sentimental Streak is a wonderful experience to hear. Recently, we had a show in St. Paul called Blues In The Night, and one of our best local jazz singers, Debbie Duncan, sang Kitchen Man during the show. It's wonderful to have a new recorded version on this album, which just gets better & better with every listen. What a beautiful labor of love from start to finish! There are two terrific jazz venues in the twin cities: Artists' Quarter in St. Paul & Dakota Bar Grill on the other side of the Mississippi. PLEASE come sing here ASAP!!

Sioux Waks

Hi Catherine - I am a 50 year old who just once again started singing after a too long respite. I am very interested in having my voice/music instructor learn a few of your "Sentimental Streak" tunes (YOU ARE FANTASTIC and I definitely will be in your audience when you come to Boston). I haven't been able to find any misic anywhere for them: I'm Lazy That's All, Kitchen Man, Thrill Me, & So Little Time, So Much To Do. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Even if we could track down chord sheets, he's quite an accomplished musician and could figure it out/transpose from there. I so love your style and voice and can't wait to hear what is next. I too, like you, like the obscure tunes and sang "You for Me, Me for You" at my friends wedding recently, they danced beautifully together while I sang my gift to them. It was the best present ever!
Hope your enjoying your summer ~ Thank you kindly ~ sioux

Kenneth R.S.T.Vick

I hear that you where in Utica New York. My good friend Paul Mortka enjoyed your performance. Let me know when you get back to town and where you are performing this summer in NYC.



John Rosengarten

I had the good fortune to hear "Kitchen Man" on Comcast Music Choice. An old hippy, and a fan of older blues genres, I was immediately struck by your style and technique.
I hope to buy a copy shortly.
Thanks for singing and sharing it. I wish my body had the voice of my heart, and I am gladdened to see others who sing from the soul.
I hope you have continued success.
John Rosengarten, Carpentersville, IL

Graham Bowyer

Love the music; bought both CD's.
Would love to see you live in England!

Ron / Bowmanville, Ontario

Caught your show on SD's first night in Montreal and was very impressed with your solo act, as well as your back-up duties for SD. Great voice, nice smile, and you really seems to enjoy your craft. I was watching you have a good time singing back-up and had a hard time watching SD.


Wow...Caught your set at Place des Arts in Montreal. Did I say Wow!! A new fan is born.

Carol Drake

You were wonderful in Montreal. I really enjoyed hearing you again. I have been lucky enough to hear you before and I am looking forward to hearing you again. Good luck and I certainly hope you take off like a rocket.
What Paul Simon things have I hear you in, because I have all his work.


Cat - Wonderful opening set for Steely Dan at the Montreal Jazz Fest. And great backup vocals for The Dan.


Steve Knaggs

Wow! You are so good! And the band, what a great match. I was sent an e-mail about this chick singer who will be playing in Sacramento on July 20th. So I found your web site and took a listen. Wow! You are good! I'm in Love and can't wait to see you on stage. So I guess you can say we have a date? Have a great tour and keep doing what you do so well......Steve


Hi Catherine,
Saw you last night at Place des Arts, both my daughter and I love your voice and that smile! ... you look like you`re having such a good time. THEN ... weren`t you there again with Steely Dan! ... that was a surprise and a bonus :-)

Love Denise


fantastic i love your voice i go 2 see you at place des arts montreal bye )

Michael Walters

I am glad to see you are on for the blues cruise! I love your work and I am lokking forward to seeing you on the cruise. I hope things are going well and best of luck in the future.

Michael Walters

Bill Nicklin

Dear Catherine:
I found you quite by accident roaming around iTunes and downloaded both \"Cat\" and \"Sentimental Streak\". Incredible...loved them both. As I do the cooking at home, my wife now refers to me as her \"Kitchen Man\".
When will you be in the San Francisco Bay area? Soon, I hope.
Warmest Regards
Bill Nicklin

Elaine Heveron

Catherine, You MADE the Rochester International Jazz Festival fantastic -- bein the highlight act of 9 nights; next year, you should be in the Big House -- the Eastman Theater.. Your band was perfect with you. We met tonight when Lou and I bought 3 CD's and you and I both looked so familiar to each other. I wanted to send you a copy of my recently published poetry book, Email To Cleveland. May I send it to you? If so, where? I think you'll enjoy the stories and the rhythm of the moments captured. Thanks so much for coming to Rochester!

Michael Mishaw

I was turned onto you by my friend, who heard your Fresh Aire show on the radio. OMG! I love your voice and your music. And that mandolin you play, that is so sexy. You probably knew Sippie Wallace. I'd love to hear you sing one of her songs, "Women Be Wise." When are you coming to Los Angeles? And when are you going to be on Austin City Limits on public television? Please keep doing what you're doing. You're amazingly talented.


Was that you at the Beacon with Steely Dan June 17? You sounded great with the other women who were? Tony
ANSWER: YES, I SANG w/SD on 6/17 along with Cyndi Mizelle and Tawatha Agee. CR

claudia messina

Vorrei sapere se Catherine farà dei concerti in Italia. When Catherine in concert in Italy? where? Claudia

Symon O'Hagan

My wife and I just downloaded your albums and they are fantastic! I hope you are able to set up some Scottish dates someday - we'll be there!

All the best Symon & Caro

hal ehrentreu

i just heard you on pete fornatelle's show and was overwhelmed- my family cannot wait to see you and your trio live.. we have many great venues here in westchester and further north. all the best(new speedway was wonderful).hal.


I heard your interview on Fresh Air and now I'm hooked!! My whole family is now crazy about you!! Kristen

Susan High

Hey Catherine! What a delightful surprise to hear you on Fresh Air with Terry Gross. You're fabulous! Loved the interview. You sound great as I remember you back in the 80's when we performed at Town Hall for the 'usher's benefit concert'. I played Chopin's Scherzo in B minor. Do you remember me? I'm in LA now. Please let me know if you come out here! Off to Amazon to snag your CDs'!

Jeremy Kahn

Hi Catherine, I heard just the last minute of your interview on Fresh Air, but it was enough to Google you. You sound great and there aren't enough good people keeping that music alive. I'm a pianist in Chicago, but I lived in NYC from '81-'93, mainly playing with Vince Giordaon's Nighthawks. Mark Shane and I did many of the same gigs and I worked with Lee Hudson a million times. I also played with Matt once, a couple of years ago. I'd love to play with you sometime. You should sing at The Green Mill here in Chicago. Let me know if you want me to put in a good word with the owner. Take care, Jeremy Kahn (

Terry Swart

Heard Ms. Russell on Fresh Air - what a wonderful voice and songs! Terry


Hi Cat,
Great interview on Fresh Air yesterday - I didn't know I've been listening to your voice all these years. Did you sing on the Aja album? That's one of my all-time favorites. I look forward to hearing your CDs, and maybe seeing you in Northern California one of these days.
Gerry in Santa Rosa

Gloria Woodard

Hear your NPR interview yesterday and enjoyed it and "Put Me Down Easy." Loved it. You go girl! Gloria

Chuck and Jan Chastain

Heard your interview in KPCC this evening. Was blown away by your music and style! Hoping to get to the Levitte Pavilion on July 25th. C&J


Heard you on NPR and got the album on ITUNES---OMYGOD--would that Alberta Hunter was still with us to hear you--come to Texas, why don't y'all?


Hey Catherine!
It's been a while since we worked w/Robert Kline. Ronnie Buttacavoli (tpt) gives me the occasional update. "Good people keep on working"!
'Still with Etta, plus various LA stuff. I am blessed.
Found your link on the Steely Dan site.
Love - Josh

john rogers

nice to meet you at the ear inn.
you didnt say you met louis armstrong!
thats awesome.
would love to photo you at some point

john rogers


Saw you tonight at the Black Eyed and Blues Festival - Hartford. You all were the best band I heard tonight. I will keep an eye out for when you return to us here. You all played and sang impeccably and I love the range of styles. Thanks for sharing your talents.

Keryn James

When are you coming to Australia???? Wouldn't a Women in Jazz Festival be absolutely brilliant here?? I just can't get enough.

Karen Sloan

Dear Ms. Russell,
Looking so forward to seeing you with Steely Dan in July at the Montreal Jazz Festival! I'm a visual artist and my muse is Jazz music, which paint to while listening to your music, amongst other greats. Prince has purchased my work, (I can verify this!),and the one thing I really would enjoy doing is working with you to create the artwork for any album covers you put out. Feel free to check out my website...You never know! All the best, and keep up the fabulous work you do...


You wil be the Blues in the Black Eyed Sally's Blues Fest in Hartford, CT June 5.
It won't be another guitar jam, you bring the authentic stuff..the blues.

Susan Marrino

Hi Cat,
Kudos to you and your trio for your amazing performance at the Hanover Theater in Worcester MA (5/22/08). My husband and I were blown away by your talent, style and repertoire. Loved it, loved it, LOVED IT! I also want you to know that even though we didn't take the time to buy your CD that night, I've just purchased it from Amazon and am really looking forward to receiving it.
Thank you for doing what you do so well. Please keep it up.
Susan Marrino


I' m an italian dj and I loved and played very much the beautiful "CAT" and I've really appreciated the collaboration of Miss RUSSELL with the incredible Marie Knight for her great "Let Us Get Together".
I don't know the new "SENTIMENTAL STREAK", but I hope to play it as soon
as I can. MY BEST REGARDS ! Roberto Rossi

15067 NOVI LIGURE ( AL )

Debbie Brinkley

Just wanted to say it was quite an honor to be in your audience at the Suffolk Center last Saturday night. You are quite a powerhouse. You and all your band members were incredibly entertaining. I hope you come our way again. I'm a new fan for life!
Debbie Brinkley

Kwame Younge

My girl and I caught you in Montreal last year. AMAZING!
We are stoked about seeing you again this summer.
Keep up the energy vibe Catherine.
Take big care.
Sky and Kwame

dan alex alexandru

Hi ,
My name is Dan Alex Alexandru and I am Program Director at SMART FM
107.3 - Bucharest, Romania. We are a commercial radio station (AC GOLD) , with an adult contemporary format (target 30-50). Our target is indeed greater Bucharest, but we are listened to within a 75-100 km radius. Currently we have a market share of 9-13 %, wich means around 150.000 listeners. Every day, at 10 PM, I have a show "TAXI BLUES" and in this
program I use blues-music from everywere.
Thank you. God Bless You.
Dan Alex Alexandru
Director Programe
SMART FM 107.3


hey now,
can't wait for the yoshi's show! phil wants to go to oregon too...
see you real soon.
love your friend,
p.s. love the clip of you and louis armstrong...think max at baskin robbins!


Dear Catherine,
Looking so forward to seeing you at the Stanhope house on friday. I just won tickets via WNTI and the Stanhope house!! Wil be jammin, Trish.......and bringing Jenn.


Just want to know which album "My mans an undertaker" is on. Scott


I saw that you were opening for Steely Dan at the Montreal's Jazz Fest july 1rst and 2nd and was wondering if you were doing any other shows on your own while you're there... I love your new album and would love a chance to see you live.
Hope to see you there this summer,

Patricia Brey

I saw Catherine at the American Beauty Project at Dominican University last Saturday. Your voice was amazing. I bought Sentimental Streak without hearing any of the tracks, and am now completely in love with the album. Now I have to locate a copy of Cat. Patricia Brey


Please, where is it possible to find the lyrics and tabs, eventually sheetmusic for your song : I'm lazy, that's all.
we thank you very much,Best regards,

Sean Kenney

Saw you in Fall River, MA at The Narrows - my first exposure to your work - fabulous! Can't wait to catch you someplace else soon. Thanks. Sean

Elliott Williams

Is this the same Catherine Russell who sang on both Blue Six albums (Beautiful Tomorrow and Aquarian Angel)? Elliot

Dwane Arthur

Greetings from Tennessee. I am just listening to you on our great little radio station "WDVX" blue Plate Special. You now have a new fan. I love your music.
How great it is to be able to be introduced to new artist on here.
Good Luck

Jeffrey Nemeth

Dear Ms. Russell,
I just found a video of your recent concert at Joe's Pub, and loved your performance of Bessie Smith's "Kitchen Man". I've loved this song for years, but have not been able to find sheet music for it. Do you know if it was published, or did you have to arrange your own score? I would be very grateful for any help you could offer.
Thank you so much,

don strine

I just discovered you singing So little Time (so much to do) on the radio and went to your web site. i hope to see your show in DC at Kennedy Center. I will be in DC visiting my grand daughter. Love your sound great stuff.
Don Strine


Please please please tell me that you'll perform soon in Paris, France ! I checked and it doesn't seem to be on your agenda right now. But I can assure you that French people will be more than receptive to your music (i can guarantee at least 15 friends) ! Until this great day arrives, I wish you all the joy and success that you deserve (a lot). Cheers. Alix

Sven Soderbom

Dear Ms Russell,
I read today the review of your album Sentimental Streak in our local newspaper here in Malmo, Sweden. I have now listen to you the sound of this website and I must say I am very impressed! Your voice and timing is fantstic. I will go and buy your record today! One question: When are you coming to Europe? I ask you because I am a professional jazz promotor and would be interested in organizing a concert with you if you happen to be around...
I wish you all the best for your future career.
Sven Soderbom

raul houlstan

Es una lastima no poder escribir en ingles mas quiero que sepas que te extrañamos muchisimo y que escuchamos tu musica a traves del internet y esperamos volver a verlos pronto. Saludos a Paul.

Dragoman y Annick

Cyrus Clarke

I heard you on the Joey Reynolds Show recently. All I can say is.....Miss Russell you can sing the blues and I love your sound. Thank you for walking the hard road you gotta walk to make the kind of beautiful, beautiful music you do.
You are an are absolutely an artist of great note.
With Best Regards,
Cyrus Clarke


Where can I get the lyrics to "I Don't Care Who Knows". I bought the song on iTunes, and I love it! Sherie

Tracy Maloney

Dear Cat,
I had the most awesome pleasure of seeing you at Real Art Ways on Thursday night you made me laugh, cry and cheer. You sang a song that said everything I had been struggling with since my breakup, I would love to find the song it went "how can fate be so wrong." I cried because your voice is so beautiful and I can honestly say I have never been in the same room with a women who can sing as wonderfully as you. Your voice is so perfect to me and your style so genuine. You are a celebration of musical beauty. Thank you and your band for coming to Hartford and touching my heart.
Tracy Maloney

Mark Scerra

Saw the show at real Art Ways in Hartford and it was spectacular! Mark Scerra

Allan Ronquillo

I have seen you back when singing with Native at the Wetlands. The friendships that were made back then were so incredible. I was wondering who in the new band scene you listen to now? Bands like New Monsoon, Tea Leaf Green, RAILROAD EARTH from New Jersey, Hot Buttered Rum. Allan Ronquillo

Cob Carlson

Catherine: Your show at Sculler's this past week was brilliant! Hope your future shows keep packing the are a jewel...
Keep on truckin...Cob

Richard Malavet

We were on the same bill at the Cabaret Convention in 2006. I studied with your mom many, many years ago. She's a great and talented lady and so are you. Congratulations on all your success. You deserve it. Wishing you more success.
Best, Richard Malavet

Glen Scutt

Heard of you through WBGO. Am bringing 3 to see you at NJPAC concert for kids this coming Saturday 3/15/2008. I suspect that you will wow them. Hope they will be selling your CD's there (a common practice for NJPAC concerts). Glen


bravo ! ! ! !
votre voix est splendide, un retour en arrière , les yeux fermés, je suis tranporté par votre son ! Franck


I had never heard you until you opened for Levon Helm in Boston a few weeks ago. We really liked your stuff and went to see your show at Scullers last night. Thought it was great. Great voice, excellent band. Nothing not to like. Look forward to seeing you again sometime. Buddy

Josh Stoller

Many moons ago, we worked together and became friends at "Catch a Rising Star." We would all go out together after the place closed for laughs and a few beverages. I read about you in the NY Times Arts section Monday 3/12, and had to look you up and reach out! Congrats on success! you were always an extradordinary star in the sky, and I hope that our paths cross again. Warm regards

Jamey Staub

Hi Catherine,
It's Jamey Staub - we met at the mixed bag radio interview. I have finished the production and it is a superior show. You and Pete hit it off well. I just want you to know that this has been my favorite production since I've been on board with Pete. I love your voice and chaarcter and truly enjoyed your performance. It sounds great as well. Please keep me informed of upcoming shows and if you ever need an engineer/mixer don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks,

Gene Kelly (Geno)

You probably don't remember me. I was the bartender for years at Mumbles on 78thSt. Always loved your singing, and your warm personality! I am knocked out by your records - the new one especially! I 'm in Cape Charles, VA. now. Can't wait until you are down in our area! Keep up the great work, you are one talented lady! God Bless, Geno

Bill Nolan,WPKN-FM RADIO Bridgeport,Ct

Hi Cat:
I have received your latest recorded work and you were heard on March 9th.
All The Best,
Bill Nolan,WPKN/WPKM.

Liz Cohen

I LOVE your voice - just awesome - so powerful and the new album is just great - love soo little time - so much to do..................Liz Cohen

Dan Vernhettes

Guy Chauvier tells me you are Luis Russell's daughter. Great to hear you. I was a friend of Albert Nicholas, with whom I recorded and played in the 60s. We played a lot of your father's compositions. I also do researches on Red Allen, King Oliver and ALbert Nicholas, so I deal quite often with your daddy. I'll watch if you ever come to Paris. Greetings.
Dan Vernhettes, trumpet and jazz historian

jude madden

great job saturday night! new speedway boogie was just awesome (jerry never could get the lyrics straight when i saw him perform it) cannot wait to see you again! great job - Jude

Randy Hoover

Sounds great, Catherine -- I'm looking forward to seeing you at Sculler's next Tuesday!

Nalani Kopp

Catherine Russell your music is so refreshing to hear. You are quite talented. I heard you were playing a free concert on March 8th in NY. Is this true and if so where because I want to bring everyone I know!! Nalani Koop

mike camerlengo

hay, i just saw you the other night at The Ramble & i really dig your stuff, that old LAZY song was something else, i can picture a video of that song with you just sinking in the softest most confortable bed - love it - mike

Anthony & Lisa

We loved your set at Levon Helm's on Feb23rd and the added flavor and punch you gave to his band as well. You captured the old songs in a modern powerful way without comprimising the composers feel - loved it! Loved that Pearl Bailey tune! - Anthony & Lisa

Sal Calfa

Hi my name is Sal Calfa and I produce an Internet RAdio show called Le Jazz Affair. I played Your music "Luci" on my Sun Feb 24 2008 Show#234. Here is the link
Thanks, Sal Calfa

Mike DuClos

hey catherine, I heard you on wnyc today and had to write and say how great you sounded, and what a great concept of a recording. It was wonderful to hear you today and wonderful to find out you have another release. congrats! - md

Karen Raftery

I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed you last night at the Ridgefield Playhouse. You call yourself a singer of obscure blues and I love it. I could close my eyes and image a scratchy vinyl of Bessie Smith ... then if I wait long enough I can be transported to a gin joint so long ago.
I loved how you won over the rather sedate Ridgefield crowd.
God Bless you, your voice and that smile that lights the way.
You are the best!!! Karen

richard freitas

Hey Cat,
Love the new album! Congratulations and the very best of luck with it.
It was great seeing you at Mark's CD release party at Birdland. Would like to catch you in concert sometime soon.
Richard and Gerri

Petros Aragiannis

I live in Syros island, which is the capital of an island complex with the name Cyclades. Cyclades is a region of Greece. I teach Physics at the 2nd Public College of Syros. But i am also a jazz journalist.
My best regards
Petros Aragiannis


I had never heard of you until I saw you last night on Conan O'Brien and OMG!!! where have I been?? You are awesome! I loved your performance. I loved the song so I googled you to find out more about you. I am a fan for life! I am now shopping for your cd's & will be purchasing them tonight!! With the mailing list sign up now I will know what's happening with you. You go girl... you're awesome! Sher in TN


you are my favorite singing angel.
love you!

tom dileo

i was just listening to ur version of the deads new speedway boogie and thought, shes somethin else. i am a new fan...keep on pickin - Tom

Tim Hilliard

I reallly enjoyed the listen, can't wait to see you with Levon in Boston next month.

Patricia Bennett

I live in Panama and was fortunate to see and hear you at the Panama Jazz Festival. Loved!!! the show. (and I bought your music). Thanks for coming to Panama. (I'm an expat - formerly of NYC and LA and then retired to Panama)

Tony Garcia

Hi. I was introduced to your talent by seeing you on stage with Cyndi Lauper. You had, and still have, a way of "warming" the stage. It's hard to explain, but I believe your talent is magical. I'm excited to have found you online and look forward to enjoying your CD. I hope you perform in California soon.


Hey my phone's down so im able to listen to ur music....amazing...i just love it...regards

Cindy Moss

Catherine, I talked to you on December 13, 2007 when you performed at the Joy to the World concert with Bob Thompson. You told me to send you an e-mail requesting the dates of your Jazz/Blues vocal clinics that you would be offering this year. If you could sent me the dates, I certainly would appreciate it.
Thanks, Cindy Moss

William Louis-Dreyfus

Dear Catherine Russell,
I had the good fortune and happy surprise of hearing you sing a solo at Feinsteins the other evening. It was the highlight of the evening. You are, in my view, equal to the great female vocalists of the past, Sarah Vaughn for example. I have of course bought your CD and made gifts to various friends.
William Louis-Dreyfus

Julie Hellman

Hi! Long time no see, but have been listening to your CD, and loving it, and watching you on the web. Your calendar doesn't show any California dates. Let me know when you are going to be around. Haven't seen Phil and Arden for a long time, either, and I really need a walk in the vineyard.
Hannah is 18 - and a half - going to college. Makes her Momma proud every day. Take good care. Congratulations on the CD. See you soon.

mario delaurentis

hi honey, i spoke to mike garcia at nancy lahurt wake. he gave me your link. i hope you don't mind. i'd love to see you. is your band playing in the metropolitan area? you sound great! love mario

aby martinez

good luck in Panama - aby

Miguel Machado

hi cathy my name is miguel and I am a cousin of your father Luis. I am in Panama living in Via Porras Panama city. My father was Luis Machado from Bocas your fathers cousin. I went to your fathers funeral in New York and met you I was about 5 or 6 at the time. I play guitar and bass. When you come to Panama please call me. May God continue to bless you and much more continued success this New Year Miguel.

Sheri Romer-Day

Hello Catherine and Paul!
I was just googling to find out when the new cd comes out and found your wonderful website! This is one of the best designed sites I've seen! You must be so excited to make the trip to Panama. We'll be anxiously awaiting your release and want to send our congrats and best wishes. Don't forget where to go when you need some r&r, a good walk around Lane's Island and a lobster...or two ;>) Our best to you both, Sheri, Jason, Alex & Gabe

Christopher Wyckoff

Hey Cat, it's Chris, the keyboardist from Native! Last time we jammed was the memorial for Mike at the Knitting factory. (Toast for Jaimes!) Look Forward to hearing from you.Your new CD sounds Great!!

Pete Valentine

Hi Cat,
I really enjoyed the videos. So good to hear you sing again. Hope to see you again in the flesh sometime soon in this new year. Health & Happiness!


Me emosiona mucho escucharla cantar, ya que he estado desarrollando un trabajo de investigación sobre la evolución de la batería en Panamá y adaptación de ritmos folclóricos panameño para ser ejecutado en batería. Para este estudio he tenido que remontarme a los antecedentes del jazz, y me encontré con la vida de su padre Luis C. Russell, pionero del jazz, por consiguiente persona importante para el desarrollo de este ritmo.
Se despdide de Ud., desenadole lo mejor

Jorge Pintos

How are you? I write from Gualeguay, Republica Argentina, my name is Jorge Pintos and I have a radio program called DESDE LA TORRE (All along the watchtower) where the principal subject are the Blues, R&B and Soul. My program is on the air since august 1998.
Your friend in the South.


Congratulations Catherine! It is a lovely site, and I love the wonderful flavorful photos. Sorry you'll not be part of Toshi's Bday shows this year, but thrilled about your Panama gig - that sounds excellent!
Best wishes for a happy healthy holiday time and new year,

Nancsea Fischer

Hello Catherine ! So nice to hear of you! You hail from quite the musical tree and your fruitful licks sound very sweet. I *herd* of you on The Donna the Buffalo fan list. I look forward to hearing yours and Jeb Puryear's collaberation on his new cd.
peace to your musical day,

Sheila Doyle

Hey Honey,
Love your new website! Life goes on...I'll write soon, just wanted to pat you on your sweet lil back.



Paul Kahn

Will you come to New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival? This year I hope! Your version of Back O Town Blues does Satchmo proud. ps. saw you at Montreal Jazz Festival...what a knockout.

Pete Pagano

Can't wait for the new CD to come out.
Have been a fan for quite a few years (since catching you play with Jimmy Vivino at those great Manny's Car Wash shows....actually the first time I remember seeing you was at Al Kooper's Birthday Bash at the Bottom Line).
Anyway....have been happy to turn on some other people to your music.


Congrats on the new website. Gurl you sound sO marvelous. Like only a diva should. You inspire me to record a solo project CD. Don't quote me on the CD thing though (LOL) Bless you, I respect you so much.

Elgin Koan

Great Photos!!! the Cat cd and looking forward to the next one...see you at UMASS on Nov 16...thanks for an informative site.